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Vestidos Outfits- 75+ Images

A garment that almost all women have in our closet is the black maxi dress. Impossible more seated and versatile, this dress is one of those few pieces that favors all women regardless of figure, height or age and that can also be used for almost all kinds of situations; thus becoming an undisputed favorite!

If you sometimes think that your long black dress can look a bit boring, here are 45 ideas that will make you change your mind! Bohemian, elegant or rocker chic, this dress is versatile and does not disappoint because of the infinite options of combinations it offers!


1. With leather jacket, birkentosck shawls, delicate bohemian necklace and round sunglasses.




2. With black short boots, panama hat and crossed wallet.




3. Dress with cut with metallic short boots and white wallet.


4. With a slim brown or black belt, delicate flat sandals and aviators.


5. Simple: with a delicate long necklace.


6. With white Converse and structured black wallet.


7. With a kimono, anilmal print balerinas and choker.


8. More elegant! With leopard flat shoes, matching portfolio, black sunglasses and red lips.


9. Relax! With flat sandals and panama hat!


10. With a white ovesized sweatshirt on top, long bohemian collar, black cross wallet and large black sunglasses.


11. For the most risky! Like Rihanna: with a headscarf, ultra-long delicate necklaces and two-tone flat shoes.


12. Bohemian minimalist with a simple kimono, a delicate long necklace and nude sandals.


13. With black leather jacket, animal print cross wallet, balerinas with moorings, aviators and a delicate short necklace.


14. With blue jean jacket, black flat sandals, colorful wallet, oversized sunglasses and a delicate short necklace.


15. With black shoes / sandals, black hat, purse with scarf and red lips.


16. With a sleeveless leather jacket, black sandals with straps, tortoiseshell glasses and a delicate necklace.


17. With short white jacket, white Converse sneakers, structured black briefcase, black sunglasses and red lips.


18. Ideal for the office! With a long gray blazer, black sandals with a low heel, a small black wallet and a delicate necklace.


19. With a black belt, black sandals with moorings, structured black wallet and burgundy lips.


20. With a dropped shoulder, with a tie at the waist, delicate flat sandals, short gold necklace and colored clutch.


21. With army jacket, delicate belt, crossed wallet, short boots and aviators.


22. With brown leather jacket, black Converse and round sunglasses.


23. With a V-neck sweater and black flat sandals.

MFW-Milan_Fashion_Week-Spring_Summer_2016-Street_Style-Say_Cheese-Total_Black-Maxi-Skirt - 790x1185

24. More polished with golden details!


25. With a black blazer, black platforms, structured black briefcase, oversized black sunglasses and many black rings and bracelets.


26. Boho chic inspiration! With a loose black blouse on top, a hat, oversized sunglasses, a large gold necklace, a black belt at the hip, a cross wallet and platforms.


27. With black leather jacket, round sunglasses, a striking necklace, large black wallet and platforms.

Rachel + Zoe + seen + wearing + long + dark + blue + outfit + DAg_OLyfGo0x

28. With a striped shirt over tied to the waist, structured black briefcase, oversized sunglasses and black short boots.


29. With a camel coat and sandals with thick heels.


30. With army jacket, animal print shoes and red wallet.


31. With white sneakers, aviators, a delicate necklace, rings and red lips.


32. With a striking golden collar, black boots and oversized black sunglasses.

Street-Style-Black-Maxis - + - Flat-Boots-1

33. With black flat shoes, a short necklace with black and gold, brown cross wallet and sunglasses. All the details of the accessories are gold.


34. Simple and summery! Wide-brimmed straw hat, espadrilles with oversized sunglasses, straw clutch (or nude or beige or ethnic) and black espadrilles.




35. With a short beige sweater over, oversized black sunglasses, black wallet, gold watch and platforms.




36. With leather jacket, black boots, black beanie, structured black wallet and oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses.




37. Of masculine inspiration! With black blazer, black oxford shoes and small black wallet.


38. For when the cold starts! With sleeveless furry jacket, black wide-brimmed hat, black structured wallet and plaforms.



39. A lo Gigi! With a black turtle neck sweater, long black boots and oversized square black sunglasses.


40. With a black leather jacket, black hat, structured black wallet and black short booties.


41. With a light black coat, black scarf, round sunglasses and red lips.


42. With a gold jacket, gold necklaces with stones, gold bracelets and structured black wallet.


43. Relaxed but sexy! With a long gray cardigan, black taco boots, a long delicate gold necklace and gold rings.

grandpa-cardigan-black-maxi-dress-pendant-necklace-fall-booties-transitional-dressing-day-to-night-night-to-day-dressing-evening-to-day-dressing-summer-to-fall- jessica-alba-getty

44. With black leather jacket, animal print scarf, structured beige wallet, aviators, shoes with black teco, gold bracelets and rings and red lips.




45. Cross dress with a brown bucket bag, leopard sandals, aviators and several delicate necklaces.


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