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75+ Free Dress Patterns for Sewing

By: Karisa Tell, Editor,
 Updated October 03, 2018

75 Free Dress Patterns for Sewing

Learn how to sew a dress with more than 75 dress patterns for sewing. You’ll find free little girl dress patterns, free pillowcase dress patterns, and other simple dress patterns in this stylish sewing collection. If you’re looking for instructions on how to sew a dress for summer, the holidays, or special occasions, look no further. Learn to sew dresses for yourself, your kids, and even babies with these free patterns!

Sewing dresses has never been easier with our collection of DIY dresses. Our free baby dress patterns are simply the cutest, and our summer dress patterns are so on trend that you’ll never want to spend your money at the mall again. We could go on, but we’ll let you browse our selection yourself! Whatever it is you need to make, whether it’s for your own closet or for your little girl’s wardrobe, you’re sure to find a suitable dress pattern here.

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Plus, if you’re new to sewing, don’t miss our video tutorial on how to make a body form. It’s a great way to make clothes to custom-fit your body!

DIY Baby Dresses

Two-Pillowcase Christening Gown

You can make baby dresses from pillowcases, t-shirts, and other fabric scraps because they’re so small and cute! These simple dress designs are quick and easy to make, and they’ll make your baby look stylish and trendy too! Just look at this sweet Two-Pillowcase Christening Gown shown.

Use these gown patterns for sewing your baby a whole new wardrobe. It’ll only take you a few hours to create one of these baby dresses, or even less, so why not devote some of your time to your baby’s style and comfort?

Plus, if you’ve been searching for a last-minute baby shower gift you can whip up in an hour or so, then you’ll love these free baby dress designs. These DIY dresses are the best way to make sure your newborn is comfy and stylish!

  • Itty Bitty Baby Dress Pattern

    Itty Bitty Baby Dress Pattern

    Use this free sewing pattern to dress up your baby or grandchild in a stylish dress. She’ll be the talk of the town in this pattern featuring cute flowers and petal-like straps!

  • Simple Baby Gown Pattern

    Simple Baby Gown Pattern

    This baby gown pattern uses knits perfectly to create a knotted baby gown. There’s also a free tutorial on how to make a matching elastic headband!

  • The Warhol Dress Pattern

    The Warhol Dress Pattern

    Nothing’s cuter than a little artist, especially when she’s decked out in this pop art-inspired dress pattern. Dress your baby in this artistic outfit, inspired by the famous album cover Mr. Warhol himself created for the Velvet Underground.

  • Pleated Bow Pillowcase Dress

    Pleated Bow Pillowcase Dress

    Turn a pretty pillowcase into a pleated dress for your daughter using this free, easy sewing pattern. The finished dress is comfy and roomy with an oversized bow on the front.

  • Vintage Heirloom Dress

    Vintage Heirloom Dress

    Learn how to make a dress for girls that will be passed down for years to come. Inspired by vintage designs and fabric, this piece includes a tiny bodice embellished with buttons and a cute collar.

  • J Crew Dress from T Shirt

    J Crew Dress from T Shirt

    Get the look for less by making your baby this knockoff dress. This budget-friendly sewing project looks like it costs much more than it actually does.

  • Pillowcase Ruffle Dress

    Pillowcase Ruffle Dress

    Turn a single pillowcase into a darling dress for a little girl. Cute details like the little sleeves and the ruffle down the front make this a great free sewing pattern for kids. You can use a pillowcase you have or find a new, perfect design for her.

  • Wrap Dress Pattern

    Wrap Dress Pattern

    Any baby will look cute in this free sewing pattern. Equipped with a free printable pattern, easy-to-sew instructions, and the cutest design you ever did see when it comes to sewing for baby, this baby dress pattern would make a great birthday gift for your girl.

  • Simple Baby Dress

    Simple Baby Dress

    Just follow this easy sewing tutorial and your little girl will have a new outfit in no time. An absolute cinch to put together and super lightweight for your baby to wear, this DIY girls’ dress makes the perfect jumper for summer! It may be simple but it’s truly adorable.

  • The Rose Dress

    The Rose Dress

    Want to make a special dress for a baby girl gift? This tutorial includes a pattern to make a size 0-3 month lined baby dress that is lined. It’s the cutest, most comfortable dress ever and this rose pattern would be ideal to replicate if you can find the fabric.

  • Christening Gown Sewing Pattern

    Christening Gown Sewing Pattern

    If your little one has an upcoming christening, then create a gorgeous DIY christening gown with this unique and budget-friendly idea. With a little imagination, you can use this free sewing pattern to make a beautiful gown Mom and Dad will cherish forever.

