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Back-To-School Money Pit

School’s in session again! Is there a sweeter sentence in the entire English language? How I have longed for this day, as the hot summer weeks were taking their course. The house no longer sounds with the endless chant of “I have nothing to do” and “he insults me” or “he doesn’t stay out of my room”. While the endless flow of plates and glasses, representing the infinite state of my children’s appetite, has been reduced to a mere trickle.

However, I will be honest enough to admit that August is not just about getting the kids out of the house and back into the learning environment where they belong. There is also a downside. I call it the “back-to-school money pit” and every parent of a school-aged child knows exactly what I’m talking about.

First of all, there are clothes, lots and lots of clothes. The underwear and socks that worked perfectly three months ago are no longer sufficient for the needs of a new school year. Speaking of underwear: I went shopping at school last week with my daughter, and she insisted on a pack of Hannah Montana underwear. Now I can understand SpongeBob’s or Little Mermaid’s underwear. Those are cartoon characters. But how can Miss Miley Cirus sleep at night knowing her face is spread out in hundreds of little piles all over the country?

Once everyone is equipped with new clothes and shoes that are worn out and need to be replaced before Halloween, the next stop for parents is school supplies. This area of the store extends over about four aisles and takes up as much space as the Easter and Valentine’s Day candy displays combined. I’ve seen six different types of boxes and pencil cases. Six! Children put them on their desks and forget about them until school is canceled in May. How an individual should a pencil case be?

Then there’s the paper, a lot of it in different line widths and colors. There are wallets in the most basic colors to create designs like Hannah Montana’s, so girls can match their school supplies to their panties.

Then, of course, there are fees; activity card fees, textbook fees, parking fees, locker fees. How much can it cost to maintain a locker, for God’s sake?

If you include the cost of school meals and equipment for extracurricular activities, parents are lucky if they have enough in their checking account to pay the mortgage.

Once they return to the classroom, naive parents may think they can relax. But, oh, no… In less than a week, they’ll bring home the catalog of mandatory donations. Coming, Professor? After all the money we had to spend to dress and care for our children so they could go back to school, we’re the ones who should be raising funds!

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