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How Many Moderators Are There In Roblox

A. How many moderators are there in Roblox?

No one knows how many moderators there are on Roblox. He is an officer who has not been declared anywhere, perhaps more than thousands of moderators working on Roblox.

Moderators are team members who work at Roblox. Moderation work is very difficult because you must assign more than 9 out of 10 points. You are entirely responsible for reviewing reports and moderated content.

1. Roblox moderator’s work

Roblox moderators block the account of the user who violates the community rule and terms of use. They respond to delete or suspend the account of the user who violates the rules.

2. Moderator

Moderators are members of the Roblox team who moderate the site to ensure that assets and other content created by players, such as forum posts, thumbnails, decals and other graphic content, remain safe and appropriate for all Roblox players. Moderators can exclude content that violates the Roblox Terms of Service. See the Roblox Terms and Conditions for more information.

When you submit a report, the moderation team is the group of people who read it and decide what to do with it. If a report is valid, a response will be given to the account that violated a rule.

If the account or item reported does not appear to have done anything wrong, the report will be terminated without further action. Most reports are created by a real person to ensure they are correct. Unfortunately, very little or no action is taken against the reported crime, even if the report is serious and read by a real person.

Moderators are also responsible for reviewing images that go to the site. However, this is now happening in a reduced capacity. When creating a shirt or something that allows you to upload an image, that image will be shown to a moderator to make sure it is acceptable to Roblox after going through a filter to look for any obvious inappropriate content, such as pornography. If you break any rules, you will be removed immediately. If it’s a really bad image, the uploading account will be penalized for uploading.

The official position of moderator for Roblox has been removed, as all Roblox employees are now officially recognized as managers. Developer / community teams are said to be the main driving force for moderation. This is wrong, however, since most Roblox moderations are now being outsourced to an outsourced agency. These third-party moderators operate on several sites with different policies (possibly because many people think Roblox moderation is bad). Roblox has a team that handles moderation policy management (called the “Trust and Security Team”). However, in most cases, they do not moderate, except for some serious incidents (for example, high profile users / situations, child safety, etc.)

a. Great moderators

Super moderators are the most trusted moderators in the community. You can act as moderator of a forum or image without having any of the emblems.

b. Image moderators

Image moderators ensure that all uploaded materials, such as clothing, advertising and equipment, are safe and suitable for children. Each image is listed as “pending”, which means that it had to be approved by the image’s moderators before it was published. You can delete any image uploaded by the user. This badge and position was previously awarded to players who demonstrated maturity and responsibility until the retirement of the player moderators. This emblem has been withdrawn.

c. Forum moderators

Forum moderators patrolled the forums, making sure that each topic was child-friendly and safe. They keep reports to the forum and can punish anyone who breaks the rules. Its punishment depends on severity, from a warning to a ban. Similar actions were taken on topics or messages, with general actions being a direct message to block and delete. This badge and its position used to be attributed to players who showed maturity and responsibility until the retirement of the player moderators. This emblem has been withdrawn. They were also immune to defenses against floods and profanity. Here is How To Make A Party In Roblox.

3. Moderation course

The moderation history is a part of the account that shows users the suspension history. You can find moderation history under “Account settings”. For example, if you were banned on April 5, 2015 and not on April 7, 2015, you can review the ban moderator’s start, end and note. This was removed in January 2016.

4. Seal update in January 2017

With the change in the badge system, all previous badges related to Roblox employees have been replaced by the new administrator badge. There are many moderators on Roblox, but most of them are currently unknown, as they do not have the Administrator badge and many are kept secret so that perpetrators do not attempt to hack them.

5. List of former moderators

There are currently 9 known former moderators.


B. Understanding Moderation Messages

The Roblox moderation system blocks Roblox accounts that violate the Terms of Use or Terms of Use. An account’s suspension time depends on the severity of the behavior. Here are the levels:

  1. Notice – A user can return to their account immediately if they agree to the terms of use. This layer is sometimes used to provide feedback to users about their creations.
  2. 1 day ban – 24 hours from the time the moderation started.
  3. 3 day ban – 72 hours from the time the moderation started.
  4. 7-day ban – 1 week from the time the moderation started.
  5. Delete – the account has been closed and cannot be reopened automatically.