  • You Are My Sunshine Dress

    You Are My Sunshine Dress

    Your little girl will shine brighter than the sun in this bright dress. She’ll never want to take it off! Use a cute patterned fabric like that shown or choose a summery yellow pattern that will scream “sunshine!” everywhere she goes.

Easy Girls’ Dress Patterns

Vintage Lady Dress Pattern

Learn to sew dresses for your daughter or granddaughter with these free little girl dress patterns. There’s something for every little girl’s style, from t-shirt ruffles to pillowcase dress patterns to whimsical costumes. Find dress designs for sewing a new wardrobe for a stylish little girl!

Your girl will have so many free frock patterns to choose from when you show her these options. She’ll probably want you to make at least two or three of them for her to wear and show off her fashion sense. The best part about these girls’ frock patterns is that they’re stylish yet easy to move in, which makes them perfect for playing outside.

Whether you’ve been searching for a new dress for Easter sunday, or if you just need a simple summer sundress for trips to the park, you can’t go wrong with these free dress designs for girls. Can’t you just imagine your adorable girl in an adorable dress like this Vintage Lady Dress Pattern?

  • Girl's Ruffle Dress

    Girl’s Ruffle Dress

    Transform t-shirts into a dress for a fun, simple sewing project for kids. This thrifty, upcycled dress is perfect to wear to a child’s birthday party!

  • Free Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

    Free Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

    This affordable DIY project is perfect for all skill levels! A sewing pattern for girls, this pillowcase dress tutorial is quick and easy to work up.

  • Girl's Dress

    Girl’s Dress

    Is your little girl in need of a new dress? This patchwork darling was designed for a toddler and looks especially cute in a floral pattern.

  • Rose Petal Dress

    Rose Petal Dress

    This adorable outfit is totally darling and will barely cost you a penny. Simply add rose petals to a T-shirt to get this cute look.

  • Pillowcase Ghost Dress

    Pillowcase Ghost Dress

    Of all the Halloween costume patterns for sewing, this one just might be the easiest. Your little girl will love wearing this dress to school or while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

  • Bell Sleeve T-Shirt Dress Pattern

    Bell Sleeve T-Shirt Dress Pattern

    Don’t miss this free t-shirt dress pattern for girls in sizes 3 to 12! With the right fabric or print, this little t-shirt dress can be dressed up or down and would be perfect for your family photos.

  • Cinderella Costume

    Cinderella Costume

    Your daughter will love it if you make her a Cinderella costume for Halloween! With this tutorial, you can easily learn how to sew a princess dress step-by-step that will transform your little girl into her favorite lady.

  • Side Bow Sweater Dress

    Side Bow Sweater Dress

    This adorable dress is the perfect easy-to-make outfit for your favorite little girl. All you have to do to refashion an oversized sweater into an unbelievably chic dress is to follow the tutorial on the page.

  • Secretariat Inspired Dress

    Secretariat Inspired Dress

    This is an easy dress to make once you’ve gathered all your materials. Check out this dress pattern tutorial for all measurements, tips, and tricks for enhancing your chances of coming in first with this striking dress.

  • The Elsa Dress

    The Elsa Dress

    This costume will undoubtedly be a huge hit if the recipient loves the movie that inspired it. Watch her as she whirls about in her new frock while belting out her favorite songs from the feature film.

  • Layered Dress for Girls

    Layered Dress for Girls

    This adorable dress is made up of feminine ruffles that will make her feel like a real princess. Use this free dress pattern this summer to make a sundress, or have your girl pair it with some warm leggings and a sweater for a cute fall get-up.

  • DIY Shirred Sundress

    DIY Shirred Sundress

    Get yourself in the spirit of sunny weather by sewing a dress your little girl will love love.This sundress is the perfect outfit for her to wear when the sun in shining and the weather is warm.

  • Beach Towel Dress Tutorial

    Beach Towel Dress Tutorial

    Give your little girl the best beach cover-up out there with this fun and budget-friendly tutorial. This summer sewing tutorial is the perfect way for your little one to look cool and stay dry at the beach.

  • Little Lady Braided Dress Pattern

    Little Lady Braided Dress Pattern

    Girls will love wearing this adorable summer dress, which looks great in light summer fabrics like cotton or seersucker. This tutorial for how to sew a dress includes a trendy braided neckline and adds the perfect touch to an already too cute ensemble.

  • How to Make A Tutu Dress

    How to Make A Tutu Dress

    If you have a little dancer in your life, you absolute have to get started on this tutorial. Any pretty little princess will feel absolutely royal when she slips on this adorable little tutu dress.

  • Quick and Easy Dress Tutorial

    Quick and Easy Dress Tutorial

    There are many simple dresses to sew that utilize old clothes and upcycling, and this is one of them. How cute would it be to make a new dress for your daughter out of your husband’s old shirt?

