Gorditas Outfits

Gorditas Outfits

Clothes for Gorditas – Dresses, Blouses, Skirts and everything you need to assemble your outfit

chubby clothesHello friend in this opportunity we will offer you all the alternatives of gorditas dresses that there are, for all kinds of occasions, from the most elegant to the simplest. Everything you can combine depending on your style and the occasion that occurs. Fortunately we have different types of clothes for gorditas , besides dresses there are skirts and blouses that you can combine with any of your outfits.

The fashion also monopolizes the gorditas and you look radiant using your current clothing at all times. With the wide variety of outfits that are presented you will have the opportunity to choose your clothes and alternate them without leaving fashion, in this way you will always look elegant and attractive at all times. Do not stay behind with trends!

You should not feel bad for being chubby, on the contrary you should feel good about yourself and also lucky to be able to wear any garment you want. The women are naturally quite coquettish, this does not mean that being gordita not fall into that category, on the contrary are still the most coquettish and love to look radiant to show their beauty and never fail to look fashionable with spectacular garments.

The most important thing is to know what kind of outfit suits you and once you have made your choice the rest is very simple, you should know what style of clothing favors you to make your beautiful curves look. There are clothes that make you disguise some areas of your body that you would not want to stand out more than others, everything is achieved with practice.

There are outfits that serve for the tall gorditas and others for the short ones that is not something difficult to get, everything is a matter of adapting. Just as we also get fashion from the youngest to the most mature , there will be no clothing that escapes from your hands.

Fashion clothes for chubby womenfashion clothes for chubby


Dresses for gorditas

As we mentioned before there is a great variety of trends for gorditas and this time we will not stop naming the dresses , they will serve you to attend your parties and special occasions where you will look elegant and radiant.

Dresses for gorditas


Before it was difficult to get nice clothes for gorditas women and that could favor them, but as they were passing the years this stopped being a headache for them since now you can wear any outfit and you will always be in fashion, for you we have Long and shortdresses that will make you notice your beautiful figure.

The dresses are not only for young people ladies can also wear them and look elegant . When you want to buy your dress we give you a small recommendation , first of all it is advisable to use pastel shades if it is a meeting during the day and to use dark shadeslike black when the party is at night. The black color will hide those points that you want to hide.

black dress

If you are a tall woman (in Mexico, the average height in women is 1.58 meters, so a woman with height greater than 1.70 meters is considered tall). You can wear long dresses of any color and style, now if you are short stature , ideal for you it will be the short dresses, since they will make you look a little more stylized during your event.

Party dresses for chubby

Here we will tell you the different options that you should keep in mind:

  • Colors:

  • The colors play a little with your figure, so it is advisable to use light colors such as beige, pink, white and cakes for the day and dark tones such as black, red and wine for the night. The gorditas ladies almost always use the dark tones since it makes them conceal their figure.

party dresses for chubby

  • Long dresses:

  • This type of dress is used mostly at night , since it represents elegance. As we mentioned above, long dresses are much more favorable to people with an average height  since they will make you look elegant, as well as stylize your figure a lot by eliminating a few pounds. If you want to wear this type of dress during the day you should choose pastel shades to look fresh and fashionable.

long party dresses

  • Short dresses:

  • This is a very good option for short women , so you can look elegant and stylish. These dresses will let you look your legs making you look taller in your meetings. You can choose the colors you want, because this model is very easy to wear at any time. This type of dress is used more by young women because they can show several areas of the body without problems.

short party dresses for chubby

Wedding dresses for chubby

Within this range of dresses we can not miss the different options we have for brides, here we will leave the alternatives you can use:

  • Tonalities:

  • The wedding dresses are white , however there are many brides who prefer to use pastel shades for that special day. Within these we can choose between beige, pink and salmon.

wedding dresses for chubby

beige wedding dresses

wedding dresses for chubby pink


  • Long dresses:

  • The wedding dresses most of the time are long and white. This type of dress is used to perform weddings by the church and longs with tail are used. This wedding dress can be worn by both tall women and short women.

long wedding dresses

  • Short dresses:

  • Short dresses are used mostly for civil wedding , to make it a little more casual. For this occasion you can use any tone and even so you will be chord and beautiful for your wedding. If you are very plump in the same way you will see very well, since short dresses stylize your figure making you look slender.

short wedding dresses

  • Models:

  • There are a great variety of models in terms of bridal dresses for gorditas, you can use it with short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeves or without sleeves. Any model can make you look beautiful on this special day. A very good recommendation is that you can use dresses with sleeves to disguise a little the area of ​​the arms, back and shoulders.

wedding dresses with neckline

wedding gorditas dresses with french sleeves

Mermaid gorditas wedding dress

wedding dress for chubby embroidery

wedding dress for layered gorditas

wedding dress with sleeves and lace

short wedding dresses for chubby

The long dresses for gorditas before was a problem to find them and above all that they were fashionable, fortunately today we find a fashion that includes also the gorditas.

