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Five Groovy 60’s and 70’s Fancy Dress Ideas

You can’t have a more fun party than the ’60s and ’70s costume party! And even if you dress up for any other costume party, in a 60s girl costume or a 70s disco king or hippie costume, you’ll definitely steal the show.

The ’60s and ’70s were the decades of the birth of free love in Western society, and the clothes they wore reflected this – with a cool ’60s and ’70s costume you can have all the fun with the colors you can imagine. There’s no limit to the colors you can wear! Crazy colorful psychedelic dresses, crazy headbands, bell-bottoms, colorful shirts with huge lapels, you name it. You can wear it.

And you don’t have to go out and buy the ’60s or ’70s costume, you can make your own costume whenever you want. Although you probably need a pretty funky shirt or dress to get started. Here are some great ideas that will get you going:

1. The hippie girls of the ’60s

You can wear a short, psychedelic, multicolored hippie dress with a headband. A very fun and sexy costume for any girl. Become the hippie girl at the party!

2. Flower power costume

The best of the 1960s hippie movement – fun and carefree flower power dresses, shirts, and hats. Let it blossom! The more, the better, and put a flower behind your ear to complete the effect. This style is for both boys and girls, and you may find yourself the most relaxed and loving person at the party!

3. Hippie Buddy

Yeah, man, turn on the hippie guy image! Long hair (one wig is enough) with a scarf, psychedelic colors at every opportunity. You gotta wear sandals and practice those V’s for peace signs, you’re gonna do a lot of that.

4. The disco king of the 70s

Think of John Travolta, you’re the undisputed king of the dance floor. This is as much about attitude as it is about the costume! First you need a huge flared shirt with a huge collar that you can roll up to frame your big hairdo and huge mustache. Next, a pair of skinny jeans with the biggest bell-bottoms you’ve ever seen. Get those hips out and the party’s yours.

5. Diva record company

The hottest, coolest girl at the party. The disco diva outfit needs full-body tight suits with massive torches and crazy colors to let the lights of the disco ball shine. Color tones are a must and for your feet, you want heels and plateaus. All the way through.

Ciao everyone! Here are some of the travel capsule looks I wore in Greece and Italy. They are great summer outfit ideas and my slow fashion closet came through on this one. I did a little recap of what worked and what didn’t because I think it’s important to assess for next time! I’m sorry I didn’t capture all the looks, there are plenty more options than what I’ve shown but hopefully, this gives you an idea that less really is more when it comes to dressing!

Here is the travel capsule video I mentioned: https://youtu.be/4JB0ATZOIEs

As always, thank you for watching! xx


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