Prom Makeup For Black Dresses

Prom Makeup For Black Dresses

A. 18 Most Gorgeous From Makeup Looks

Everyone wants to be perfect on the prom night, and that means great makeup. The ideal look should complement your outfit and make your best features shine. For the more daring, this is a fantastic opportunity to become big, bold and creative. Think of Instagram-worthy complex eyes and dramatic lips. For others, it’s about taking your everyday aesthetics to the next level and transforming a fresh, casual look into a shiny finish worthy of a formal occasion. Regardless of your style, dress color, eyes or skin color, there is a stunning makeup look for you. Keep reading to get inspiration for your big night.

1. Natural make-up for the prom

If your everyday style is relaxed, discreet or beachy, natural makeup is an excellent choice for you. It is the “me, but a better” style that uses subtle techniques to highlight your best qualities. It is very comfortable to wear and lasts all night. You don’t have to worry about falling false eyelashes or wearing lipstick! Use a base with a clear opacity or choose a colored moisturizer as a base and mix with a little liquid illuminator for extra shine. Outline your eye socket and cheekbones slightly, then add a strip of gel for eyebrows and mascara. A semi-matte or velvety lipstick in a tone close to the natural color of your lip completes the look.

2. Simple prom makeup

This makeup is super cute and young and goes well with a fun and glamorous clothing style. It’s just a little more complicated than everyday makeup. Since the shades of eyeshadow and lipstick are the same, you don’t have to think about it. Start with a natural matte foundation, add some suntan lotion and fill in the eyebrows. Next are some peach hues and matte liquid lipsticks. The final step is to curl your lashes and add lots of mascara. For an extra touch of glamor, add some extra light fake lashes.

3. Prom makeup for dark skin

Dark skin tones are the ideal canvas for the most daring pigments. Then the dance is your time to shine! Women with this complexion can opt for looks with editorial inspiration without it seeming “too much”. Try a golden tone with a lot of shine and add bronze and brown tones to add dimension. Add black eyeliner and a bright red lip for a glamorous finish. When it comes to foundation, your face is a few shades lighter than your body, so match your chest instead of your chin.

4. Smoky-eyed prom makeup

Is there any prom makeup that looks more classic than the smoky eye? Give a modern update by adding a metallic tone – lilac is a big color trend. The key to a perfect smoky eye is to work with its natural shape. Focus the darker colors on the lash line and the outer third with the lighter shades in the inner corner. It gives your eyes a sexy cat shape without making them smaller. If you want to add false eyelashes, choose those that are longer and thicker at the ends to highlight the smoky shape. To keep your eyes focused, add a subtle lipstick that is close to your natural tone.

5. Gold and rose gold prom makeup

Rose gold and gold are popular trends in the world of jewelry – especially in the summer – and it is no different with makeup. If your skin tone complements these metals, this makeup look will work for you. Try a halo eye shadow with golden eyelids that turn into shades of rose gold. It has the additional effect of contouring the eyes. When it comes to blushing, it’s all about reddish pink hues with a slightly noticeable shine. A matte lipstick with a matching pink tint will enhance the pink tones in the rest of your makeup.

6. Pink prom makeup

Pink graduation makeup is a favorite because it is beautiful, feminine and versatile. When it comes to a color, be sure to vary the shades so they don’t look too flat. A sparkling pink illuminator at the inner corners of the eyes makes them look more open, while deeper tones at the outer third keep them glamorous and suitable for an evening event. Likewise, a darker pink lipstick with a touch of shine will make your makeup look more elegant than casual.

7. Asian prom makeup

This look has everything to do with balance, since perfect skin and subtle eyes make the color of lips shine. A radiant, flawless, moist complexion has been a big trend in Asia for years. Make sure your skin is in good condition and use a super moisturizing and shiny foundation for your prom makeup. To highlight the almond-shaped eyes, trace the outer half of the upper lashes with a dark brown pencil that thickens at the end. This makes the eye look longer and feline. A dark line in the waterline will make your eyes look smaller. So leave your lower lashes alone. Finally, apply a deep stain of red fruit or wine to a long-lasting pout that turns your head.

