Wife Dresses Husband As A Woman

Wife Dresses Husband As A Woman

A. Wives Need To Dress Up For Their Husbands

I believe it is important as a woman and mother to wear makeup and dress well for your husband and family. We are all busy and I understand that. However, it is important for your marriage and for your husband.

For most of us, our husbands around the world train among arrogant women with smug hair, painted and sanded nails, who wear miniskirts or reveal clothes. This is a fact of life. Even if they do not work hand in hand with these women, at least they will be exposed to them during their journey through billboards or just women walking around.

1. It is a difficult world in which we live.

There is sexual attraction everywhere. And, unfortunately, most visual distractions are aimed at men who are very visual creatures.

As we have different connections, it can be difficult for a woman to understand. Why should I experience the inconvenience of dressing? My husband loves me for who I am, right? After all, he married me!

2. How were you when you met

This is true, ladies. However, it is a good idea to remember our man whom he married. How did you introduce yourself to him when you started dating? Do you wear sweatpants with your hair always pulled back, without a bath and with slippers? Were you dressed in a rude or attractive way? How did you introduce yourself to him most of the time?

At least I know that I always used perfume and tried to dress very well. After all, I really liked this guy! He was a gentleman with me, a hard worker and quite sincere (not to mention that he was very handsome!). I wanted him and then I wanted him to want me! I kept trying to put it on. <3

3. It doesn’t take much!

Well, I don’t mean you have to spend an hour every morning frizzing your hair, putting on makeup and opening the door when he comes home in high heels! It doesn’t take much to be honest. Your man just wants you to try to look good to him. This can take literally 5 minutes a day. Make it part of your morning routine now!

a. Dress up!

You have to get dressed in the morning. In doing so, you choose something that is more presentable to the company than your pajamas. The most important person in your life deserves the same courtesy as society, doesn’t he?

b. Get your hair done!

You already need to brush your hair. Instead of just tossing your hair in an automatic messy bun, change your hairstyles every day. One day you can put it in beautiful bread, the other day you can grind it, the other day you can put it in a ponytail, etc. Just garnish and spend another 5 minutes. That is all.

c. Make up a little!

  1. As for your makeup, it takes me 5 minutes in the morning to do the makeup. I use powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. almost everyday. When I don’t do this, it’s usually because I know we’re going to swim or because I’m not feeling well.
  2. If you are new to makeup, there is always someone to ask for help. There are Mary Kay women who would love to present their products. There are also department stores that you would like to spice up. Just remember to keep things simple. Don’t fall into all of its multiple layers.
  3. If you don’t keep things simple, you won’t keep the routine. As simple as that! Use powder and a little eye makeup. Your eyes are more important because this feature is the most expressive of your face.
  4. Some women also like to apply lipstick. I only wear a slightly colored glow when we go anywhere; Business fair, business meeting with my husband, etc. I don’t see it as important, but I am!
  5. And don’t forget the earrings, if you have pierced ears and maybe a necklace. They can be simple, nothing too fancy. They just complete your look.

4. It’s not a lot of extra work, ladies.

Please do not underestimate the importance of this for your marriage. Try it, if you haven’t already! If he doesn’t notice immediately, he’ll do it in just a few days. Husbands don’t always understand the details, but they do understand the whole.

This is an ugly world that we live in. Our husbands are always accompanied by the media and the outside world. We may have won it when we got married, but it is our job to continue to win it. Taking that extra little step is very important in today’s visual world.


B. Making my Husband Wear Dresses: Spicing up the Bedroom

1. Why do other husbands wear women’s clothes?

Marriage is a connection that comes with a structure of things. After the honeymoon, most healthy couples follow a routine. Sometimes this routine becomes too monotonous and, to spice things up, activities that seem silly can play a significant role. Couples do many stupid and exciting things in particular to please their partners. This gives them a break from the same old routine. These activities include the use of fantasies, the making of scenes / interpretation for sex, and some even involve third parties. Husband wearing female scarf is simply an activity to take a break from the daily routine.

2. Why should my husband wear women’s clothes?

Perhaps a friend told you a story that has become a fantasy for you. You may also want to see your husband dressed up as a woman if, for some reason, she feels powerful through control. Seeing husbands in clothes can also be a problem for some women. We have all been in situations where we don’t know if we’re interested in something or not without first experiencing it ourselves. Perhaps you view your husband as one of these activities and you will love to try. Just know that having these fantasies is nothing strange and doing what makes you happy!

