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Winter Formal | Snow Ball Dance 2019 | Shopping for the Perfect Dress

Choosing the Right Dress For a Special Occasion

Dinners, parties, and candlelit dinners are special occasions where you have to dress up. You would never come to a formal family occasion dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, would you? You have to think about getting a dress with the right kind of fabric, design, cut, and color.

A plain or printed fabric dress with a hem one or two inches below the knee is perfect for the garden or evening parties. In this case, the material doesn’t really matter: you can use cotton, silk or light, translucent fabrics as long as they are light enough to allow you to move freely. Pastel-colored clothing expresses femininity and softness, while a color that is too light can be overwhelming to the eyes and does not fit the proposed mood and time.

On the other side of the coin, if you choose something too flimsy, you could end up merging with the furniture, so wearing a green suit for a garden party, for example, is not a good idea! With a small black cocktail dress or a suit with a neutral top and a white skirt, you’re pretty sure.

Go to town for an evening party and look stunning in a stunning red-figure! You can even opt for bright colors or large geometric patterns and still get away with it because it’s nighttime. Think water with black and white or even fluorescent hot pink. Remember, when you make these clothing choices, mute your makeup.

When you dress for weddings, drop these rules and think more about the real issue. For example, pink and pastel are soft and feminine for a summer or spring wedding and perhaps a dramatic black and metallic bra with a velvet skirt for a winter or fall wedding. However, try not to choose the same color as the bridesmaids.

On romantic date nights, you should also opt for feminine pastel shades, and there is no point in wearing a long dress if you do not intend to put on a spectacular show for everyone. Don’t dress too flirtatiously, even if the off-shoulder models are okay.

Dressing requires a lot of fashion sense. If you know what to wear and what time, you won’t make a spectacle of yourself. In general, soft and feminine for formal and daring, and dramatic for dances and other evening events is the way to go.

It’s almost time for my winter formal and this year is my last so I wanted to do something a little different and get a long dress. It was so much fun dress shopping at my favorite store, Miss Priss. I already can’t wait to go to prom but I’ll have to wait a few years for that. Like most girls, I love to try on fancy dresses. If you didn’t already notice I changed my name and finally have merch, check it out here, https://crowdmade.com/collections/xoxoella. Thanks so much for watching and please remember to like, share, subscribe and check out my MERCH, lol!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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