Primaverales Outfits Ideas

7 spring outfits that are perfect for the office, they will drive you crazy!

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nt - ropaprimaveraoficinaMexico City.- In the northern hemisphere, spring is at all that it gives, the sun rises beautifully and it is time to wear thin clothes full of floral prints or vibrant colors like yellow (which are totally in trend).

Since the office is the place where we spend most of the day, what better to look for some spring outfits  that are perfect to look fashionable and at the same time not die of heat.

Check our outfits proposal and look in your wardrobe for similar clothes with which to recreate them!

# 7 Shorts in red

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la-s -6.17.53-pmThis suit is modern, and although it includes a short it does not stop looking elegant for the office. The red color will always be good for untying and getting out of the ordinary.

# 6 Mint Pants

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la (s) -6.17.46-pm

The mint color is one of the most popular in spring, combined with gray it becomes much more “serious” and stays ad hoc to go to work.

# 5 Flower print

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la-s -6.17.38-pmIf your office allows you to attend even a slightly less formal day, this combination of jeans with a white shirt and a flowered cape will be the sensation.

# 4 Coral bag

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la-s -6.17.29-pmIf you are not afraid of white pants, this is an excellent way to combine them and achieve a casual look for the office. If you have an important meeting, the bag will help you look formal.

# 3 Flowered skirt

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la-6.17.07-pmNothing better than flowers to tell the world that you love spring. So a floral skirt combines perfectly with a denim blouse, you’ll look chic and elegant.

# 2 Water boots

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la (s) -6.16.59-pm

Do not forget that in spring there are also rainy days, so as not to get wet, it is best to use rubber boots. Combined with a dress will look sensational.

# 1 Woven dress

Screen Capture-2016-04-17-a-la-s -6.16.38-pm

A dress that has several perfect spring elements, like pink, which is vaporous and is also bold. You will look simply feminine.

Remember that these options are mainly for you to give you an idea, in the end the important thing is that you choose clothes that you like and with which you feel comfortable to go to work