1. Moderation messages

Here are some examples of the types of moderation messages sent by the Roblox moderation team.

a. Inadequate behavioral reporting

  1. “Do not publish any information about your moderation actions. Otherwise, additional moderation measures may be taken against your account. If you would like to discuss your prohibitions, use the complaint system described in your prohibition report.”
    Moderation actions cannot be discussed at Roblox.
  2. “The only links you are allowed to post to Roblox are links, links, links and links. No other links are allowed. Posting other links leads to more moderation actions.” ”
    Outside of the social media links specified in the profiles, you cannot release any links other than the 4 listed here.
  3. “Your username is not suitable for Roblox. For further assistance, contact us using the support form.”
    Roblox found that his name violates the Terms of Service.
  4. “Do not post or spam repeatedly for chat or content on Roblox.”
    You have been caught flooding the chat repeatedly with the same message or placing random characters repeatedly. An example of this would be “fidiuaciuabiucbiubiw”.
  5. “Don’t ask for personal, real or private information about Roblox and don’t reveal it.”
    Preventing the disclosure of personal information is one of Roblox’s top priorities. Therefore, personal data is not allowed on Roblox.
  6. “Don’t create accounts just to break the rules.”
    Roblox determined that the account was created with the primary intention of violating the Terms of Service.
  7. “Dating, sexting or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable at Roblox.”
    Roblox is not a dating site. Sexually explicit chat between users is not tolerated on Roblox. Roblox also does not allow conversations that solicit friends or talk about any form of romantic relationship, including weddings.
  8. “This content is not intended for Roblox. Do not chat, post or discuss inappropriate topics on Roblox.”
    This may include drugs / alcohol, sexual innuendo / advice or anything else that Roblox does not consider age appropriate.
  9. “Don’t swear, swear, or say inappropriate things on Roblox.”
    Bad words and bad words are not allowed on Roblox.

2. Harassment / discriminatory messages

  1. “Roblox does not allow discriminatory language, content or actions based on race or ethnicity, nationality, religion or religious affiliation, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.”
    Discriminatory language or content is material that attacks a person or group based on attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  2. “The derogatory language you are using here is not allowed on Roblox.”
    Misogyny is hatred, contempt or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny manifests itself in many ways, including social exclusion, gender discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, male privilege, degradation of women, violence against women and sexual objectification.
  3. “Don’t harass other users. Don’t say inappropriate or mean things about others on Roblox.”
    Harassment is behavior directed at a specific person or group, using degrading or humiliating language.

3. Scamming Messages

  1. “Fraud is a violation of the Terms of Service. Stop cheating on Roblox.”
    Roblox determined, based on the evidence presented to you, that you tried to cheat another player or group of players.
  2. “Publishing information that claims to be able to use Roblox is a violation of our Terms of Use. If you continue to do so, your account will be subject to further moderation.”
    An exploit is software, a block of data or a sequence of instructions that uses a bug or vulnerability to cause unintended or unexpected behavior in software, hardware or something electronic.
  3. “Do not create games that have Robux prizes. This type of game is considered a scam, as there is no official system that guarantees a price. If you continue to create these games, your account will be subject to additional moderation actions.”
    Roblox cannot guarantee payment of the game to any player. Promising to remove Robux from anyone under any pretext is considered a scam.
  4. “Advertising for Robux payments is prohibited because there is no system to ensure that certain rules are followed or that the offered prize is met. We know that you did not intend to cheat, but please do not bid on Roblox.”
    Under no circumstances should you promise Robux to players, as this will be considered a scam.
  5. “Copying Roblox employees is against our rules. If you continue to do so, your account will be subject to additional moderation measures.”
    The Roblox management team is limited to those recruited by Roblox, and their responsibilities can range from marketing to moderation. Imitating the prestigious Roblox administrator title is considered a scam: “I work for Roblox.” “I am a Roblox administrator.” etc.
  6. “This account has been terminated for violating our Terms of Use. Do not create games intended to deceive other players.”
    If you received this message, you created a game with a graphical user interface that stores password information for a player trying to hack into the account.
  7. “Don’t play games that are supposed to deceive other players!”
    Do not create games designed to deceive other players.

4. Real Life Concern Messages

  1. “Please do not create any games, t-shirts or comments about this tragic event. We understand that you intended this as a respectful memorial, but we cannot risk that other players behave inappropriately on or around the content you have.” repost. ”
    Do not upload posts / games / assets created as a memorial / reminder, such as B. major natural disasters or attacks, e.g. September 11, mass shootings, tsunamis, etc. We recognize that this may not have been a form of disrespect, but we cannot risk that other players use these events in a disrespectful / inappropriate manner.