  • The Tropisch Dress Pattern

    The Tropisch Dress Pattern

    A staple of any summer wardrobe should be a simple shirt style dress. And the more tropical the print, the better! Nothing will make your young lady welcome summer in style than this fun dress pattern. It’s stylish and cute and has a fit that every gal will love.

  • Jolly Holiday Dress Pattern

    Jolly Holiday Dress Pattern

    You can make your daughter or granddaughter the perfect holiday dress that she’ll love showing off with this stunningly pretty pattern. With this free dress pattern for girls, you can make an adorable dress that’s perfect for a family dinners, holiday parties, and school programs!

  • One-Yard Sydney Dress Pattern

    One-Yard Sydney Dress Pattern

    Make your granddaughter an adorable sundress she won’t be able to stop wearing with this pattern. This adorable dress pattern for girls is the perfect way for your little lady to keep cool and play in comfort.

  • Upcycled Dress for Girls

    Upcycled Dress for Girls

    This is the perfect dress for your daughter to wear while she plays outside in spring and summer sunshine. If you’re looking for simple ways to refashion clothes, this is a great place to start.

Simple Dress Patterns for Women

Ultimate T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

Want to know how to sew a dress for yourself or a friend? These simple dress designs for sewing are quick and easy, yet fancy enough to wear to a special event or a night on the town. You’ll feel like a veritable fashion designer when you use these free ideas for how to make a dress.

People will ask you where you bought your dress and you’ll be able to say that you made it yourself! For example, this Ultimate T-Shirt Dress Tutorial shows you how to make something super fashionable. This list of DIY dresses includes maxi dresses for spring and summer, simple dresses to layer with tights in fall or winter, and elegant dresses that are great for special occasions like weddings or other celebrations.

We’ve even made sure to include printable dress patterns and other DIY ideas, so that you can make the dress of your dreams, even if you’re just learning how to sew from a pattern. Make sure you’re the best dressed woman at your next event with one of these new dress patterns.

  • Free Twinkle Sews Dress Pattern

    Free Twinkle Sews Dress Pattern

    Make yourself a stylish summer dress that all your friends will love. This lovely dress pattern is comfy and cute, the perfect combination.

  • Nautical Halter

    Nautical Halter

    This dress is stylish and comfy, a great dress to wear on a beach vacation. Nautical attire is almost always trending, and this is the perfect sewing pattern to catch on to that trend.

  • Velvet Vixen Holiday Dress Tutorial

    Velvet Vixen Holiday Dress Tutorial

    Design your dream dress for an upcoming holiday party or special event with this tutorial. This bright and cheerful holiday dress is a welcome alternative to the LBD, so it’s sure to turn heads at your next special occasion.

  • Easy Summer Halter Dress

    Easy Summer Halter Dress

    Adding some style to your summer can be a breeze! This dress is a simple way to add some flair to your warm-weather wardrobe. The pattern will walk you through making a simple dress that you’ll love wearing to the beach, to a barbecue, or just to lounge around.

  • Tiered Gown

    Tiered Gown

    This long flowing dress is cut with an empire waist that would look right at home on the red carpet. The ruffles and folds in the fabric give the dress a professional look, and the coral color paired with turquoise accessories is totally trendy.

  • Golden Goddess Gown

    Golden Goddess Gown

    This gown can be worn an infinite number of different ways! Learn how to sew a dress that you can use for any occasion, and no one will ever know it’s the same dress.

  • Effortless Caftan Dress

    Effortless Caftan Dress

    Perfect for summer, this breezy dress transitions well from day to night. Say hello to summer with a brand-new addition to your warm weather wardrobe.

  • Cute Black and White Mini Dress

    Cute Black and White Mini Dress

    Put some old t-shirts to use by making yourself a hot mini dress. The black and white create a chic look that you can wear in both casual and formal settings.

  • Floral Coral Dress

    Floral Coral Dress

    Do-it-yourself vintage has never been so hot. In preparation for warmer weather, this Dolce and Gabbana knock-off pattern brings runway fashion to your home for a cheap price.

  • Cinched Waist Knit Dress

    Cinched Waist Knit Dress

    Retail merchandise can be expensive, but you don’t have to neglect style to save money. Sew yourself this pattern to add a flirty new dress to your closet without spending big bucks.

  • Easy Oversized Dress

    Easy Oversized Dress

    Learn how to make a dress for girls of all sizes from these simple instructions. The V-neckline, cinched waist, and winged arms are all components of this dress, making it a flattering design on any girl.

  • Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum

    Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum

    Thanks to this dress tutorial, sewing a piece that works with typically troublesome spots like your mid-section is easy. Take advantage of the flouncy peplum accent to accentuate your finest features and optimize your self-esteem.