Long dresses for chubby

In this opportunity we will leave you the long gorditas dresses that you can use at all times:

  • Night dresses:

  • For this occasion, wearing long dresses is a very good alternative, since you can use dark tones to look elegant. These evening dresses are preferably worn in dark colors such as red, black and vinotinto. You can use it at parties, meetings, weddings and any type of event. In the same way they can be used by the short gorditas .

Evening dresses for chubby

  • Dark tones:

  • As we already mentioned the dark tones besides representing elegance make your figure look a bit stylized, you can use any dark tonality for your nocturnal meetings. If you want to use these colors in the day, we recommend that you wear accessories with light colors so you can make a good contrast.

dresses dark tonesdresses dark tones 2dresses dark tones 3

  • Models:

  • For the gorditas it is preferable not to use models of very tight dresses, as they will make you look a little cropped. It is preferable to use necklines in the form of beaks since they stylize more than the necklines in round shape. Do not choose models with folds as they will make you look with a lot of volume, like sequins. The dresses with front gathers can be a good option, since they will make you look stylized.

Dresses with beak-shaped neckline

There are many options that you can choose to look elegant and beautiful at the same time, for that we will offer you the different options that you can choose for that special occasion without leaving the current fashion.

Elegant gorditas dresses

Here we will mention the different elegant gorditas dresses, choose the one that most resembles you:

  • Soft neckline:

  • This model gives you sensuality in your event, you can use them in pastels. Preferably this type of dress is used at a height by the knees to stylize your figure.

dress with soft neckline

  • Lace:

  • The lace is used in dark shades such as red , these dresses should be chosen with details at the waist as well as belts and may be with deskerts to look sexy.

dress with lace

  • V-neckline:

  • This type of model represents sensuality and in turn will enhance your figure. These models will make you look daring in your event as well as represent originality in your dress.

dress with v-neckline

Although the elegant dresses are long , we also have the option of those that reach the knees, there we leave different options that you can use for your events that can be during the day or night. These elegant dresses can be used for any occasion, what you can vary are the tonalities depending on the time .

Within this category we can not put aside short dresses, that’s why we want to give you different models and colors that you can use in any event. These you can use in your day and night parties too.

Mostly this type of dresses are used by the short gorditas , since they make them look stylized and make the function of making you look taller by the short model. Unlike long dresses that do not favor much those of short stature.

Short dresses for chubby

Here we will show you the options you have if you want to wear short dresses for gorditas:

  • Colors:

  • For this occasion the colors do not matter much, for short dresses you can use the tone you want as it will not affect your look and elegance very much .

colorful dresses for chubby

colorful short dresses

  • Sleeved:

  • Preferably for the gorditas it is much better to use the dresses with sleeves , in this way you can disguise the arms, back and shoulders.

dressed in sleeves for chubby

dresses with sleeves for gorditas 2

  • With belts:

  • The belts will disguise your figure and make you look more slender and with waist, marking in this way the divisions of your body.dressed with sleeves for gorditas 3
  • Prints:

  • For the gorditas there are certain prints that do not favor much, that ‘s why it is very good that you use stamped on only one part of the dress , preferably on the top. Patterns with stripes are not good options for all, so you have to be careful with them. A good recommendation is that you use the stripes vertically.

printed dresses

  • Flowers:

  • As with prints, care should be taken with flowers, since medium flowers should be used. These should not be very large because they will increase the weight and not too small because they will be overloaded and in the same way increase the thickness. The ideal is to use medium-sized flowers.

dressed in flowers

Short dresses are worn mostly by younger women , as older women prefer other types of dress. These dresses should be used at the level of the knees preferably, since in this way you will stylize your figure as we discussed previously. Use it with sleeves to disguise those rolls, not only use the dark colors there are many pastel tones with which you will see very attractive and casual for your events.

