Plus Size Maternity Formal Dresses

Plus Size Maternity Formal Dresses

A. Top 10 Places to Shop for Plus-Size Maternity Clothes

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Plus size clothes are finally getting more fashionable – but finding stylish and plus size women’s clothes can still be a little tricky if you don’t know where to look. (As if pregnant women have nothing to do.) So, we researched a little for you and found the best places to buy fashionable clothes for pregnant women that fit and improve the curves of future moms. The only question now is how to reduce the size of your maternity wardrobe wish list.

1. PinkBlush

At you can find trendy plus size maternity clothes at bargain prices. Jeans, T-shirts, leggings, maxi dresses, kimonos and tops with cold shoulders – practically all of its plus size maternity fashion stores are sold in sizes 16 to 26. There is even an impressive selection of fancy pants dresses and some swimsuits for lovers. of the bump. The best part? All of the above products are of boutique quality, which in no way reflects the low price. Tops start at $ 19, dresses at $ 27 and jeggings at $ 52. Even wedding guest dresses start at just $ 39. (The $ 95 lace overlay maxi dress is a 5-star favorite .) Although it’s a little silly you can’t go to a real PinkBlush store to try on and buy clothes, the Site offers after getting free shipping to collect $ 150 worth of clothes. (Challenge accepted!)

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Bonus: PinkBlush offers virtual designers who can help you assemble the perfect plus size wardrobe for maternity.


ASOS is full of innovative and affordable clothes for pregnant women in various sizes. Although ASOS does not have a section dedicated to plus size maternity clothes on its website, there are plenty of options for expectant mothers for future mothers, ranging from sizes 14 to 16, and a little more up to size 28. Options vary from glam (we dare not find out where to wear the beautiful jacquard kimono dress) for the casual, office-friendly weekend – but they all deserve #OOTD status.

Bonus: ASOS Women’s Curve & Plus Size section also has information on impact-friendly plus sizes. You can find tons of cute plus size and plus size dresses here that can accommodate baby bumps like this cute swing dress and sweater.

3. Target

The Lux Ingrid & Isabel maternity brand has an exclusive brand called Isabel Maternity that recently (September 2018) launched new plus size maternity models that are on trend and within budget. For example, mesh belted jumpsuits and active faux leather leggings cost $ 33 and $ 37, respectively, and are fantastic. And because we’re talking about Target, it’s clear that you can also find their basic plus size maternity classics, like jeans and a nightgown.

Bonus: when shopping, visit the lingerie department to buy beautiful plus size bras for maternity and nursing. We are pleased that your new Paramour Lorraine plus size nursing bra has a front and back closure. Perplexed!

4. Your clothes

“Bump It Up” is the UK’s incredible maternity clothes store run by the large women’s clothing brand, Yours. Their plus size maternity clothes are as comfortable, stylish and modern as the other Yours offerings, but they are designed and flattered for pregnant women from sizes 16 to 32. Prices start at 8 USD (!). The most expensive option is a fabulous stretchy jumpsuit worth $ 60. The only downside: shipping to the US costs $ 20. Returns are not free.

Bonus: if you don’t know where to start, just buy a maternity package. Each package (complete with free bag) contains four large maternity bases for a fixed price of $ 83. For example, one package contains leggings, a T-shirt, a cascading cardigan and a tubular maxi skirt, while another package changes the skirt for a hot tube midi dress. (There are four packages to choose from.)

5. Maternity Maternity

Maternity Maternity is one of the few maternity clothing retailers that is still crowding malls and malls across the country – and many of them sell maternity models up to 24 or 3 times. (The maternity website shows you exactly where to find plus size stores for pregnant women.) If you prefer to shop online, the website has a fantastic selection of plus size maternity clothes, from gorgeous over-the-top dresses to trendy tops and jeans for maternity bras, panties, curlers and more. Free shipping is offered for purchases of $ 79 or more.

Bonus: Motherhood Maternity has a perks program where you sign up to receive emails, complete a registration and then receive coupons, discounts, samples and exclusive offers from Motherhood and its partners such as BuyBuyBaby and Shutterfly.

6. Nestling & Co.

The stylish maternity clothes in extended sizes (up to 3 times) at Nesting & Co. is a must for all mothers concerned with fashion. We are obsessed with her zigzag maxi skirts, peasant dresses, turtleneck sweaters and more. And if you want to transform yourself into something more classic, you also have products with lots of basic T-shirts, jeans and short dresses – all with a little charm. Prices are suitable for the wallet (dresses start at $ 23). When you spend $ 50 or more, shipping is free.

Bonus: Nestling & Co. offers plus size maternity lingerie that will impress your partner right away.

7. Simply Be

Simply Be, a staple of women’s fashion with curves in the UK, recently reopened its outpost in the USA to make millennial clothes (see: PRETTY!). So it’s especially exciting that they have maternity clothes for pregnant women who wear up to size 28. While their selection of plus size maternity clothes isn’t bursting at the seams, they’ve covered the basics – and you’re not losing style. Case in point: the crepe top with cold shoulder and the denim shirt dress are on fire.

Bonus: we love the addition of large abdominal bands and over-the-bump panties.