  • Easy Swing Dress Tutorial

    Easy Swing Dress Tutorial

    This easy dress tutorial shows you how to create a dress that looks amazing with cute sandals in the summer or tights and a warm cardigan in the winter. Make a simply stunning dress that’s perfect for any occasion with this free dress tutorial.

  • Spring Flattering Dress Pattern

    Spring Flattering Dress Pattern

    This is the type of dress that will look fantastic on everyone. It’s designed with a very easy slip-on and knit fabric, making it snug on your body without suffocating you. It can easily be modified to fit your body type, too.

  • 30 Minute Sheath Dress

    30 Minute Sheath Dress

    This jersey dress can be worn during the day with a blazer for some office style or on its own for a night on the town. This gorgeous free dress pattern is flattering, sassy, and surprisingly easy.

  • Pretty Pleated Dress

    Pretty Pleated Dress

    This tutorial will help you learn how to sew a dress that’s sweet, easy to make, and figure-flattering. The pleats accentuate the waist and give you a gorgeous feminine shape without being too tight.

  • Jeannette Dress Pattern

    Jeannette Dress Pattern

    This pattern features a semi-fitted, color-blocked dress with flared raglan sleeves. It comes with a drafting tutorial so you can learn how to make the pieces of this dress a perfect fit for your size!

  • Rhiannon Upcycled Maxi Dress Tutorial

    Rhiannon Upcycled Maxi Dress Tutorial

    Take a boring thrift store find from frumpy to hip and romantic with this tutorial. Channel your inner Stevie Nicks by creating a fabulous off-the-shoulder dress that speaks to your inner rock goddess.

  • Seriously Sweet Scalloped Dress

    Seriously Sweet Scalloped Dress

    Scallops are an enchanting embellishment to any piece of clothing, and now you can create a project that uses them. This tutorial will show you how to create a dress that includes these lovely additions. It is such a trendy look that will garner lots of positive attention. Though, even if it looks fancy, it’s still very comfy, too!

  • Bohemian Rhapsody Wrap Dress Pattern

    Bohemian Rhapsody Wrap Dress Pattern

    This free sewing pattern is the perfect way to give your wardrobe a stylish, beachy feel, even if you live miles from the shore. The wrap dress silhouette of this pattern is universally flattering to all body shapes, and the skirt length is the perfect way to create a romantic bohemian look without showing a lot of skin.

  • Cross My Heart Free Dress Pattern

    Cross My Heart Free Dress Pattern

    This unique design creates a modest V-neckline and frames the face, hanging loose from the bust to emphasize a smaller waist. Easily personalized to your ideal length, this dress pattern is available in several sizes, is made from knit fabric, and has short sleeves that make it the perfect dress for spring!

  • One Yard Summer Dress

    One Yard Summer Dress

    This fun sewing tutorial teaches you how to make a sweet, simple summer dress that’s perfect for women and girls of all ages. With this one-yard wonder, you can make a versatile dress that looks charming with pretty sandals or flats during the day and looks chic and flirty with wedges for an evening look.

  • Summer Breeze DIY Swing Dress

    Summer Breeze DIY Swing Dress 

    This is the ideal outfit for looking glamorous even in the summer heat. When you’re not out celebrating with sparklers and baseball games, this DIY dress is both simple and sophisticated enough to be worn to work or out with friends.

  • Beach Maxi Dress

    Beach Maxi Dress

    A flowing, glowing maxi dress pattern for beginners to try with oceanic color stripes, a tiny halter strap, and shirred chest. It’s perfect for fun beach days! Stay cool both temperature- and style-wise.

  • Parisienne Drape Dress Pattern

    Parisienne Drape Dress Pattern

    Easy to wear and equally as flattering, this looks casual and comfortable when sewn up in loose-fitting jersey knit fabric. Loose-fitting and wide across the shoulders, this dress pattern for sewing is particularly flattering for pear-shaped figures.

  • Easy 2-Hour Maxi Dress

    Easy 2-Hour Maxi Dress

    Nothing is as easily chic for summer as a maxi dress, and this one is the perfectly stylish way to add a touch of class to your summer wardrobe. Simply choose a lightweight knit fabric in your favorite summer color to create a dress that’s elegant and casual at the same time.

  • Lightweight Tank Dress Pattern

    Lightweight Tank Dress Pattern

    When the summer sun is shining down bright and hot, you’re going to need something to wear that keeps you cool and covered. Look absolutely adorable and feel like you are walking around in the fanciest tee possible with this t-shirt sewing project.

