Velvet Dresses

Velvet Dresses






If you do love the luxe texture and you are obsessed with bohemian flair, then you do need to try on a velvet dress. The plush fabric makes you look and feel special, but you can make it work for every day by pairing with trendy silhouettes and casual essentials. The following article includes fancy outfit ideas that can easily underline your femininity and add a dramatic touch to any outfit. If you decided to wear a velvet dress, you should choose only one piece made of such fabric. I do like to see women who make this sophisticated fabric look more casual, by dressing it down with everyday basics, like bomber jackets, sweaters or simply choosing a velvet dress in a relaxed fit. Here are style tips on how to wear it in real life and easily make you stand out from the crowd.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

1. Wear your long sleeve burgundy velvet dress with printed burgundy ankle boots and light brown leather shoulder bag to complete the look.

2. Give your yellow velvet dress a voguish look with a jacquard coat, matte gold ankle boots, and mini clutch bag.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

3. Another classic look. We see a black velvet sleeveless frock worn atop white blouse. Add pastel purple necktie, peep-toe black platform pumps, and blush clutch bag. This combination is ideal for day and night wear.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

4. Dark blue velvet dress with long sleeves is super feminine and works great with platform black shoes. Add black-white Houndstooth print clutch and silver watches. Everything looks super feminine and youthful.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

5. Go for a turquoise-black velvet dress and pair it with pointed-toe heels.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

6. That’s a casual day dress in burgundy color. It’s a perfect choice for ladies who want to dress up during the day. It does make so much of a statement on its own, just add black suede ankle-boots with patent black heels.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

7. Okay, yellow maxi dress with long sleeves can be worn with black leather ankle boots and rounded velvet bag.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

8. Pair a velvet slip dress over a gray turtleneck sweater. A perfect update for wearing spaghetti strap dress in the colder weather. Add a cute beret hat and gray peacoat.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

9. Color-blocking velvet dress in navy and pink colors looks elegant. Add a black coat and black platform stilettos.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

10. A cute way to wear a mini velvet dress is to add black platform stilettos. The result looks easy and adorable.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

11. This might be one of my favorite ways to wear a velvet overall dress. Layer it over a gray sweater and add black patent flat shoes.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

12. If you do like vibrant looks, then you can add some colors. A long sleeve dark green velvet frock looks pretty chic layered under a yellow bomber jacket. Make it sweet with a pair of blush suede pumps.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

13. Wrap spaghetti-strap cream blush dress can look awesome at any party. Add suede shoulder bag and blush heels.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

14. Black dress with gold details can be a nice choice for a cocktail party. Add faux fur coat and suede ankle-boots to make things look a little bit more glam.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

15. How about light pink T-shirt dress paired with blush ankle-strap sandals and shiny blush envelope clutch.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

16. This dark green long-sleeve velvet dress looks pretty chic and sophisticated with a silvery clutch and shiny silvery heeled sandals. This is a perfect look for a fancy night out.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019

17. A velvet maxi dress in blush color can make a real statement. Add blush Maty Janes and cute wide-brim hat.

How To Style Velvet Dresses 2019









Velvet Dresses Ideas In AfricanMall-How To Wear

Velvet is a style piece of the past, but it has made a strong comeback in Fall 2016, and it can be seen worn casually on city streets around the world. There are various ways to wear the velvet outfits with trend and style. It can be peared with some statement jewelry or belt.

You can also jump on this fashion trend by incorporating velvet pieces into your wardrobe, pairing them with velvet jewelry or accents, wearing velvet dresses with boots and jackets, or putting a timeless velvet blazer over your outfit.

Here are some ideas on how to wear velvet outfits in africanmall.

Velvet Dresses Ideas In AfricanMall

Africanmall online store offers velvet bodycon dress, velvet top and pants, velvet two piece sets, velvet plus size outfits and so on. If you don’t sweat in the day that your night are getting cold, then it is the time to take out your velvet outfits. Or if you are new to velvet outfits and want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, then following the below bolg and pick up your favorite.

Here are some of the most asked question from women.

Can You Wear Velvet In Summer?

Yes, of course, you can. You can wear velvet outfits unless the temperature is closed to 40 degrees in the summer. And you’d better choose the lightwight velvet pieces.


sexy velvet dress

velvet bodycon dress

If you are not sure that how to wear velvet pieces, a dress is one of the easiest ways to style the trend. And velvet bodycon dress and skirt style dresses are one of the most popular designs.