8. Prom makeup for blue eyes

When it comes to bulging blue eyes, makeup artists prefer orange-bronze tones. This is because blue and orange face each other on the color wheel and therefore complement each other naturally. Spread the shade around your peeper to bring out the colors of the ocean. A touch of salmon pink blush can also help to highlight your blue eyes, while a brown eyeliner maintains the look. This is because a black eyeliner can look a little strong against blue eyes and can distract or compete with them.

9. Prom makeup for green eyes

Green eyes can resist strong tones due to their attractive color. Play with the forest tones of your peepers with emerald green eyeshadow and blue eyeliner. Create a smoky look that mixes these cool tones and add black eyeliner to the waterline to complete the dramatic effect. However, don’t overdo it with mascara – the deep colors of eyeshadows naturally draw attention to your eyes and make your lashes look thicker. To keep green eyes the focus of the look, choose an open lip and leave the blush out.

10. Prom makeup for brown and brown eyes

Complement the chocolate tones in your brown or hazel eyes with equally vivid tones of chestnut, cocoa and topaz. These intensify the color of your eyes and give a sensual and mysterious effect. Use a black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines to highlight the shape of your eyes so they don’t get lost in the darkest shade. Combine this elegant post-dark look with a bold and graphic forehead.

11. Prom makeup for gray eyes

The smoky silver makeup is super flattering to the gray eyes. This eye color will stand out on its own, but when combined with the right shades, it can look even better. Metals highlight the lighter, icy tones of gray eyes, while black and dark gray offer a breathtaking contrast effect. Add plenty of eyeliner and two layers of mascara to make your eyes stand out. As with most looks with dark, bold shadows, it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup neutral so you don’t distract from the main event!

12. Prom makeup for black dress

A black dress is an old school fail-safe choice for prom – so why not choose the makeup that matches? Dark clothing requires a dramatic femme fatale look. The classic option is a black winged eyeliner that will add a touch of cat to your eyes. Works best on people with almond-shaped eyes. However, you can achieve the same effect by changing the angle of the stitch. Well-groomed eyebrows are a must, while a deep Burgundy or Dark Berry lipstick adds an elegant finish.

13. Prom makeup for blue and navy dress

If you’re looking for a reason to worry about your makeup, why not choose the prom? Combine your blue dress with blue accessories and even blue makeup! Oceanic Eyeshadow is on the catwalks of fashion weeks around the world – and it’s not hard to see why. It is a dramatic color that steals the show and draws attention. Keep it intense with a matte tone – add a little free brown to the crease to add dimension to your eyes – and a black eyeliner. If you do it all out, add a matte liquid lipstick in a pinkish-brown shade and an ultra bright highlighter.

14. Prom makeup for pastel colored dress

The softness of a pastel dress requires equally smooth makeup. Choose subtle tones that subtly outline your facial features and then use a highlighter to add a summer glow. A little bit of the inner corner of the eye makes them look bigger and gives you an “inner light” appearance. Meanwhile, a little bit of the nose and Cupid’s bow will draw attention to the center of the face for a flattering finish. Finally, add a modern touch of lip gloss and a fresh peach blush.

15. Prom makeup for green dress

Emerald green is a dazzling color for a prom dress and looks especially beautiful with dark hair, eyes and skin tones. Let this elegant eyeshadow speak and combine it with simple yet chic makeup. As with any dress color that is at the lower end of the spectrum, you need to balance the solid mass of colors by pulling your eye up. This does not mean that you overdo your makeup – focus on your eyebrows and eyeliner. A heavy wing combined with an open lip is the definitive addition to this dress.

16. Prom makeup for red dress

Bomb alert! Some may say that red is too much with red – but there is nothing wrong with being bold for your prom. After all, it is an unforgettable night. When choosing your lip color, try to get as close as possible to the tone of your dress. This red should complement the tone of your skin: cold should go for a true red tinged with blue, while warm should go for more orange-red or pink-red. With all the attention on the pout and the dress, you can keep the rest of the makeup simple, but glamorous, with black eyeliner and lots of mascara.