  • Color-Blocked Work Dress

    Color-Blocked Work Dress

    Just because business casual means you have to cover up and keep professional doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your working girl clothes. Learn how to sew a dress that’s entirely appropriate for an office setting, but that comes with some seriously sassy flair.

  • Two-Toned Shift Dress Pattern

    Two-Toned Shift Dress Pattern

    With a couture yet flirty feel, this low-maintenance frock looks good on just about anyone. This free dress pattern will show you how to create the perfect dress to throw on and head to the beach, run casual errands, or chase the kids around in on a warm, sunny day.

  • Easy Tablecloth Sweater Dress

    Easy Tablecloth Sweater Dress

    Dipping temperatures are the perfect opportunity to create fun, new pieces for your wardrobe, and this quick tutorial shows you how to make a sweater dress using materials that are already under your own roof. It’s fun knowing there’s no danger of running into someone else with your same outfit, because this dress is quick, cute, and original.

  • Feisty Fashionista Sleeveless Dress Pattern

    Feisty Fashionista Sleeveless Dress Pattern

    Perfect for a date, a day out on the town, or a party with your friends, free dress sewing patterns like this show just how easy it is to make a frock that looks like it came straight from the catwalk. Follow this basic tutorial to create a new and versatile addition to your wardrobe in as little as a few hours.

  • T-Shirt Dress Pattern

    T-Shirt Dress Pattern

    This is the easiest and comfiest outfit for summer. Use this step-by-step tutorial to make your own t-shirt dress out of just two yards of knit fabric.

  • Simply Groovy DIY Maxi Dress

    Simply Groovy DIY Maxi Dress

    Whether you just miss the 60s and 70s or you need a dress for a wedding or a party, this should be your go-to dress tutorial. People won’t believe you made this adorable DIY dress all by yourself, but follow this sewing tutorial and you’ll be on your way to making a cute statement dress for any occasion.

  • Blush Rose Fitted DIY Dress

    Blush Rose Fitted DIY Dress

    Fitted DIY dresses are so fashionable and sleek-looking in solid colors, especially this pink blush color. This sewing pattern isn’t revealing at all; it only shows off your figure.

  • DIY Dress With Bell Sleeves

    DIY Dress With Bell Sleeves

    Whether you know how to sew a dress or not, you can make this gorgeous and simple shift dress. The bell sleeves make this dress perfect for a casual spring day, or it can be dressed up with some accessories and jewelry.

  • Side Slit DIY Maxi Dress

    Side Slit DIY Maxi Dress

    Long dresses for summer are so en vogue now! This DIY maxi dress will be flowing with every step you take, and it’ll be easy to walk in because of the side slit.

  • 50s Picnic Dress Tutorial

    50s Picnic Dress Tutorial

    Travel back in time and create an easy and adorable ladylike dress that’s perfect for channeling your inner 1950s starlet. This free sewing tutorial shows you how to make a lightweight dress that’s great for warmer weather and that also looks chic with tights and ankle boots for fall.

  • Perfect Little Black Dress Pattern

    Perfect Little Black Dress Pattern

    There’s no piece of clothing as essential to every woman’s wardrobe as the LBD, a.k.a. the little black dress. This free dress pattern is the best way to make a fit-and-flare dress that’s flirty, classic, and stunning all at the same time.

  • Modern Grace Dress Pattern

    Modern Grace Dress Pattern

    This free dress pattern is the perfect combination of vintage-inspired style with a modern edge. Inspired by the 50s shapes and silhouettes worn by Princess Grace, this A-line dress is a fashion-forward pattern that can be worn any time of year and is great for any working woman.

  • Sew Sweet Tank Dress Tutorial

    Sew Sweet Tank Dress Tutorial

    Take your wardrobe from summer to fall with a dress that looks adorable on its own or layered with fun fall fashions. Use a budget-friendly tank top and turn it into something chic and stunning with this easy sewing tutorial.

Sundresses for the Summer

Boat Club Dress Pattern

Summertime is dress season, so celebrate the warm weather by using one of these dress patterns for sewing a breezy sundress. Sew up a quick dress from a pillowcase or even a beach towel to fit girls and women of all ages, like this pretty Boat Club Dress Pattern.

Then throw on your homemade frock and hit the beach! Use any of these sundresses as a cover-up over your swimsuit, and you’ll be super-stylish even before your toes hit the sand. This list of DIY dresses includes patterns for girls, teens, and women, and includes lightweight options perfect for warm summer weather.

Whether you’ve been searching for a short and chic sundress to wear out shopping or a quick and easy cover-up for the beach, these DIY sundresses are a simple solution to completing your summer wardrobe.

  • Tiered Girl's Dress Pattern

    Tiered Girl’s Dress Pattern

    This will look stunning on your daughter or granddaughter. The long layers and adorable little tank top make it the perfect dress for summer.