Evening dresses for chubby

Evening dresses are preferably used long and dark to stylize your figure , which is why this time we want to emphasize the dresses that you can use in your evening events. It is time to get the best out of you and leave aside the disagreements we have with our body.

Having a large size is not synonymous with worry , on the contrary in this era we have the opportunity to have a variety of outfits for the gorditas, within them are the evening dresses that we can find to be always fashionable.

When we are presented with a night event we often do not find the right pieces for the event, but that should not be a concern for you since there are many models and tonalities of dresses that we can use for this important event.

Women by nature are flirtatious and always want to look attractive, so the gorditas are not left behind. They are the main ones that fascinate to be fashionable, marking the trends even if they are big, that does not mean that they should dress out of fashion.

  • Necklines:

  • Most gorditas women have a good portion of breasts , so it is a good option to get dresses with some discounts and even V-neck. In this way you can look elegant and sexy at the same time in your meeting.

evening dresses with neckline

  • Colors:

  • We all know that women prefer dark tones for the night parties , however a good option may be to use light tones and pastels for this night party.

Evening dresses for chubby colors

Evening dresses for chubby colors 2

Evening dresses for colored gorditas 3

  • Long dresses:

  • For the parties at night we have the habit of observing almost all women with long dresses , that is a trend that never went out of style. Long dresses are a very good option to make you look elegant and svelte especially if the tones are dark like red, black and vinotinto.

long evening dresses

long evening dresses for chubby

Long evening dresses for chubby women

  • Short dresses:

  • The short gorditas tend to use short dresses as a first option, because this way they have a height appearance. These dresses can be of light and dark tones, with different models and designs. They are ideal for this type of event.

dresses for festive gorditas

  • Dresses with sleeves:

  • It is recommended for the gorditas to wear dresses with sleeves or long sleeves, this will hide the part of the arms, shoulders and back and will make you look comfortable and fashionable.

evening dresses with sleeves

  • Patterned models:

  • For the night it is recommended to use only the striped pattern, as this brings elegance to your event. Remember that the stripes that gorditas should use are preferably the vertical ones this will make you look much more slender and stylized. Prints like flowers, polka dots, among others tend to be used in daytime events.

printed evening dresses

printed evening dresses 2

printed evening dresses 3

  • Dressed with belts:

  • You should not forget this option that will benefit you a lot, wearing belts will make you look slender and with a lot of waist. A good belt right at the waist will divide you and make you show your curves very well.

evening dress with belt

There are many options with which you can choose to go to your evening event, all are marking trends in terms of fashion. Remember that it does not matter if you are big size you will always find the best designs and styles that you can use without any difficulty.

Being chubby does not present any difficulty, on the contrary you have many options that you can take into account when wanting to look beautiful and radiant. Remember not to wear overloaded dresses because they will make you look more chubby than you really are, in the same way do not recharge yourself with prints that increase your volume.

Likewise, it is obvious that lace is not enough, and not only do you use dark colors, give yourself the opportunity to experiment with new alternatives and pastel colors are also fashionable and you can use it for any type of party both day and night.

You can wear long and short dresses, however we recommend that if you are short stature it is better to use short dresses up to the knees. And if you have a normal height you can wear a long dress without any inconvenience. It never hurts to try several alternatives to see yourself radiant.

Do not see all of black, that is, if you wear a black dress try as much as possible to put accessories that make contrast with the tone you decided to use. Many think that black represents elegance and styling, but it never hurts to try new colors that are also setting the trend.

If you decide to wear black, we suggest you wear another color heels with which you can play with your accessories or belts. The ideal is to look beautiful and full of a single color, play with your imagination so you can get out of the routine. We currently have many resources to use and combine, from the simplest dress to the most elegant and sophisticated.

Do not forget to wear sleeves to disguise the arms and make them look much more stylized, although the necklines are beautiful you can also try on the dresses with sleeves. These can be short sleeves or long sleeves, there are a variety of designs and colors to make you look beautiful among the others.

Chubby blouses

Currently there are large varieties of blouses for gorditas, you can find many options to choose from and use in any casual or elegant event . Whatever your style you will find for you the perfect blouse for your appointment, party, meeting or event.

