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Fancy Dress Ideas: 70s Oscar Couples

Carnival parties are much more fun to prepare and participate in if you go with a partner and have worked together on developing the costumes.

If you are planning your costume for a costume party in the 70s, why not take some of the ideas in this article and dress up as one of the hottest couples who went to the Oscars in the 70s?

Three of the best ideas are as follows:

  • Burt Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor
  • Paul and Linda McCartney
  • Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

If you like any of the above ideas for 70s costume couples, the rest of this article can help you find the perfect costume for your chosen partner in a few easy steps and without the need to go to a costume shop. (However, costume shops can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding the finishing touches that make or break a costume and turn a stranger in your eyes into a living, breathing celebrity)

Burt Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor

This ’70s couple has to be hot and beautiful from head to toe. Both are glamorous from start to finish, which should be the main focus of your outfit if you choose to perform well. Burt Reynolds at the Oscars would only arrive in a top-quality tuxedo. It would have to be black with a slightly printed vest to distinguish it a little from the suit jacket. The shirt would have to be white and shiny, and there would have to be a matching scarf in the left pocket. The finishing touch would be the Reynolds mustache, which could be bought in a good costume shop to make sure it looks real. Elizabeth Taylor’s dress should elegantly reveal her bust size, her hair should be up and dyed as dark as possible. With this dress, it would be important to wear a fantastic pair of high heels and maybe a piece of leather somewhere along the way. However, the most important element of this Taylor costume would be to wear bright diamond jewelry. The fake jewelry would have to look convincing, and for that, it would be better to go to a costume shop.

Paul and Linda McCartney

The costume of this 70s couple should be much quieter and less conspicuous than the Taylor and Reynolds combination. If you go as Paul McCartney to a costume party in the 70s, a white suit (or at least something shiny) with a black shirt underneath is a must. The collar of the shirt should be large and visible above the jacket. It would be very important to wear your hair long and go to a costume shop to find a Paul McCartney mustache to complete your costume in style.

Linda McCartney should look soft and flowing. She should look like Mother Nature, but Mother Nature with money. Soft white tones and creams mixed with soft materials such as fur or silk will help to realize this costume idea well. A nice headdress would show off the outfit well; something with delicate details would be best.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Elegance and grace and effortless sex appeal are needed to put on a 70’s costume after this famous couple. They are a difficult couple to imitate! Paul Newman should dress in a black suit, without a vest, because then he would look too old with only one button to close the jacket. This type of jacket would give the suit more length and would take a lot out of the crisp white shirt that must be worn underneath. Make sure you wear a black bow tie and include some high-quality cufflinks in your makeup. And finally… don’t forget to get a good haircut. Newman must look clean in everything.

Joanne Woodward would look great in a 70s mini-cut dress, made from 70s print material; something that has a big, bold pattern of shapes in different colors. Her hair should be worn high to emphasize the length and elegance of her neck and face. Your makeup should be natural and your jewelry very contained. Invest in a pair of stylish plateaus in the color of your choice or borrow a pair of stylish plateaus from a 70’s costume shop to complete the look.

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