Velvet Top And Pants Set

velvet two piece pants set

Velvet pants are very fashionable and comfortable. The features of thickness and texture make them ideal for the colder months. Pair them with leather jacket, or velvet long sleeve crop tops, they will show the stylish and keep warm. The Fall season is coming, it’s the best time to add some velvet pants and tops. If you don’t want to spend time to match your velvet pants, then africanmall velvet matching sets-two piece top and pants set give you the most convenience.


Velvet Skirts Set

Velvet pants are usual for casual dresses, if you want more fashionable, skirt and top set is a good choice for you. And the orange color is popular and trendy color this year, which will make you more bright. No matter which color your skin, the bright neon orange will be suitable.


Velvet Plus Size Dresses

Velvet does add a little volume, but it doesn’t mean plus size women can’t wear it. This plus size 2 piece sets is a long sleeve top and shorts set, pair it with a coat, you can wear it for casual days.

Tips on velvet outfits:

*Velvet dress adds inches, if you are too thin, then velvet fabric is good for you. Slender girls can wear one-piece velvet dress to look bit sexier.







Not Into Halloween Costumes Wear Velvet Instead
Getty Images

Not into Halloween costumes? Try a velvet dress instead! We’ve been feeling the look since fall was a glimmer in our eye, and now that the weather is finally cooperating, it’s velvet fashion FTW. Dramatic, glamorous, and just a little bit retro, velvet is everything we could ever ask for in a trend. Plus, unlike some fall statements (faux-fur coats), you don’t necessarily need to shell out hundreds to make the look your own.

This weekend, if you’re heading to dinner, or a movie, or a Halloween party where you can get away with a little bit of face paint or a festive accessory as your costume, a velvet dress is the perfect thing to slip on. One look at Anna Kendrick, Chrissy Teigen, and Sarah Hyland last week (above) and you’ll see why. The dress feels festive enough for Halloween, without looking remotely like a costume, and it lends itself to dramatic makeup, serious heels, and eating too much candy (hel-lo forgiving fabric). Really, what are you waiting for?




7 Of The Best Fabrics For Gorgeous Evening Dresses & Red Carpet Gowns

best evening gown fabrics

Even if you haven’t got an invite to the Oscars, your wardrobe could always do with a beautiful red carpet worthy dress…you know…for those extra special occasions.

Awards season is in full swing, and those stunning evening gowns are adorning the red carpet.

If you love sewing, and creating your own clothes, then why not make your own evening dress? Forget spending a fortune on dresses inspired by what celebrities wear, with a little bit of know-how and with the right pattern, you can make your own evening gown yourself.

how to sew your own dress

Why make your own dress?

Sometimes, we can find our dream dress, but there is something missing. Maybe the price point is too high, maybe the fit isn’t just right, maybe the print isn’t in the most flattering colours for your skin tone, or maybe the fabric doesn’t float your boat. The perfect dress starts with the perfect fabric, and when you make your own dress, you can choose exactly what fabric is best for you.

When it comes to evening gowns, think dreamy, elegant, ethereal, almost goddess like fabrics. Silk, satin, lace, organza, chiffon, these fabrics have been used to make show-stopping evening dresses for years, and with their natural beauty, elegant drapes, and exquisite femininity, it’s no wonder why.

Best fabrics for making evening dresses

To help you with your mission to create your perfect red carpet dress, we have selected the 7 best fabrics to assist you in your mission. If you are confused by all of the different fabrics available, and are unsure of what the difference is between organza and chiffon, or Georgette and tulle, then we are here to help.

Different fabrics suit different silhouettes and cuts. Remember to consider your fabric very carefully, to ensure that it is the right one for your perfect dress.

1. Velvet

marbled velvet fabric for making a dress
Marbled Velvet

Velvet is a gorgeous choice for a red carpet worthy gown. The shine, the depth, the richness, the drama, all make this fabric perfect for a sexy, vampy, feminine dress. Some qualities we love about velvet include:

  • A strong and beautiful sheen
  • A soft and elegant drape
  • A shimmering surface
  • Very soft and textured to the touch
  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth and touchable

Velvet can be woven from silk or synthetic fibres. It has a short, dense pile and is most traditionally used for formal or evening wear, but the fashion industry has fallen in love with this rich fabric, and velvet fabric and clothing is becoming more and more popular.

Our choice – Marbled Velvet

Marbled Velvet is a contemporary take on a classic. This stylish and opulent fabric is soft and luxurious and has a unique pile, which goes in all directions. This creates a “marbled” effect, and allows the fabric to shift and change colours, depending on the light. If you are looking for a velvet with a difference, then try using Marbled Velvet to make your evening dress.