  • Smocked Sundress

    Smocked Sundress

    Make a cute sundress that’s perfect for the hot summer with this free sewing pattern. This dress is so easy to make, you’ll want to sew several for your little girl to wear all summer long.

  • Summer Dress

    Summer Dress

    No need to leave the house or head to the mall to find a new dress! All you need to learn how to sew this pattern is your machine and a shirt you can steal from your man.

  • Pretty in Pink Girls' Dress Pattern

    Pretty in Pink Girls’ Dress Pattern

    This cute and casual piece is a great dress for just about any occasion. Created from an old t-shirt, it’s comfy enough to wear to school, yet fancy enough to make a great Sunday dress for church.

  • Fit for Pemberley Dress

    Fit for Pemberley Dress

    Inspired by J.Crew, this homemade dress maintains all the sophistication of professional design without the heavy price tag. It may be fit for a grand estate, but the cost of this DIY dress will make you happier than any high-end piece.

  • Fields of Flowers Dress

    Fields of Flowers Dress

    Learn how to sew a dress that is great for Easter or just everyday wear. She is sure to love this beautiful floral dress! It is unique, sunny, and absolutely adorable.

  • Beach Towel Dress

    Beach Towel Dress

    This is a fantastic easy sewing project for welcoming warmer weather. It’s literally the perfect swimsuit cover-up at the beach or the pool, and it is so easy to make.

  • Girls Free Sundress Pattern

    Girls Free Sundress Pattern

    This is just perfect for summer wear, both casual and dressy. Sew up the tank, then follow the tutorial to attach the skirt. So cute!

  • Easy Beach Coverup

    Easy Beach Coverup

    This easy sewing pattern uses light, cool fabric that won’t make you overheat between dips in the ocean. If you’re ready for summer sand, sun, and waves, make this DIY swimsuit cover up your next project.

  • Grecian Sundress

    Grecian Sundress

    Made with a light knit, this lovely DIY dress is comfortable and doesn’t even need to be hemmed. Striking features like the gathered bodice and skirt of this eye-catching dress resemble soft pleats.

  • Tropical Wrap Dress Pattern

    Tropical Wrap Dress Pattern

    Celebrate the warm, sunny breeze of summer by making a maxi dress pattern that is flattering, fancy, and tropical. This free dress pattern for sewing will help show off your curves while draping nicely over areas you might be self-conscious about.

  • High-Low Bandeau Dress

    High-Low Bandeau Dress

    High-low dresses are one of the hottest clothing trends right now, and you can flaunt the fad in this dress. The bandeau top is another fashion trend that compliments any figure.

  • 2 Hour Summer Maxi Dress

    2 Hour Summer Maxi Dress

    Using less than three yards of jersey knit fabric, this gorgeous free dress pattern for sewing shows you how to create a t-shirt dress you’re actually going to want to wear in under two hours. The pattern combines an old tee you still love with a very simple skirt pattern to make the comfortable and flattering dress of your dreams.

  • Summer Polo Free Dress Pattern

    Summer Polo Free Dress Pattern

    This dress looks absolutely preppy and adorable. It would be an amazing piece to wear to just about any party or gathering.

  • One Shoulder Dress Patterns for Sewing

    One Shoulder Dress Patterns for Sewing

    Take all your old tees and transform them into a stunning dress you’ll actually want to wear with this how to make a t-shirt dress tutorial! This piece of gorgeous summer wear will look stunning with your statement jewelry and strappy sandals.

  • Delightful DIY Dress Pattern

    Delightful DIY Dress Pattern

    Enjoy the warm weather to the fullest by indulging in sewing projects you can show off at the beach or barbeque! The top portion of the dress is fitted to show off your curves, while the bottom is loose, flowy, and perfect for dancing at the cabana.

  • Summer in the City Tank Dress

    Summer in the City Tank Dress

    This free dress pattern is going to be your new favorite summer wardrobe piece. Made out of an old tank and some lovely floral fabric of your choosing, it’s as casual as it is cute.

  • Summer Swing DIY Dress

    Summer Swing DIY Dress

    This sewing tutorial with show you how to make a dress that has a loose and flowing figure, which is perfect for warm weather. The fitted sleeves make it a little warmer for the spring time, and the neckline is a rounded crew neck so it’s not revealing but also comfortable.

  • DIY Beach Maxi Dress

    DIY Beach Maxi Dress

    Design a quick and elegant maxi dress that doubles as a swimsuit cover-up with this maxi dress. Made with a few yards of striped jersey, this DIY swimsuit cover-up is the perfect way to go from the beach to an evening out, and it’s sure to become your go-to dress for summer vacation.

