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10 Cute Winter Outfits Inspired By Rocket Power Characters


I love New York a lot, but since I was a kid, a big part of me has always wanted to move to California. I love the beach, I like a laid-back, casual style, I have a borderline obsession with celebrities, and I don’t eat meat. I just feel like I would fit in there! One TV show that always made me REALLY, really want to move to Cali was Rocket Power.

Everyone on Rocket Power was just so cool! They played around on skateboards, they surfed all the time, they were all totally chill, and they always seemed like they were having a good time. I literally wanted to be a part of Rocket Power, even though they were cartoons. Plus, my ex-boyfriend once said that Reggie Rocket was hot for a cartoon character, so I totally wanted to be her.

Anyway, if you can’t deal with these cold, snowy days anymore (February is the WORST) and you’re ready to look forward to warmer weather, make your style California-cool by taking inspiration from the characters of Rocket Power. Here are 10 cute winter outfits that will make you think of the beach while you’re trudging through a snowstorm. Click on the images for more info on the looks!



otto rocket power

Pair a ton of bright colors at once to literally look like sunshine. You’ll cheer up everyone around you.


reggie rocket power

Camouflage on it’s own is a bold look, so pairing it with a bright pink top, red flats and a purple bag is even more bold. But with the right attitude, you can totally pull off this colorful outfit.


twister rocket power

Instead of wearing a tank over a t-shirt, wear a tank under a dark chambray top. The colorful hat is a fun add-on to this.


tito rocket power

I love wearing my summer tanks in the winter by pairing them with a cute cardigan. Instead of sandals, do boots right now – in the summer, sub sandals and get rid of the cardigan!


raymundo rocket power

Make a sweatshirt more chic than lazy by pairing it with bright pants, sneakers and a few fun pieces of jewelry.


sam rocket power

Remind everyone of the beach with this fun backup. I love the pairing of yellow/orange with turquoise, also!


violet rocket power

In this outfit, you will definitely be the brightest person in the room. Whatever!


lars rocket power

Stay comfy and casual in a hoodie with a cute tee underneath. Bright sneakers and a hat complete the look.


conroy rocket power

Again – a sweatshirt looks much cuter paired with cute boots and a bright bag.


sherry rocket power

This is totally casual and comfy, yet still adorable!

Which of these outfits is your favorite? Which Rocket Power character is your favorite? Who do you want to see outfits inspired by?

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