3. How do I get him to wear clothes? Steps to get him to wear women’s clothing

Understandably, most men will resist the idea of ​​dressing like a woman, especially in public, but anything is possible if you know how to convince yourself. One thing to consider here is when to stop forcing you to wear a dress. For example, if your man is an introvert and not very good at handling attention, it is not a good idea to pressure him to do so in public. This can affect his self-esteem and he may still feel uncomfortable in social settings. Now that everything is clear, let’s dive in. Here are the steps you need to follow to make him wear women’s clothing.

a. Set the intention

The first and most important step is to know what you want. Would you like your man to dress up as a woman? You need to understand that this will be a show that will always be recorded in your memory. Stop doing that if you can’t make it up to it.

b. Convince your husband

There are different personalities of men. Some are relaxed, while others are tense. If your man belongs to the previous category, just suggesting that idea can lead you to dress like a woman. If he resists, here’s an idea that will definitely work!

Play a game that you are sure to win with the penalty that the loser has to do what the winner asks. If he loses, give him the dress to wear and enjoy! You can also use this to make sex more exciting. I guarantee that when cosplay and sex are on the scene, he won’t be able to resist. You can suggest wearing what he likes while he wears what you like. There is no problem other than having some ideas.

c. Choose a dress for him to wear

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you don’t see your husband ever giving in to that idea again, choosing which dress to wear is a delicate matter. You need to dress him up in the best possible way. For more tips on how to dress your man like a woman, see later in this article.

d. Put it on!

After you know what you want, get it dressed girl! He may need help from her, as dressing a woman can be completely foreign to him.

4. Can a man wear women’s clothing in public?

For a woman, wearing women’s clothing in public is nothing new, and wearing men’s clothing in public is not much of a problem either. Women who stylize men’s clothing for a set have long been standardized, but it’s not the same for men out there. A man just can’t help wearing women’s clothes openly in public and not being attacked by questionable eyes and judgments, no matter which direction he takes. For some reason, a man in women’s clothing attracts other people’s attention and laughter. But the question still arises as to whether a man can wear women’s clothing in public. Yes, a man can use whatever he wants in public. It is not his problem that the world has not grown enough to accept and be open to people’s choice of life. It is not normal for them to break the rule. To have a happy life, we must not be afraid to break social norms.

On the other hand, if you are a woman who wants your husband to rock some feminine pieces for your arousal and your husband is ready to play, there are some ways to dress him up as a woman to make him feel like giving He took the wrong decision to please you.

5. How do I dress my husband as a woman?

a. Go for lingerie!

For him, lingerie or underwear is the safest piece of clothing in public. This gives you the satisfaction you need and the advantage of knowing your dirty secret, while others only see what’s out there.

b. A skirt!

For this to mix, you need to improve your style skills. Skirts are much more versatile than assigned ones. All you need to do to add this piece of clothing to your male attire is to do some research. I’m not saying that your outfit is not distorted, but when styled correctly it can be much more subtle than a dress. If your man is the confident type who doesn’t care what people think, I’m sure he will do anything to make you feel special. In return, when you’re under the covers to please him, don’t back down.

c. It can rock with makeup

Makeup is a big part of a woman’s outfit. Nowadays, it has become very common among men to wear glamorous makeup. If you want to try something other than women’s clothing, have him wear makeup in public. With coordinated color clothes, you can both wear the same look.

d. Role reversal

Of all the ways to dress him in public with the least fear of judgment, this is the most fun. Change your outfit style! You will certainly get looks from people on the street, but they will see it and will probably remember you as a funny and silly couple. Some may even envy the relationship you two share!

6. Summary

It doesn’t matter why your man should wear a dress, if it makes you happy – talk to him! He couldn’t even ask why and only does it because he likes it. Well, within the 4 walls of his room, all the perverted fantasies are valid and no judgment can be made about why and what. If you want to make it even better and dress it up in public, that’s a challenge. To do this, you need to talk to him, understand him and understand that he may not be comfortable doing this. Don’t force it if it does, and start with this idea. If he plays together, be ready, because you will soon be faced with an equally courageous task. These silly activities are the times when you laugh when your hair is all white and you are sitting on the porch drinking coffee. The minimum attention span of a viewer who can see her husband dressed as a woman is 10 seconds. and he won’t even remember it after a day, but you two will have a memory to keep for the rest of your life.