17. Prom makeup for white and cream dress

White and cream dresses make you look angelic, so your makeup should match! The key is not to look too engaged – you still want a fresh, youthful vibe for your prom. The shades of purple and pink draw attention to their best features, such as eyes and lips, and add a touch of glamor to them. It is not natural makeup. So you can add extra depth to your eyes with deeper shadows and ultra-bright accent.

18. Prom makeup for purple dress and wine

It’s a different color of clothing that looks beautiful when combined with matching makeup. Don’t worry about looking overdone – the vibrant shades of purple and burgundy in your lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow will balance the solid tone of your dress. This makeup look is especially flattering if you have dark eyes and hair and a medium complexion. This is because the warm tones look even hotter and richer as a result.


B. How To Combine Makeup With Your Black Dress

A black dress is mandatory in a girl’s wardrobe. There will always be a perfect occasion or an excuse to take advantage of it. If you don’t already have one, don’t waste any more time and check out our different lines of evening dresses, party dresses and even prom dresses. Given the task at hand, have you thought of the thousands of ways to use makeup to make you and her shine 100% in a black dress? It may seem complicated, but a black dress is perfect for trying on more than one type of makeup, since a neutral color offers a balance to create a complete look and also emphasizes the focus on its best features and the costume. At Jovani we are sure that you have seen more than one celebrity with more than one type of black dress on the various red carpets this year. They are all types: long, short, low-cut, loose, tailored, etc. But everyone decided to highlight their look with the perfect combination of makeup style.

1. A complement like any other

Many girls ignore that makeup is as powerful as any other accessory, or even more! Normally, the effort is concentrated on shoes, purse or jewelry, without considering that makeup plays an important role in building harmony for your look. For example, whether you wear a black prom dress or a simple black dress, there are certain rules that you must follow. At Jovani we will tell you all about the makeup styles that will enhance your beauty and that beautiful black dress that you will be wearing.

2. Smoky eyes or smoky eyes

Haven’t tried this fabulous eye makeup technique yet? Smoky eyes are celebrities’ favorite night makeup. It consists of a deep demarcation combined with applied eyeshadow with a blurry effect on the eyelid that moves towards the fixed eyelid (from which the name “smoky eyes” derives) and a final touch of two layers of mascara. Since smoky eyes aim to highlight the look, it is certain that the rest of the makeup is as discreet and natural as possible. Get a subtle foundation, concealer, powder, blush and lip gloss in nude, peach or pink tones. Avoid brightly colored lipsticks with this eye makeup, as they play the main role. Although the original usually has black shadows, it all depends on the other accessories you pair with, namely H. On black prom dresses. This brings us to the next point

3. Red and gold, winning combination!

Try them; The result is spectacular! Get a pair of attractive lips by applying the makeup base on your lips (as if to wipe them off); Draw the natural contour with a profiler without changing it. Once drawn, take a small thickness with the pencil (recommended if your lips are thin) and fill in a way that is not different from lipstick. Apply the color with the chosen lipstick. Ends with a golden shade point in the middle for highlighting. When you paint your nails bright red the same shade as your lips, you have the perfect set. It will be an ideal look since it will highlight the mouth without leaving out the eyes, which will shine with this beautiful gold.

4. Retro green eyes

The goal is to create an intense and captivating look. To do this, you need to put false eyelashes and subtle contours, then rinse them with a black pencil and then apply a green eye shadow that contains a golden glitter pigment. Also, line the lower lashes with green to make the look stand out.

5. Lilac, mauve and variations

They look beautiful with a black dress and represent a more romantic femininity. Some girls get used to accompanying their simple black dress with just a pearl necklace and purple makeup, and the combination is a hit! Of course, it is more dramatic and may tend to harden resources. Therefore, it is better to choose light shades for the eyes. Remember to practice this type of makeup before the day of the event, eg. B. Graduation party, bar mitzvah, business lunch, etc. You can check out the rest of our lists or the collections we have available for the 2020 season, like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this blog. We hope the tips have been helpful. Now all you need to do is feel spectacular and confident with your makeup and your new black dress.