2. Chiffon

paris chiffon fabric for dressmaking
Paris Chiffon

Chiffon is a beauty of a fabric, which is available in several different versions. It can be constructed from silk, cotton, rayon or synthetic fibres. It is a very fine and lightweight fabric, which gives a beautiful drape, making it an ideal choice for red carpet gowns. Some other unique chiffon characteristics include:

  • A plain weave
  • Made from loose and tightly twisted yarns
  • Soft and supple
  • Drapes and gathers well
  • Fine and transparent
  • Generally taut

Silk chiffon fabric is a popular choice for elegant and formal evening wear. Chiffon gets its unique handle from the twisted yarns in its construction. It is a mostly sheer fabric, which needs some practice to work with, thanks to its fine and thin nature. Nevertheless, it is worth it! Dresses made from chiffon look and feel so special and feminine; perfect for standing out at your next do!

Our choice – Paris Chiffon

Paris Chiffon is a soft and silky fabric, which is fine and light. Air passes through easily, making it ideal for formal summer dresses. This chiffon flows beautifully over the body and is slightly less see through than other traditionally transparent fabrics. Create a dress with a flowing skirt, to show off the pure beauty of this fabric.

3. Georgette

silk georgette fabric
Silk Georgette

This lovely fabric is traditionally made with silk, but, it can also be made from synthetic yarns, such as polyester. It is a distinctive fabric, which has characteristics unique to itself, some of these include:

  • A crinkly, crepe like texture
  • Feels slightly rough and dry
  • A bouncy, flowing drape
  • Constructed from highly twisted yarns
  • Has a tight weave
  • Strong and holds up well to wear

Georgette is always a popular choice when it comes to making gowns and evening dresses. It holds up well to embroidery and applications, such as beads and sequins, although these should be kept light and to a minimum, so they don’t pull the fabric out of shape. Thanks to its springy nature, you can have a lot of fun creating flowing, feminine dresses.

Our choice – Poly or Silk Georgette

You can opt for a stunning Poly Georgette or a 100% Real Silk Georgette at Contrado. The poly combines the sheer beauty of a silk Georgette, with the durability and strong colour reproduction of polyester. It is soft, dry and strong, with the lightweight and sheer qualities of the real silk version. The silk Georgette is airy and delicate, and has a wonderful gossamer appearance, thanks to the very thin threads used in its construction.

4. Crepe

french crepe fabric
French Crepe Light

This woven, flowing fabric is always a popular choice, when it comes to elegant formal wear. With a tightly-woven construction, made from twisted fibres, crepe has a lot of wonderful properties, which makes it a favourite choice for dressmakers:

  • A slightly creased/wrinkled appearance
  • A grainy, textured surface
  • Lightweight
  • Matte face
  • Flexible with a 2-way stretch
  • A graceful drape

Crepe is known for its crinkled, or pebbled texture. This effect gives the fabric a lot of character, and, combined with its soft handle and stunning drape, crepe is a much loved fabric in the fashion world. Crepe is also easy to shape and work with, so when it comes to making your own dress, crepe is a great fabric to get started with.

Our choice – French Crepe Light

A double knit, custom crepe, which is constructed from highly spun yarns, French Crepe Light will give your dress a breathtaking drape and finish. It has a soft and silky handle, and, despite being quite lightweight, it holds shape well and has body. We love French Crepe for dressmaking, because it has a good 2-way stretch, so it is flattering and forgiving.

5. Satin

satin fabric best fabric for red carpet gowns
Duchess Satin

Satin is one of the most popular choices when it comes to formal evening wear. And it isn’t difficult to see why! This chic and opulent fabric has a wonderfully shiny face, which adds depth, movement and drama. Some other notable characteristics of satin include:

  • A sleek and glossy face
  • Woven fabric with a very specific weave
  • Can be made from silk, cotton, wool, and synthetics
  • Typically has a dull back
  • Highly lustrous
  • Used for fashion, furnishings, bedding and upholstery

Characterised by the specific satin weave – 4 or more fill or weft yearns, floating over a warp yarn or vice versa, 4 warp yarns floating over a single weft yarn – satin is instantly recognisable thanks to its glossy face and matt back. The light reflects, due to the floating yarns, and this lustrous appearance makes it ideal for red carpet worthy gowns. The light will bounce off of the fabric, creating an eye-catching look.

Our choice – Duchess Satin

With the classic shiny face, our beautiful Duchess Satin is our favourite satin for making a red carpet dress. The face is smooth and lustrous, composed of a tightly woven weave, which is attributed to satin. Duchess is soft and smooth, and will slip over your body in subtle, undulating waves.

