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Hijab Dresses

14 Popular Hijab Street Style Fashion Ideas This Season

Hijab street style fashion has opened a new dimension in Muslim women fashion. Hijabiz love to carry themselves in an outfit that can give them a really chic look despite covering their body. Lots of girls keep asking how they wear hijab for street style look? How can they get a funky look with hijab ? How to wear hijab with jeans?

Well my lovely hijabiz,  outfit trends bring all answers to these question in this post for you. Stay focused! Street style fashion is all about being funky and elegant. You cannot go real funky and compromise the elegance part in it by just looking like a spoiled girl. On the other way you can’t just wear outfits that give a simple look. So it has to be the combination of both styles. Here you can see some great ideas for getting funky look with hijab in a elegant way.

Hijab Style

Latest Street Style Trends for Hijabis

If you love style and swag then street style fashion around the world is surely going to leave you inspired. We’ve compiled together some of the best blogger’s street style looks from all corners of the world.

↓ 14 – Laid Back Street Style Look

This is the look for all the lazy girls out there like me. Or for those who just feel too laid back to get dressed up. Just wear your favorite solid colored pieces and you’re all set to rock the streets. Have a look at 30 Most Popular Dubai Street Style Fashion Ideas.

↓ 13 – Jumpers and Hijabs Street Style

Jumpers are the perfect combination of modesty and style that every hijabi needs. If you have the right fabric, you can wear jumpers in every season. And if you love wearing them then don’t miss out Latest Jumpers Fashion to Copy this Winter-20 Jumper Outfits



↓ 12 – Bomber Jacket and Hijab for Fall

Everyone’s going crazy for the latest bomber jacket trend so why shouldn’t you give it a try too? Here are some awesome Outfits with Bomber Jackets; 13 Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket


↓ 11 – Street Style for Hijabi Mothers

Hijabi mothers need not just something that looks good but also something practical which doesn’t hamper their movement as they spend time with their kids. So have a look at this coolest hijabi blogger and mum’s outfits. The turban hijab is definitely the right choice here.


↓ 10 – Monochrome Look in Nude Color for Minimal Style

For those who want to wear minimalist look, nude color is surely a great choice especially if you can wear it as a monochrome outfit.


↓ 09 – Hijab with Hat

Baseball caps for Summers and beanie hats for Winters – make the most awesome street style outfit. If you’re confused about how to carry this look, check out Hijab with Hats Styles-18 Modest Ways to Wear Caps with Hijab.


↓ 08 – Street Style with a Sporty Edge

Wearing a hoody over your hijab will give a really cool and sporty vibe and it is especially recommended for all teenager hijabis. And if you’re in to sports then do check out these Modest Gym Outfits -20 Gym-wear Ideas for Modest Look

street style hijab

hijab street fashion

↓ 07 – Hijab with Printed Maxis for Spring

Pair your floral maxi with a plain solid color hijab for spring. If you can find a maxi with green shade then it would be ideal for outdoor activities like a walk in the park. In fact, as you can see here, it will just make you look picture perfect.


↓ 06 – Hijab with Long Coats for Winter

For the winter season, you can style your hijab with some stylish long coats. See here some amazing collection of long coats for this season. Regarding footwear, you can wear long boots and sneakers which are popular ideas in this fashion. However, depending on the outfit you are wearing with hijab you can wear sandals and flats/loafers too.

Winter Hijab Street Style

↓ 05 – Hijab with Maxi Skirts

One of the best street style look forMuslim girls which I personally love is styling hijab with maxi skirts. Why this trend is so popular is because you have a lot of choices to try different combinations. Check out these two beautiful hijabiz and how stunning they look wearing maxi skirts with hijab. You can wear different jackets with it like denim jackets, leather jackets, and cardigans etc.

Trendy Hijab Street style

↓ 04 – Hijab with Tulle skirts

Well, tulle skirts fashion is again getting a lot of popularity these days. You can read about what is tulle skirt and its latest trend in the previous article here. Try to choose long tulle skirts preferably till your ankles. Yet again, as discussed above you have a lot of choices to make different combinations with it too.

How to wear Hijab with Skirts

↓ 03 – Hijab with Baggy Pants.

Well, i don’t need to say how pretty these girls look, it’s in front of you. Again a very stylish street style trends for hijabis. You can match your scarf with the pants color or do the opposite. There is no hard and fast rule in street style fashion. Style your baggy pants with wedges or flats depending on your height. Tuck in your shirt, cover it with some cool top, cardigan and wear some stylish belts over it. Simply amazing look.


↓ 02 – Hijab With Leather Pants and Jeans

If I have to explain in one sentence about hijab street style look I would say ” wear hijab with jeans and converse”. This is one of the easiest ways to get this look if you are confused about how to get a street style look. In this article, outfit trends bring some great ideas how to wear hijab with jeans. You can style your hijab with some stylish leather pants. I would not recommend too tight leather pants to wear with hijab.You can go for little baggy leather pants like in this picture which looks so perfect and modest with this outfit.


↓ 01 – Casual Style Hijab Fashion

At the end i want to mention, you can choose any hijab outfit for street style look, Depending on how you match it and wear it. It’s all up to you. All the ideas discussed above are trending streets style looks. You can wear anything you want just keeping that thing in mind ” Funky and Elegance”.

Casual Hijab Style

I hope you loved reading this article. For any questions, you can post in comment section.

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