5. Image Content Messages

  1. “This image is not suitable for Roblox. Check our rules and send only the appropriate content.”
    The image file contains something that is not suitable for Roblox. This may include drugs / alcohol, sexual innuendo / advice or anything else that Roblox does not consider age appropriate.
  2. “Do not post ads that claim to pay players to join your group. Since Roblox cannot enforce these offers, they are breaking the rules. Further attempts to post these ads will result in additional moderation actions in your account.”
    Roblox does not allow groups to promise Robux or items to users in exchange for joining a group.
  3. “We are sorry, but we are unable to allow this content on Roblox due to a request from the copyright owner.”
    An item is being removed because we received a notice from the official copyright owner that he did not grant permission to use the feature and requested the removal.
  4. “Please don’t upload any personal photos to Roblox.”
    Preventing the publication of personal information is one of Roblox’s top priorities. Therefore, selfies / family portraits and other personal data are not allowed on Roblox.
  5. “The only links you can participate in are,, and Posting other links, including photos, leads to other moderation actions.”
    Roblox only allows certain links to be posted on the website. Do not upload images with links to other sites that have not been approved.
  6. “Don’t create ads that encourage players to click multiple times. We understand that you want as many people as possible to visit your site. However, these ads are not allowed on Roblox.”
    Don’t create ads to falsely lure people into a game, group or catalog item. An example of this: “Click on the 50x green square to get a free domain.”
  7. “Dating and uploading photos are not allowed on Roblox.”
    Roblox is not a dating site and we do not allow the publication of photos that suggest a romantic relationship.
  8. “This image is very revealing for Roblox. Edit this image to make it more age-appropriate.”
    You sent a piece of clothing that is very revealing to Roblox and needs to be edited to match your age before resending.
  9. “It is prohibited to create items with the intention of circumventing Roblox rules.”
    This message is sent when the moderation team finds a piece of clothing that is superimposed to break the rules. This may include, but is not limited to, changing textures to hide inappropriate slogans or images.
  10. “This content is not suitable for Roblox. We do not allow content or avatars designed to simulate nudity or underwear / underwear.”
    Clothes that contain underwear and diapers and / or simulate skin without clothes will result in this message.
  11. “Roblox does not allow clothes with red armbands.”
    Due to the use of red armbands by the Nazis during the world wars, Roblox does not allow the use of red armbands or similarities.
  12. “Adult content will not be tolerated on Roblox!”
    Explicit adult content that is not allowed on Roblox has been uploaded.

6. Audio content messages

  1. “Unfortunately, we cannot play this audio file even after opening it with VLC. Encode the file again and try to upload it again.”
    The audio file cannot be heard through our moderation system due to an encoding error when uploading, or the file type is not accepted by us. If you change the file type to one of our accepted file types, the audio file can be heard.
  2. “This audio file contains inappropriate content for Roblox.”
    The audio file contains content that is not suitable for Roblox. This may include drugs / alcohol, sexual innuendo / advice or anything else that Roblox does not consider age appropriate.
  3. “Don’t upload excessively loud audio to Roblox.”
    Do not send audio files whose volume is exceptionally high to cause damage or shock to another user.
  4. “Sorry, your voice audio or other personal information is not allowed on Roblox.”
    This is done for the safety of the user. Preventing the publication of personal information is one of Roblox’s top priorities.
  5. “It is not allowed to send distorted audio files. Make sure your files can be heard easily and clearly.”
    Audio files that slow down, increase or change pitch fall to a level where the lyrics can no longer be heard fall into this category. As a rule, if you can’t understand, nobody can.
  6. “Adult content is not tolerated on Roblox.”
    Explicit adult content is not allowed on Roblox.

7. Additional information and questions

  1. My moderation message does not appear in the list above.
    Not all moderations fall into the above categories. Sometimes, the moderator adapts the message to the situation.
  2. I’m not sure what my moderation means or if my moderation was wrong.
    In such cases, you can appeal your account moderation by following the steps below. Make sure to include your username and question.
  3. I received a warning, am I about to delete?
    Roblox is unlikely to exclude accounts only from the most serious violations or from people who maliciously affect our community.
  4. Will this affect my DevEx ability?
    Roblox does not approve or deny anyone to DevEx, but in most cases, he does not. When choosing DevEx, we always pay attention to intention and effect.
  5. Do you use AI for moderation?
    Roblox uses AI to pre-select content such as text, images and audio, but only human moderators will take action on the accounts. Roblox employs a team of more than 400 human moderators to review reports and take action on accounts.

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