2018 Outfits

2018 Outfits

Festival outfit ideas to inspire your next look for 2018

The beats are good, your feet hurt from dancing and the drinks are flowing. This means one thing… it’s festival season!

There are many things to love about festival season, but a huge part of the fun is in the lead-up when planning your outfit. Whether you just want that pure fire Instagram photo or you want to be the belle of the (festival) ball, it’s up to you.

With so many options, choosing what to wear and making sure you’ve got everything you need is harder than it sounds! Good thing we’ve got you completely covered with the ultimate festival outfit guide to rock your way through all the festivals this season.

1. The flare pants outfit

This year we saw the return of the vintage 70s vibe and there is no better occasion to try something a little more daring than a festival. Not only will you be able to boogie to your heart’s content but you’ll be able to do it comfortably. In my books, that gets a massive tick.

Style the look: Pair these pants with a super cute crop top or bodysuit. You want the pants to be the main event of this look so don’t over-do you’re other items.

2. The body jewels outfit

Honestly, these seem a little extra but trust me – they are like magical crystals that pull an entire look together. If I could walk down the street with jewels and glitter all over my body, I would. If you’re ever going to rock these, a festival is where it’s at!

Style the look: If you really cant afford a whole new outfit, pair these body jewels with a simple outfit like a black bodysuit and some denim shorts! Dress is up with some glitter and presto! You’re festival ready.

3. Bralettes

If you like to go a little bit risque then this is 100% a look that will turn heads. Bralettes is the super trend that just isn’t going anywhere, and these metal bralettes are the right amount of bling and the perfect amount of festival. Maybe just make sure you pack the nipple covers.

Style the look: The golden bra is really the statement piece of this outfit! Pair it with some plain flare pants or even a maxi skirt for a super sexy but fun look.

4. The Hat outfit

2017 saw the return of hats. Not only is one of these bad boys going to look super cool with your outfit but it’s going to keep the sun out of your eyes when you’re grooving and chilling to your favourite artist. Perfect!

Style the look: You can pretty much pair a hat with just about any outfit. We love the look of the wide bring fedora with a maxi dress or leather jacket!

5. The boots and fishnets outfit

When it comes to festivals, footwear is key. I can’t help but cringe at the thought of heels or sandals at a festival because it’s not practical. You’re going to be doing a whole lot of dancing, walking and standing, so brace your feet in something comfortable.

Pick yourself up a pair of good boots that are going to get you through the day. Maybe still pack some band-aids because blisters are not your friend.

Style the look: Obviously you want to show of your fabulous fisnets so pair these with some vintage denim shorts and band t-shirt for a 90s grunge look that’s to die for!

6. The crop top outfit

I love a little crop top and so do festivals. Whether you want to just wear a simple black crop or go all out in some bling, it’s completely up to you! The best part is, they’re super comfortable and you’re not going to get too hot in the mosh pit when wearing one.

Style the look: You can never go wrong with a cute crop and practically anything high wasted. Whether its a matching skirt or pair of shorts, this outfit is always a crowd pleaser.

7. The Statement Sunglasses outfit

You wanna know what is worse than being at a festival with no sunnies? Absolutely nothing.

Not only are they quite a fashion statement for your outfit but I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than being at a festival on a super sunny day and not being able to see a thing. So be fashionable and practical with a funky pair of sunnies!

Style the look: The best part about this outfit is that you can literally pair anything you want with a funky pair of sunglasses!

8. The vintage shorts outfit

Sometimes less is more, and can you really ever go wrong with a good ol’ pair of denim shorts? It’s probably the most commonly worn piece at festivals, but it’s popular for a reason. It just works.

If you’re worried about looking a bit too plain, this is where you can dress it up with your accessories!

Style the look: Simple yet effective. Pair your shorts with a fun bodysuit, bralette or band tee.. the world is your oyster!

9. The boho outfit

Easily one of the most popular outfit’s at a festival! Everyone’s inner boho child comes out at a festival and there is nothing wrong with that!

You’ll need somewhere to store your wallet, ID, phone and other belongings, so purchasing a funky bag to match your outfit is totally worth it!

Style the look: To perfect the boho chic look you’ll definitely need to grab yourself a gypsy print and practically anything that’s crochet. Also, make sure you don’t forget your flower crown and funky bag!

10. The gypsy dress outfit

Whether you’re not a fan of the grunge look or you just like to embrace your inner gypsy princess, these maxi dresses are for you. Not only would you be incredibly comfortable and easy breezy all day, but boy oh boy you’ll look good too!

Style the look: Paired with some funky boots and a cool hat, you can do no wrong.

11. The matching set outfit

These I like. Matching sets are a little bit like a playsuit without the hassle. I mean, do you really want to get your whole kit off in one of those public portable bathrooms? Me neither.

Style the look: Get yourself a funky two-piece; whether it’s shorts, pants or a skirt with a matching top, you’ve got options and the world is your oyster!

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