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Awesome Winter Life-Hacks: 14 Fashion Hacks to Keep You Warm

Winter is finally here! Time to get those Christmas sweaters out of the boxes! As cozy as they are, however, they tend to get ripped and worn out over time. No problem! Here are some simple winter clothing hacks to fix your daily outfit problems! Learn how to quickly fix an itchy sweater or how to turn a ripped one into a skirt or even a dress! Finish that snowball fight and stay tuned for all of these awesome winter hacks and more!

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00:04 Removing Wool Pills
01:00 Sweater Dress
02:29 Itchy Sweater Fix
03:49 Sweater Skirt
05:14 Quick Knitted Sweater Fix
05:49 Sweater Bag
06:59 Scarf Into Blouse
08:00 Scarf Puppy Face
09:06 Waterproof Shoes
09:30 Touchscreen Winter Gloves
09:50 Fix Your Foggy Glasses
10:12 Sweater Cup Pocket
10:30 Sweater Glove
10:47 Dry Out Your Shoes

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