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What to Wear to a Country Concert Outfit Ideas


Have you always wondered what to wear to a country music concert?

Whether you’re seeing Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean or whoever country singer-songwriter legend out there, you’re going to need an outfit that will make you blend in especially if you’ve discovered your love for country music just recently.

If you’re not from the South, it’s normal that you don’t know what exactly the right attire is. If you want to know more about country music concert outfit ideas – or just you want to adopt a more Southern style – carry on reading.

20 Cute Country Concert Outfits to Wear

Denim is always you’re safe bet. Go with a trusty pair of denim jeans, shorts, skirts, anything really. It’s that statement piece you’ll never go wrong. Country boots add to the country concert outfit.

You can easily wear shirt and jeans – the classic concert outfit. These are wonderful options when you don’t have the time to prepare an outstanding outfit. Keep shirts simple. No silky tube tops you wore to your friend’s bachelorette. When there’s one thing you need to remember when it comes to country outfits is that you keep your attire looking really girly and cute.

Dresses are acceptable – no, not LBDs. Go for cute, girly and feminine dresses. Whatever color they are. No complicated and ultra sexy dresses that you’re going to want to wear to the bar. Keep it classy.

Also, choose sundresses with ruffles, lace, elegant florals or a white dress. Maxi dresses are your best bet too.

Plaid shirts are awesome options to switch things up especially if you’re not into the whole girly thing. If you wear plaid shirts correctly, they actually would work to these country concerts. Even the Goths and grungers wear plaid shirts but you don’t want to rock one and look like a Goth when you’re attending a country concert so it would be best to make it more country-looking with the help of riding boots, cowboy hat and the like.

Speaking of hats, nothing says country than a “howdy y’all” cowboy hat. Quick tip: Some country music concerts actually sell these cheap cowboy hats outside the venue. That’s how important this type of hat is.

Other accessories you could wear are something girly, beaded, and leathered – something that isn’t flashy or fancy-looking. Think of fringes, aviator necklaces, and cute leather tied bracelets.

In the fashion territory of country chic, cowboy boots are more preferred. There are great finds on thrift stores; you can ever rock hiking boots.

Can’t leave your house without makeup on? Well, how about a natural-looking look? A light pink or nude lip will absolutely be alright and a subtle pink blush for that extra glow. For your eyes, a mascara and maybe a bit of eyeliner.

For your hair, messy waves are great. It won’t matter much because you’re going to be placing a cowboy hat on your head. If you like, you can wear it into a messy bun or ponytail. Add a bandana if you don’t like wearing the hat.

Check out this cute country concert outfit. If you’re going to a concert that’s being held outdoors during the summer, go with a pair of denim shorts and large belt. Add cowboy boots and a necklace, and you’re good to go!

Go with a pair of aviator sunglasses and brown boots with denim flare jeans. You always have to go with the cute country belt. The cute ruffle blouse and necklace tops the whole outfit off.

Wear your hair curly with your outfit and you might attract a couple of country boys here or there. Don’t forget the important ones: the belt and boots.

Wear a country hat with this cute dress made of denim and white fabric. If you get too cold, bring a leather brown jacket. Don’t forget the cowboy hat and boots!

Sometimes, going to a country concert means you don’t want to be wearing dresses all day. In that case, go simple with a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt. Even with those two simple clothing items, you’re sure to look the part at the country concert.

A look inspired by Footloose. Denim booty shorts, a dark green tank top, and a black vest to accentuate this country style look.

Feeling a little conservative? Don’t sweat! Go with a pair of jeans and a plaid button up shirt. Wear a tank top underneath and bring a brown leather bag with you to match the outfit.

This look may not seem like your typical country concert outfit, but it still has the underlaying essentials: cowboy boots. Wear a messy bun with a hoodie sweatshirt and you’ll be good to go.

This cute country outfit sports boots, jeans, a belt, sunglasses, and a cute white flowy blouse tank.

If you’re still wondering what to wear to a country concert after all these outfit ideas, then I don’t know what to do!

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