  • Vintage Inspired Seaside Coverup

    Vintage Inspired Seaside Coverup

    Channel your inner Jackie O with this gorgeous DIY cover-up that looks designer without the price tag. This is a fashion-forward way to transform two yards of pretty printed fabric into a 60s-inspired DIY cover-up that’s perfect for the beach.

  • Summer Shift DIY Dress

    Summer Shift DIY Dress

    This DIY dress will certainly be your summer time staple for everyday wear. You can dress it up with some accessories and jewelry for a night out.

  • Dreamy Summer DIY Maxi Dress

    Dreamy Summer DIY Maxi Dress

    With this dress pattern, you can finally own a beautiful and flowing maxi dress with the correct dimensions. Try using chiffon or lace to achieve a light and airy effect, which will make this simple dress tutorial the perfect summer lounge dress for wearing on errands around town or as a sheer beach cover-up.

  • Layered Bodice Maxi Dress

    Layered Bodice Maxi Dress

    Design a sundress that’s chic, effortless, and, most importantly, incredibly comfortable. Made with less than three yards of soft knit fabric, this DIY maxi dress is perfect for lounging in, yet still dressy enough to wear out during the day.

  • Bohemian Ruched Ombre Dress

    Bohemian Ruched Ombre Dress

    This DIY dress tutorial is perfect for learning how to design your own bodice, how to create ruching, and how to dye clothing to create a pretty ombre effect. This summer sundress tutorial is similar to bohemian styles seen with brands like Anthropologie, but it allows you to custom design your own dress in your favorite color, perfect skirt length, and with different dyeing effects.

Refashioned/Upcycled Dresses

Denim Shirt Dress Upcycling Project

Refashioning and upcycling dresses is thrifty, easy, eco-friendly, and fun! Some of the most stylish dresses can be made from upcycled t-shirts, tank tops, and stash fabric. If you want easy instructions on how to sew a dress, start here–it doesn’t get any easier than this.

A DIY dress can save you a lot of money and frustration from shopping, so start one today! These easy refashioning projects are an excellent way to save money while sewing, and they’re a great way to take an ill-fitting garment and transform it into something that fits your body like a dream.

This list of upcycling projects also has some fun vintage throwbacks, so if you can never get enough DIY vintage, then this is the list for you. Start with this summery Denim Shirt Dress Upcycling Project and then check out the other projects below.

  • Elastic Waistband Dress

    Elastic Waistband Dress

    The elastic waistband dress in this pattern is a great first sewing project for the beginner sewist. If you want to make your own clothes, try this cute sewing project first!

  • Tank Dress

    Tank Dress

    With just a few simple materials, you can make this beautiful dress quickly and easily. The project is so easy to tailor to your shape and size.

  • Woman's Knit Shirt Into Dress

    Woman’s Knit Shirt Into Dress

    Take an ill-fitting knit top and turn it into a fabulous maxi dress. There’s no need to buy brand-new fabric when you want to learn how to make a long dress for summer.

  • Skirt to Dress Refashion

    Skirt to Dress Refashion

    All you need to make one of these free dress patterns is an old, too-big skirt and just under a few hours. You’re going to be amazed at how easy it is to learn how to sew a brand new DIY maxi dress pattern out of an old skirt.

  • Refashioned Dress

    Refashioned Dress

    A plain dress and a few ruffles go a long way in this easy beginner sewing project. Whether you have a stain to cover up or just want to fix up a dud, this free sewing tutorial for how to recycle clothing will create the girls’ dress pattern you’ve been looking for at a very low price.

  • Vintage Vest to Maxi Dress Tutorial

    Vintage Vest to Maxi Dress Tutorial

    Turn a vintage vest and some thrifted fabric into an enchanting maxi dress that can be worn alone on warm summer days or layered with tights and a sweater for fall. A budget-friendly way to update your wardrobe, this easy refashioning project is flattering and fast to sew, so that you can create a new dress in a single weekend.

  • Elastic Band Empire Waist Dress

    Elastic Band Empire Waist Dress

    This free sewing tutorial shows you exactly how to use old pieces to make new wardrobe wonders. These dress patterns for sewing are stunning wardrobe refashion projects that look right off the shelves at a cute boutique.

  • The New Woman's Flapper Dress

    The New Woman’s Flapper Dress

    Flouncy tiers on this DIY dress add extra movement, while stylish straps reveal just the right amount of skin. Take some time to create a dress from scraps that will make you feel like a new woman!

  • Surprisingly Simple Sweater Dress

    Surprisingly Simple Sweater Dress

    Learn how to sew an easy dress from an extra large man’s sweater with this dress pattern tutorial. Loose where you need it to be and made with a heavy knit of your choice, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a hug all day rather than a DIY dress.

