Plus Size Reception Dresses For Brides

Plus Size Reception Dresses For Brides

A. Plus-Size Reception Dresses

Designers, and the wedding industry in general, have realized that the average woman may not be as thin, but she cares about fashion – and is confident enough to show off her curves! It’s great that today’s oversized brides have a variety of fashion options when buying the dream dress, but there are some considerations that are unique to their experience.

1. Style Tips

  1. Reconsider the hopeless fall. Illusory necklines, short sleeves that accentuate the shoulders and collarbone, and thin straps that – oops! The seductive fall can be even sexier than the strapless dress that always falls popular.
  2. Also, don’t pull your shirt off all night (or risk the wardrobe malfunctioning while the bouquet is being thrown!).
  3. The structure is your friend. Start with a top with the right texture, and from there, almost everything else will work. Well-made corsets lift and pull in the right places and add a little retro sex appeal. A-cut dresses are a fashion classic for a reason – they offer a generally flattering silhouette that sharpens the waist without adding bulk to some prom dresses. Do you feel a little more daring? Show off your curves with a fit and flare dress or even a more dramatic mermaid style (especially free for well-balanced women with a full body).
  4. Comfort is the key. Even though a bony top helps you look better, you want it to be comfortable too. The highest quality dresses ensure that you don’t just look and feel amazing in front of the bridal shop mirror during your celebration.
  5. It’s all in the details. Feminine details such as satin ribbons or shiny belts define your natural waist, while strategically placed fabric ties, lace and embroidery move your eyes along your body so that perceived imperfections are compromised.
  6. Watch out for the bright white. Although it is unlikely that you would want to wear an elegant and all-black wedding dress (although it was terribly chic!), Avoid the sparkling whites, which is actually a challenge for many brides. Instead, opt for a softer shade like ivory or off-white – or even a color if it’s flattering (Vera Wang’s 2019 collection is in real gold!).

2. Curvy Bride Dresses – The designers we love

Some designers specialize in creating glamorous dresses for real women, instead of just determining the size. You want a designer who understands and values ​​your body type! Some of our favorites:

  1. Seducing women
    Elegant and confident dresses in sizes from 14 W to 32 W.
  2. Essence of Australia
    Exquisite details and curvy silhouettes with built-in bustiers in sizes up to 34/36.
  3. Justin Alexander
    This popular bridal designer recently launched a plus size collection in sizes 18-32, which includes shapewear mesh right on the lining!
  4. Morilee from the Madeline Gardner Julietta collection
    Feminine and traditional with many decorations in sizes from 16 to 32.
  5. Theia curved collection
    Theias designer has dressed celebrities like Oprah and Rebel Wilson, and this new collection in sizes 18-24 makes brides full of figurines feel like stars. (Sold exclusively at Lovely Bride.)
  6. Watters wtoo
    Affordable, feminine, fun and versatile in sizes up to 32W.

3. Shopping Tips

When buying a plus size wedding dress, size matters! It is usually a surprise for brides that the wedding halls usually do not have all the dresses of all sizes. In fact, most bridal patterns (the dress you try on at the store) are in stock in sizes 8, 10 and 12.

  1. To complicate matters further, the sizes of wedding dresses are not the same as the sizes of normal dresses (they are usually smaller). Therefore, it is better to ignore the number and focus on the fit and feel. In short: you won’t necessarily try on the actual dress – or even the actual size – in your dress purchase commitment. What can a curvy girl do?
  2. Ask the right questions. When you fill the Pinterest panel with styles that visually appeal to you, you have a short list of designers to tune in to. This is useful in several ways:
    If you contact stores to ask about your options for plus size patterns, you can do a little more research to see if they have plus size patterns, for example, from the Stella York Boho collection, to enhance your shopping experience. .
  3. This also shares her fashion dreams with her consultant, who can suggest dresses similar to the ones she actually has in store.
  4. Measure the size you have now. You may be following a nutrition and / or fitness regime to look good and feel good on your wedding day. However, do not buy your dress after reaching your goal. It is always easier to put on a dress than to leave one out.
  5. Buy with the right partner. Bring a friend or relative whose judgment you trust and who you can count on to tell you the right spade. The salesman likes ooh and ahh, but his real beast will show you the thumbs up or down.
    Don’t forget the foundation. Whether it’s your most reliable pair of Spanxs or a strapless bra, what you wear underneath the dress can dramatically change the look. In addition, if you end up buying special lingerie for the final set, make sure you wear it for success while you shop.
  6. Don’t be afraid to sell samples. Sample sales are a great way to get a designer dress for less, and are also the best solution for brides with a short planning period. But wait, most samples are not in wedding sizes 8 to 12? Yes, but salons that usually sell plus size patterns will also add these blenders to your explosive sales! And it’s okay to ask about the size range in advance. By the way, more and more fashion shows are coming up, including larger sizes. So stay tuned for these exclusive opportunities.


