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Long Sleeve Dresses | How to style Winter Dresses | Winter Dress Hacks

Wondering how to style your long sleeve dresses for winter? Wonder no more! We’ve put together our top styling hacks for winter dresses, so you can look chic and cosy at the same time. It’s time to embrace dresses in the winter.

Outfits linked below:

Outfit 1
Ribbed Rollneck Knitted Pullover In Black http://bit.ly/31VBSmg
Dove Dress In Bamboo http://bit.ly/2MWe9hn
Dove Dress In Blush Leopard http://bit.ly/2MWeC37
Black Stretch Knee High Boots http://bit.ly/2pZFmXv
Tan Mini Faux Croc Skin Tote Bag http://bit.ly/331fj0z

Outfit 2
Exclusive Fifi Smock Dress Black Leopard http://bit.ly/2BXueNr
Black Rivera Cap http://bit.ly/2WAuKe5
Teddy Coat With High Collar In Cream http://bit.ly/330TluJ
Black Long Scarf With Fringing http://bit.ly/2WrXuFE
Black Crease Patent Asymmetric Block Heel Boots http://bit.ly/323MfVf

Outfit 3
Black/Gold Star And Moon Flowy Mini http://bit.ly/330hUIm
Black Crease Patent Asymmetric Block Heel Boots http://bit.ly/323MfVf
Gilet With Faux Fur Panelling In Black http://bit.ly/2MZeDDG

Outfit 4
Navy Batwing Dress http://bit.ly/339E37f
Black Stretch Knee High Boots http://bit.ly/2pZFmXv
Grey Cable Knit Cardigan http://bit.ly/2BRLtQi
Shoulder Bag In Black Faux Snakeskin http://bit.ly/31UHg8Z

Outfit 5
Grey Animal Print Shirt Dress http://bit.ly/2WqAV3Y
Lace Up Military Boots http://bit.ly/2MVUgaa
Teddy Coat In Black http://bit.ly/331hUaP

Hi ladies, in today’s video I am going to be showing you my favourite winter styling hacks. I’m going to show you how you can wear dresses all year round, they’re super versatile. You can make them nice and cosy for winter.

Who would have thought you can wear a summer dress all year round? You can wear it in the winter too. I have a few hacks for this one that are perfect for any summer dress. If you love a bold colour you can still do this hack. I have some tights, you can wear them with a mini, but I am wearing a shirt style maxi here. Boots always do the job, and a roll neck top that you can layer with any kind of winter outfit.

To me, this is the perfect winter outfit. I love layering stuff and the more accessories the better. If in doubt, add more, that’s what I say. I’ve gone for a baker boy hat and a teddy coat. Teddy coats are really on-trend and really warm and cosy as well. I’ve for a little smock dress, tights, boots and a bag. This is really cosy, it’s nice and warm. Layers don’t need to look boring, they can be really trendy too. Of course, you can never go wrong with a scarf.

If you’re like me and you struggle to layer different colours together, I’d say wear all black and play it safe. I’ve gone for a little star dress to keep the print fun with this one. I’ve added a black gilet, tights and boots. Don’t be afraid to layer your outfit up to be cosy in the winter, it can still look fab. I’ve gone for some heeled boots, but you could also wear this casually with some flat boots too.

One of my favourite winter hacks that I’ve learnt is belting knitwear. This is an amazing hack. This really cinches you in. If you’re worried about your knits swamping you or being too oversized and not showing your figure during winter, you can just belt them. I’ve gone with a jumper dress and a cardi. I’ve thrown on a belt around my middle, it really cinches you in. I’ve gone for a date night look, with a little bag and heels to finish the look.

My next winter style hack is to wear summer dresses all year round, they do not need to go to the back of your wardrobe. I wear mine all year round, they’re super cute in the winter as well. I’ve added tights and some big chunky boots – I think that works really well. It’s all about your footwear and what kind of coat you style it with. I’ve picked a teddy coat again, I absolutely love them.

Thanks for watching, those are my winter style hacks, hopefully, they come in use. If you have any more, I’d love to hear them. I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to like and subscribe, see you soon.

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