6. Organza

what is silk organza fabric
100% Silk Organza

This fine fabric is crisp and lightweight, and ideal for adding that ethereal quality to evening gowns. Made from highly twisted yarns in a loose, plain weave, organza can be made from silk or synthetic fabrics. We love its delicate and dreamy appearance, as well as these other notable organza characteristics:

  • Crisp and dry handle
  • A wiry feel
  • Stiff and transparent
  • Thin and lightweight
  • A fine texture
  • A slight sheen

This distinct fabric can give your dress a real princess quality. It can be layered to create a waterfall of cascading organza, which subtly catches the light and holds its shape well. Organza can be used in all types of dresses, for most silhouettes. It is versatile and mixes well with other fabrics, to create a unique final piece. This romantic fabric can be made to look traditional or contemporary and it remains one of the best fabrics for evening gowns.

Our choice –  100% Silk Organza

This 100% natural silk organza is a dream of a fabric. It is ultra light, weighing just 24gsm, so it floats delicately like a feather. The construction of this organza is almost mesh-like and it is so sheer, that prints will show through on both sides. With its traditional crisp handle, you will hardly feel like you are wearing anything with this stunning natural organza fabric.

7. For something a little different – Neoprene

neoprene fabric for dressmaking

You might be a little thrown here. Neoprene? As an evening gown fabric? It is completely against tradition of the usual suspects, when it comes to formal evening wear, but that is why we love it so much! Neoprene has been becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world, breaking conventions and creating new and exciting apparel. Some of our favourite neoprene properties include:

  • Soft and flexible
  • Durable, and wrinkle resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Insulating
  • Smooth and sculptural
  • Adds shape and moves with the body

Fashion designers are always on the look out for innovative fabrics to work with, and neoprene, also known as scuba fabric, has been growing ever more popular over the last 2 decades. The challenge is to make it look as elegant as traditional fabrics, while championing its contemporary characteristics. From Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton, Yamamoto to Miu Miu, and Alexander McQueen to Fendi, designers are accepting this challenge and walking away with stunning results.

Our choice – Neoprene or Scuba

Our Neoprene is solid, flexible and easy to work with. It is relatively thick; 2mm after printing, and is completely black out. The highly spongy nature is easy to manipulate into bold, structural shapes. For something a little thinner, Scuba is a great choice. This is a heavy weight, weft knitted fabric, made with spun yarns. It has a built in 4-way stretch and is thick and spongy, with a soft and flowing feel. The drape hangs well and it retains its original shape, even after being manipulated. Both of these fabrics would make a powerful statement when it comes to making an evening dress, but one, which will definitely turn heads.



Perfect Velvet Dress Ideas for Holiday Night Outs


Since we all know that Velvet is the perfect fabric for this cold season specially holidays and new year parties. Every woman and every girl feels warm and comfortable in this kind of winter dresses yes velvet dresses. The styles are vibrant and stitching ideas of this Velvet collection is so out class that it will blow your mind. Every girl who wants to look well dressed and gorgeous should get these on holidays. This old trend is definitely coming back in stores and we have noticed that not only mature women but teenagers are going to just simply love all these latest velvet dress styles.

All the females out there, the easiest way to make a style statement while on the same time staying warm this winter, add these trendy textures to your wardrobes this fall. From velvet scrunchies to velour joggers, the cozy-luxe finishes will most certainly glam up any outfit.


Just look at this Outfit. Knitted sweater on top of the velvet skirt. Somehow this velvet outfit adds classic look bringing the memories of 90’s up again.This necklace is adding more charm in this velvet outfit. Smooth, cozy and warm for this weather.This is one of the best velvet dresses that we have seen this season. Obviously this will make you feel like a queen around the ladies and worth buying and adding this up on your wardrobe.


So Ladies as you all know that Velvet as a fabric is so soft and cozy, making it almost perfect for any winter outfit. Velvet is little too heavy to be worn in the spring weather, and almost too heavy for the summertime which is impossible to wear at that time. So if you people love this latest trend and want to get in on then make sure to do it within the next few days. When you wear this incorrectly, then velvet can sometimes look childish or over-the-top feminine. But when you style it the right way, it can just blow people’s mind. They will absolutely love your dress. You will simply rock this world! We highly suggest purchasing at least one velvet dress for this season. So we have in line some of the latest trendy and perfect Velvet dress ideas for this holiday night outs and obviously for Christmas parties and dinners with your loved ones. Some or most of these dress ideas will be best for your collection of this winter. All these examples are definitely a glimpse on how to wear velvet with outfit ideas to get you started. Check out the hottest velvet dresses which would rock your world all winter long.

After watching this collection of velvet outfits, which of these outfit ideas are your favorite ones? How would you wear velvet this season? What kind of velvet Dress ideas do you think can be added to this list?

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