B. Top 10 Plus Size Wedding Dress Designers By Pretty Pear Bride

Shafonne is a wedding and event planner who longed for a bridal inspiration that looked like her. Then she created Pretty Pear Bride – the only website and magazine in the world that inspires plus size wedding dresses. She also talks about commitments to educate the world about plus size brides and trust.

Every time I looked for beautiful plus size wedding dresses for Bridal Musings, I was surprised. It often seemed as if the established bridal lines had created their oversized collections after the fact, while oversized wedding dress retailers looked stuck in the early 90s. Certainly there should be more options for curvy brides than for curvy A-cut dresses ?!

So I called Shafonne for help and was thrilled to discover that there are many options for beautiful and diverse wedding dresses – if you know where to look!

1. The 10 best plus size wedding dress designers

Being a big or curvy bride sucks sometimes. There are many things to worry about while you are planning one of the best days of your life. And one of the biggest obstacles for curvy brides is finding a beautiful and elegant wedding dress. I know it seems such an unbearable task. Believe me, I know how you feel. I was there once.

So why don’t you scream and scream, holla with all my heart … about how angry you are and how there is absolutely no option … I will stop and wait for you!

a. Are you ready? Let’s get to it now!

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you, but a light is shining at the end of the wedding dress tunnel because the plus size bridal industry is a far cry from the monotonous wedding dresses of previous years. Yes, it doesn’t, but in all fairness, the past few years have been more like the previous months, because they haven’t gone as far as you think. Oversized wedding dresses have only recently become the best.

b. Why do you ask?

Because there was an explosion of designers who are deeply interested in the curvaceous bridal industry. They strive to make oversized brides feel as big and beautiful as their peers. I saw firsthand how amazing and impeccable these designers are to create wedding dresses that make curved brides look and feel beautiful. I created a collection of the top 10 plus size wedding dress designers to illustrate the fantastic options available for plus size brides and curves.

2. Watters – Wtoo Curve Collection

This new collection of Watters, called Wtoo Curve Collection, is presented on to give oversized brides a comprehensive idea of ​​how their more curvy bridal styles look. This feature shows current and exclusive styles designed for these brides. Beautifully proportioned up to 32W for curves, comfort and compliments.

3. David’s Bride

Most women’s clothing lines, including bridal collections, are based on a size 8 sample evaluated to create a full range of sizes. The David’s Bridal Woman collection was designed differently: the Plus Size Fit model is 18 years old and each sample is based on surveys based on measurements made by real customers. This unique focus on fit and size is why their plus size wedding dresses are smoother and more suitable than any other.

4. Sydney closet

In the past decade, Sydney’s Closet has dressed tens of thousands of teenagers and huge women in the United States, from Alaska to Florida, and around the world in countries like Denmark, Germany, Canada, England and Italy. Her glamorous designs were shown on the dance floor of high schools for prom and homecoming, on celebrities strolling on the red carpet and in the corridors of churches and beaches in Hollywood.

5. Alfred Angelo

Each dress from the Alfred Angelo collection is available in plus sizes and at no extra cost! Start your happiness forever with an Alfred Angelo wedding dress designed with your curves in mind.

6. Mori Lee – Julietta Collection

Madeline Gardner has been designing dresses for MoriLee for over 17 years. When her son asked why she was doing her job, she replied, “Because I love and love making girls look and feel good.” This includes girls of all sizes! The Julietta collection is filled with elegant wedding dresses.

7. Igigi

Igigi strives to offer women with curved, elegant, stylish and sophisticated collections that emphasize and celebrate their bodies. Her collections reflect the latest fashion trends, including her collection of affordable wedding dresses. They also ship to more than 70 countries!

8. Roz la Kelin – Glamor Plus Collection

Roz la Kelin is an Australian wedding dress designer who is conquering the United States. Her dresses will be presented at Bridal Week in autumn 2014 and will arrive in large sizes at various bridal studios across the United States.

9. Kiyonna

Kiyonna founder Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi sums up her plus size brand perfectly with this quote:

After all these years, we are still in the market because we always sell a feeling, not a product. I have always believed in the idea that curvy women deserve to look and feel elegant and amazing. Why not?

10. Allure Bridals

In 2003, Allure launched the Allure construction. This patented integrated corset offers the unique fit and structure you only find at Allure. With a dress perfectly constructed with luxurious fabrics in a modern silhouette, each Allure bride walks confidently down the hall.

As you can see, there are a multitude of options for plus size brides to wear something different from the boring and straight dresses we usually wear. Designers get up and realize that curvy brides deserve AND deserve to look as chic and elegant as our younger colleagues. Therefore, we should not hear any more that there are no options available for plus size brides, as there are designers who take care of this and step on the plate to ensure that curved brides are recognized!