Vsco Girl Costumes

Vsco Girl Costumes

A. The Comprehensive Guide to Being a VSCO Girl for Halloween

VSCO girls. If you’re one of the few adults who secretly downloaded the TikTok app this year, you’ve heard that phrase countless times and eventually saw the teen archetype become a quick meme on Twitter and Instagram too. And, of course, all memes are subject to Halloween costume trends. Probably, every party you attend this year is filled with adults dressed as teenagers and really like sandals and water bottles. If you’re looking for a hyper-contemporary show for 2019 (or just want to look cooler and younger than it really is), VSCO Girl is probably one of the easiest to put together.Fortunately, the Allure boss meme poster TikTok (hi, yes, it’s me) can guide you through the concept, including what a VSCO girl really is, what to wear and what to say to really get into the Character. You just need a few pieces of clothing that you are likely to wear again, a few memorable phrases and a relaxed approach to beauty.

1. What is VSCO girls

The “VSCO” in VSCO Girl refers to the photo editing app of the same name, pronounced “vis-co”. The term began as a catchphrase for teenagers who post photos on the app’s social feed or who use their colorful photo filters exclusively on other social networks. The VSCO Girl aesthetic that was coined in 2017 was basically absorbed from there thanks to TikTok and its instant virality.

2. OK, but how do I dress as a VSCO girl

If you see a real young man shopping, this aesthetic will stop quickly. He is part athlete, part walker, part beach bum.

There are three things you absolutely need 100% if you want to undress a recognizable VSCO girl: a big T-shirt, sports shorts and sandals. Like other youthful stereotypes over the years, VSCO Girls has a documented affinity for certain colors and brand names. The key to finding a VSCO shirt for girls like this is to use pastel colors or intentionally faded colors and choose a size large enough to go mid-thigh. Unlike most high school dress codes, shorts need to be short enough to completely disappear under your shirt – you can’t go wrong with black Nike Tempo shorts, a common item for girls at VSCO.

When it comes to shoes, sandals, clogs and slides are the main options for VSCO girls everywhere. Are there any crocodiles scattered around? Go to the city in a beautiful and customizable jibbitz (this is the strange name of these amulets that you can attach to the holes above) and enjoy your comfort. How about some Birkenstock slides? Congratulations, you’re almost there.

Anyone wanting to take their VSCO Girl costume to the next level cannot do this without a whirlpool bottle, an armful of colorful hair ties and a necklace of pony shells, all of which are important factors in a TikTok meme.

3. What about VSCO Girl’s hair and makeup

The best thing about the VSCO Girl Halloween costume is that you can be really loose in terms of makeup and hair. These teenagers are more relaxed about it, so feel free to use clean skin products and a pink-toned lip balm like E.L.F. Cosmetics’. Tall, messy rolls and long, beachy waves are also easy to make with the help of a little spray of sea salt from Not Your Mother.

4. How can I act like a VSCO girl

Study yourselves, because this is where the fun really comes in. The common joke about VSCO Girls is that they are mostly white, naturally rich and more than a little selfish. Soon, parodied attitudes towards VSCO Girls generated a ton of funny buzzwords inspired by a general lack of self-esteem, pseudo-passion for the environment and obsession with social networks.

Most important of all has to be “and I oop”, which came from a viral video by RuPaul drag race star Jasmine Masters. Use it whenever something shocking or unexpected happens, even if it is as simple as one of your hair ties falling off your wrist. The second most important is “sksksksksksk”, which is pronounced exactly as you would think, and is basically the VSCO Girl equivalent of “lol” and the like.


B. How To Dress Like A Vsco Girl Costume Guide

If you want to become a famous VSCO girl, there are some things you need to buy first for your VSCO girl costume

  1. Wear clothes inspired by the 90s.
  2. Master the art of taking photos that look absolutely real.
  3. Never leave home without a hair tie, shell necklace or water bottle.
  4. Filter your photos, filter them well, filter them by the moon.