All women love to be fashionable and look beautiful, it never hurts to always look radiant. Since they are characterized by being flirtatious at all times and the gorditas are not left behind. In antiquity it was very difficult to get some style of clothes for the gorditas, but at this moment and that problem ceased to exist and you can get all the clothes anywhere.

Women are characterized by being modern and that is why they are always looking for innovation for their beauty outfits. We just have to realize the style of blouse we are looking for and how we look, if you are a tall chubby you can use almost any garment but if you are a short chubby you have to be careful in the designs that we chose as some will not look as well.

For that there is a series of models and designs that will favor your body and you will look perfect and always in fashion.

  • Blouses with sleeves:

  • For the gorditas this type of blouses with sleeves are one of the most sought after, since these will hide a large part of your arms, shoulders and back. These blouses come in different models and prints ideal for any chubby.

blouses with sleeves for chubby

  • Loose blouses:

  • With this type of blouse you have to be careful, because if you are very chubby you will not favor wearing a very loose blouse and you will look much more chubby. We recommend that these loose blouses be worn by gorditas that do not have much weight so that the curves can be noticed.

loose blouses for chubby

  • Printed blouses:

  • Like loose-fitting blouses we must be careful when using them since there are prints that do not favor the body. To use striped prints, it is recommended to use them vertically instead of horizontally, as this will make you look more chubby. The floral pattern should be medium flowers so that your curves are more noticeable, just as polka dots should be medium.

printed blouses for chubby

  • Colorful blouses:

  • The colors are very fashionable, and we invite you to try with pastels to get a little out of the routine. The best of all is that these blouses can combine as you want and add accessories that combine in your style.

colorful blouses

  • Black blouses:

  • It is our closet can not miss a black blouse, because that is used for formal events. A black blouse is ideal for evening events and look elegant, but we must also be careful with the models we choose.

black blouses

  • V neck blouses:

  • Most gorditas have good breasts and want to look sexy, so V-neck blouses are an excellent choice if you want to look sexy. There are many models that you can choose to look.

v neck blouses

We recommend that you do not wear turtlenecks or turtlenecks , because the neck of the plump people is diminished and they make little neck look. A good option are unblocked blouses like the ones mentioned above, you have different options with which you can combine when you leave.

You can choose within the range of blouses, you should also avoid wearing very wide blouses because you will not distinguish the figure very well. Take a look at the different blouses that are available to you and choose your best option.

Skirts for chubby

Women who are chubby always tend to hide their body, either because of shame, grief or fear of teasing. But that must be a matter of the past as there are ways that make the penalty go away, it all depends on the thickness you have in your legs, thighs and calves but for that we have solutions so that you feel comfortable with yourself and not You are ashamed to show your legs.

If you have a well-distributed and stuffed legs you can use short skirts without any inconvenience, but if your thighs are very thick we recommend that you wear tight skirts that are up to the level below the knees. If you feel sorry to wear skirts the ideal that you can put on when you put them on are pantyhose to disguise a little the appearance of the legs.

You should also take into account as in the dresses, if you are a tall chubby we recommend you wear long and medium skirts and you will look perfect. But if you are short you can use short skirts to favor your height.

  • Long skirts:

  • These skirts are a very good option to go out elegant to your events. The long skirts tend to be smooth and a little close to the body to the ankles, for the gorditas it represents an excellent option.

long skirts for chubby

  • Short skirts:

  • The short skirts favor to a large extent the gorditas of short stature so that they look a little higher. There are loose short skirts and other pasted, whichever you choose you will be very good.

short skirts for chubby

  • Tube type skirts:

  • This type of skirt can be worn by the gorditas who do not have very pronounced thighs and can use the tube type skirts without problems. Most of these skirts are used in black although there are different colors that you can choose.

tube type skirts

  • Printed skirts:

  • If you are going to use these skirts you should take into account the prints that you are going to place. Like the dresses you should take into account that there are designs that do not favor your silhouette, the striped type model should choose the vertical stripes although unlike the dresses the horizontal stripes can be a good option while you are not so chubby.

printed skirts

The type of tube skirts are ideal to go to work or the office, these skirts are very classic and you can combine them with any blouse to look elegant. If you are very chubby you will favor this type of skirts since the hips will be disguised a little by the cut of the skirt.

Do not wear tight-fitting blouses with skirts , because instead of hiding your rolls you’ll look more chubby. You can use blouses with prints and even use belts to mark your waist.

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