8. Macys

America’s most popular department store is also a benchmark for fashion plus size maternity clothes. With fixed locations across the country, expectant mothers can go to the locker rooms to try on items (like a romance!). Their website also has an online section dedicated to pregnant plus size women, where you can find everything from cute tops (that short sleeve shirt makes us pass out) to dresses, jeans, maternity bras and more.

Bonus: keep an eye on Macy’s iconic sales and you can buy your favorite plus size pregnant clothes for almost nothing.

9. JCPenny

When last checked, good old JCPenny had over 100 options in its online plus size maternity clothing section. It is not bad! Although it is an excellent and affordable option for basic items like t-shirts and jeans, you will still find some very solid and elegant pieces. And if there is a physical store near you, you can shop online and get free delivery at the store.

Bonus: as JCPenny is clearly not just an oversized maternity store, you can access other departments during the same shopping session to meet your future mother’s needs. Do you need a car seat? Checks. Onesies? Checks. A crib? You have the idea.

10. ThredUp

Experienced pregnant women often pick up used maternity clothes from friends, family and coworkers – this saves money and reduces waste. Of course, unless your circle of new moms is too big, you’re out of luck. The next best? Visit ThredUp, a reliable second-hand online store with a very robust selection of oversized women’s clothing. Simply restrict your search by size (2X to 5X and up to size 32). From there, you can filter by price, brand, type of clothing and more. We discovered a lot of designer plus size maternity jeans, cute plus size maternity tops and a host of other plus size maternity options, like cardigans and kimonos.

Bonus: while you shop, click on the Babies section to get high-quality baby shipment finds too. We’ve seen brands like Carters, Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren, Baby Boden and more.


B. 10 plus-size maternity wear tips

If you are 4 or 14, 2 or 22, you want to look and feel good during pregnancy. We asked veteran maternity specialist Alison Deyette and maternity fashion guru and mother of two, Amy Tara Koch (author of Bump It Up), reliable, simple and innovative fashion tips for our future large and fabulous moms!

1. Find the sweet spot for fit and fabric

When it comes to how your clothes should fit, it is not so flattering to go to extremes – whether tight or oversized and look like a tent – like clothes that brush your body and tie you in the right places.

Look for gatherings, cords and ruffles in strategic places, as well as fabrics with a touch of lycra (not the amount you would find in training socks or cycling shorts).

2. Length matters

Opt for dresses and skirts that fit well at the knees. Anything longer can make you look sloppy and shorter. Above, you can expose your leg a little. A knee-length garment reaches the sweet spot and gives it an elongated and elegant look. This is especially important if you are short and very large – a few inches more can actually pull you down.

3. Feel the fabric

Clothes made of soft, fluid materials fall more gently on your body than bulky or well-woven ones. Think of silk jersey (or silk with a touch of spandex), cotton blends or lightly braided sweaters that fall elegantly on your body instead of holding and squeezing.

Wear a few soft pieces, like a silk top or jersey tank top and a long, loose silk / cotton knit or jersey cardigan over classic bootlegs with a little stretch for a wrinkled and flattering look.

4. Emphasize the positive

Embrace V-necks and other neckline bars (but not too low!) That focus on your neck, shoulders and face and form a longer line for your body as a whole.

Wraparound tops are especially suitable for curves, and you can adjust the wraparound connection as it grows. The deep V in the neck created by a wrap is very attractive.

Additional tip: pay attention to where the shoulder seam falls on your shirt. A very loose seam is not as flattering as one that is closer to the actual shoulder joint.

5. Buckle up

Shape a wavy dress or borrowed button-down shirt. Try thin leather or even a nice piece of ribbon that you bought at a craft store. Hold it right under your chest to accentuate your rib cage while remaining comfortable.

6. Choose your prints wisely

Just because you are oversized and pregnant does not mean that you have to avoid patterns and colors. Embrace it, but use it wisely. Add a touch of bright color to an outfit with a scarf, purse or sweater under a neutral wool coat.

Stay away from extremes when it comes to standards. For example, avoid giant flowers or tiny floral prints. Both are nowhere near as flattering as a more attractive mid-size design printed on a scarf or top under a jacket or cardigan.

7. Don’t sell yourself badly

Stay away from kapri pants or three-quarter length pants. They are difficult to remove and are not the most flattering hem – regardless of their size. To create the illusion of endless legs, make sure that the hem stops an inch or two above the floor and preferably reaches the center of the heel.

The combination of perfect hem pants with a slightly pointed and slightly pointed shoe (not rounded, which can make your legs look blunt) gives your figure extra length. If you like apartments, leave your pants hanging just inches from the floor.

8. Tie one

Look for a top that ties at the back so you can adjust it as you grow. This will also help to demarcate your breast from the protrusion, which will make your shape more and more clear.

9. Work monochrome magic

When it comes to shoes, boots and socks, use the same colors for a long, elegant silhouette. The same goes for leggings and sneakers in the warmer months. Black Legging Team with slides or black sandals for a more perfect look from waist to toe.

10. Accessorize!

Now is the time to research your scarf and jewelry collection. Putting long necklaces or a long, narrow scarf around your shoulders will make your figure more vertical. As you are close to pregnancy and your belly is growing, large, thick layered necklaces or chandelier earrings will help balance your overall appearance.

Pay attention to where your purse finds you. Ideally, it falls well around your waist or even at the level of your rib cage to divert attention from your back.