Unlike a VSCO girl, it basically just channels the humor of a model Brandy Melville out of service. The good thing is that there are few clothes that exude this look. To help you improve your aesthetics, I’ve put together the five outfits that every VSCO girl wears – and where to buy them yourself. Scroll down and find everything that Vsco girl fantasy

1. Vsco women’s costume tops

Vsco girls love baggy shirts, colorful tops and sweatshirts. You can choose one of the many options for your perfect Vsco Girl look.

a. Vsco women’s tops

  1. Vsco Girl Tea Shirt
  2. Yellow Vsco Girls T-Shirt
  3. Striped cut
  4. Vsco women’s t-shirt
  5. Vsco pink top for women
  6. Pineapple Vsco Girls Crop Top
  7. Vsco Girl Crop Top Hooded Shoulder Tie
  8. Vsco women’s long sleeve plaid sweater
  9. Block Vsco color long-sleeved sweater
  10. NASA Hoodie

2. Vsco girls fancy shorts and pants

Pair your top with one of the shorts below to get the right look

a. Vsco women’s shorts and pants

  1. Mid-waist ripped denim shorts
  2. High waisted denim shorts
  3. Loose denim shorts with high waist
  4. Frayed jeans with belt
  5. Loose denim shorts with high waist
  6. Seersucker Scallop Lounge Shorts
  7. Striped shorts with elastic waist
  8. Flamingo training shorts
  9. Casual shorts with bow tie
  10. Short and wide jeans
  11. Loose denim overalls

3. Vsco women’s shoes

In addition to the hair elastic on your wrist and the reusable water bottle, the best way to recognize a VSCO girl is by her shoes. There are some things that every fashion girl wears perfectly – a pair of birch toothpicks with two straps, classic checkered vans and, yes, Ariana Grande’s favorite plastic crocodiles. If you haven’t invested a pair in yourself yet, you’re going to lose because the hype around these shoes is real. If you want to be part of this subgroup of trends, look for the cutest VSCO women’s shoes in fashion today.

a. Vsco women’s shoes

  1. Sliding checkered vans
  2. Vans Old Skool Original Shoes
  3. Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers
  4. Birkenstock Arizona unisex leather sandals
  5. Birkenstock unisex sandals Gizeh EVA
  6. Adidas Adilette Comfort Slide Sandals For Women
  7. Crocs Crocband Clog

4. Vsco Girls Costume Hydro Bottles and Stickers

Hydro bottles and stickers are an integral part of a vsco girl’s costume. Every girl at vsco has a bottle of water and stickers everywhere. Just look at some examples.

  1. Hydro Flask wide neck water bottle
  2. Water bottle water bottle with sports cap
  3. VSCO girls water bottle, laptop sticker
  4. VSCO girls water bottle, laptop sticker

5. Vsco female costume accessories

Hair ties, wavy rings, spiral hair ties, bracelets … Being a Vsco girl means having lots of accessories.White opal vsco

  1. Wave female ring
  2. Silver Wave Vsco Girls Ring
  3. 4 pieces of Vsco girls rings
  4. Vsco Choker Shell Girls Necklace
  5. Pearl Choker Shell Vsco Girls Necklace
  6. Hair ties for girls Spiral Vsco
  7. Waves Braided Rope Vsco Girls Bracelet
  8. Vsco Girl Friendship bracelets
  9. Vsco Girl Elephantz Bracelet
  10. Tiara Velvet Hair Bands
  11. Clips with cleats
  12. Hydro Flask Cable


C. How To Dress Like A VSCO Girl This Halloween

2021 has blessed us with an abundance of memes, sensational scammers and viral celebrity moments – all ready to choose this #SpookySzn. ELLE.com is here to help you win Hallowmeme with our comprehensive costume guide for people who love the internet.

1. What is a VSCO girl

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Pronounced as vis-co, she is an influencer whose aesthetics combine with the VSCO app, a photo editing and sharing tool with popular filters. That person is usually Generation Z, openly aware of the environment and prefers a beach day to post. They are also often associated with the terms “and I oop” and “sksksk”, both expressions of extreme surprise. In addition, his requests to “save the turtles” are often exaggerated. Urban Dictionary compares this person to the “Tumblr girls of 2019”. As ELLE.com discovered in August, the #vscogirl videos on TikTok have been viewed more than 405 million times. More than 1 million posts are tagged with #vscogirl on Instagram.

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2. You should wear this costume if

Have you curated a beach day for most Instagram-style photo ops (we all are, let’s face it) or have you taken a Polaroid photo in the last decade?

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3. How to achieve this

A VSCO girl’s identity is closely related to the material objects with which she expresses herself. When you adorn your wrists with hair ties, put your feet on Birkenstocks and grab a Hydro Flask covered with stickers, these are basic for anyone who imitates this lifestyle. From there, you can opt for an oversized tie-dye T-shirt or a Brandy Melville tube top. Next come Nike shorts, followed by accessories like a pooka collar, Pura Vida bracelets and a metal straw. (Here, too, the turtles need to be rescued!) The look is simple, comfortable, effortless and yet meticulously crafted from the crunchy head to the toe with a birken sock.