  • Refashioned 1960s Mod Dress

    Refashioned 1960s Mod Dress

    All you need to get a completely authentic 60s vintage look is an old pair of polyester pants and a big T-shirt. Get out those platform boots and some big hoop earrings to complete the 1960s look!

  • DIY Little Black Dress

    DIY Little Black Dress

    When you next prepare for an evening out, you’ll be glad you took the time to sew together this LBD. Featuring a dark underlay covered with elegant black lace, this DIY dress will play a vital part in your social outings going forward.

  • Camisole Turned Dress Tutorial

    Camisole Turned Dress Tutorial

    All you need is one of the old camisoles you have lying around to get started on the free dress pattern. With just a few materials and little to no extra purchases, you can refashion your very own clothing.

Gown Patterns for Formal Occasions

Red Carpet Evening Gown Tutorial

If you have an upcoming wedding, prom, or other special occasions, then you don’t want to miss this collection of special occasion gown patterns. From fancy frock patterns for weddings to DIY prom dresses that teens will love, this gown pattern list is the perfect way to show off your style and sophistication.

We cannot get over the mix of sophistication and fun of this stunning Red Carpet Evening Gown Tutorial shown here. If you would like to use a fabric that’s a bit more subdued or one for day events and one for night events, you can choose more fitting fabrics for your personal style.

As far as the rest of the patterns in this section go, you are sure to find several you’ll love. Such flattering designs for all sorts of events. Just take a look and see what you think and want to make for your own life.

  • Strapless Ruffled Maxi Dress

    Strapless Ruffled Maxi Dress

    Style this DIY maxi dress idea with some lovely jewelry and strappy sandals to put together a summer outfit fit for a sunny goddess. You are going to absolutely love wearing this flowing and flattering maxi dress tutorial.

  • 1940s Pin Up Dress Tutorial

    1940s Pin Up Dress Tutorial

    Make a gorgeous spring dress that’s a modern take on classic 1940s Hollywood. Inspired by old Hollywood glam, this DIY skater dress is the perfect excuse to play with color and print this year, and shows you how to make a trendy keyhole neckline.

  • Anniversary Lace Maxi Dress

    Anniversary Lace Maxi Dress

    Create an elegant and timeless maxi dress that’s perfect for parties, weddings, and graduations. This free dress tutorial shows you how to design a demure maxi dress with a playful vintage vibe with just a few yards of lace and lining.

  • Big Bow DIY Fitted Dress

    Big Bow DIY Fitted Dress

    This was inspired by a red Valentino dress that has been worn by celebrities to big events. With about two and a half yards of stretch knit fabric, a fitted dress pattern, pattern paper, and matching thread, you’ll be all set to make your own red carpet dress.

  • Vintage Evening Gown Refashion Tutorial

    Vintage Evening Gown Refashion Tutorial

    Thrift store buys can fit awkwardly, but with this sewing tutorial you’ll be able to turn a vintage mess into a DIY dress that flatters your figure. With a few adjustments here and there, you’ll have a new dress that you’ll want to wear every chance you get.

  • 50's Dress with Knotted Shoulders

    50’s Dress with Knotted Shoulders

    Make this gorgeous 50s-style tea dress with knotted shoulders.

  • Putting on the Glitz LBD

    Putting on the Glitz LBD

    Give in to your fashion cravings by sewing a dress for yourself that has all the bells and whistles. This dress perfectly conveys a sense of glamour with features like a single shoulder strap, lace overlay, and sequin embellishments.

  • Bachelorette Party Dress

    Bachelorette Party Dress

    There’s nothing more fun than a night out with your girlfriends. This dress makes the perfect outift for a bachelorette party (or really any fun occasion).

  • Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress

    Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress

    You’ll bring the party to a halt in this gorgeous dress. This DIY dress is absurdly easy and quick to make, but looks absolutely phenomenal once it’s finished.

BONUS! New Dress Pattern

1 Hour Maxi Dress Tutorial

Design a gorgeous maxi dress that doubles as a skirt in just 1 hour with this 1 Hour Maxi Dress Tutorial. Made for less than $10, this quick and easy maxi dress tutorial shows you how to create a flowy and comfortable dress that can double as a full-length skirt and makes a stylish maternity outfit if you’re expecting.

All you need is a gorgeous fabric, some elastic, and a little imagination to create a stunning dress that can be worn in every season. This easy maxi dress is incredibly versatile and can be worn as a loose strapless boho dress or can be belted to give it a chic and stylish edge. Make the ultimate dress in just 60 minutes with this 1 Hour Maxi Dress Tutorial.

What’s your favorite style of dress to wear? Let us know below in the comments!