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How to Look Taller & Slimmer – Petite Tips for Wearing Winter Clothes

Note that it’s about 45°F here, but being that I’m cold natured I’m wearing all the layers. For cold weather outfits (between 0° to 32°F), watch this video:

0:34 // Try Cropped Sweaters

1:36 // Go Monochrome

2:14 // Choose the Right Shoe

3:33 // Try High-Waisted Pants & Skirts

4:47 // Avoid Bulky Fabrics

5:27 // Invest in a Perfect-Fitting Jacket

// Items I Showed //

Sweatshirt, Original:
Pants, Black:
-Pants, More Affordable:
Boots, Tan:
Sweatshirt, Cropped (Light): cropped sweatshirt currently unavailable)
Shirt, Black (Underneath Sweatshirt):
Boots, Black:
Coat, Light Beige/Pink:
Turtleneck, Fitted, Ivory:
Pants, Silk, Black:
Skirt, Linen (Red Coming Soon!):
Duster, Black:
Sweater with Lace, Tan:
Pants, Linen, Black:
Coat, Black:
Coat, Puffer, Black:

// What I’m Wearing //

Shirt, Black:
Necklace, Pamela Card Magi 18 in
Necklace, Pamela Card Aphrodite 22 in
Rings, Nisolo Brass
Watch, Cate & Nelson

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