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How to look CLASSY in Winter 2019

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Outfit For Any Occasion

Wearing the perfect outfit for an event is a protocol for everyone who is asked to participate. For private or public social occasions such as weddings and openings, for example, guests should wear dresses and costumes for special occasions that match the theme of the event. Whatever the event requires – formal, semi-formal, or casual – you should always come prepared mentally and physically. Although wearing the perfect outfit requires a lot of thought, here are some tips that we hope will help you avoid the crimes of fashion.

If you plan to go to a wedding, prom or gala, which is usually a black-tie event, it is best to wear something formal unless the event requires a different dress code. During these events, men should wear suits that best fit their physical structure, while women should wear modest dresses decorated with minimal jewelry.

As for men’s formal dress, you can never go wrong with wearing a stylish suit that fits your body structure. For example, if you are tall, it is best to wear monochrome, single-breasted suit (preferably in black, gray or navy blue) to look a little slimmer. If you’re short, wear a suit with vertical elements, such as a pinstripe suit or a two-button jacket, to look taller. When it comes to accessories such as a bow tie and sash, a simple solid color would look great with a dark suit. But if a fun, elegant style is more to your liking, then it’s not a bad idea to wear bold, patterned accessories at a formal meeting.

Women, on the other hand, are very meticulous in their search for the perfect evening gown. But there are only two things to think about when making a decision: shape and color.

A woman’s body has different shapes; and not all dresses fit these figures. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, you can definitely choose a tight dress that perfectly accentuates your body. Styles that run parallel to a diagonal or princess cut would also work well with this body type. On the other hand, if you are a bit busty at the top but narrow at the bottom, you can find clothes that can give the impression of a proportional body structure. You can wear a darker colored dress that gives you a smaller shape at the top, or you can wear full skirts that can give the impression of full hips.

If you’ve already found the perfect dress that fits your body shape, you can now look for the color that matches your skin tone. There are many stores that sell different colored dresses for special occasions. So now you also have the opportunity to choose the color that suits you best. But if all else fails and you can’t decide what to wear, you’ll never go wrong wearing your black dress to your social event.

You only go to social gatherings once in a while. Therefore, it is highly recommended to dress for these occasions. However, if you don’t have time to shop, you can also buy formal wear online. This way you not only save a lot of money but also time.

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