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Must-Have Winter Accessories to Wear Your Summer Wardrobe in Winter

It’s autumn, and while the trees are losing their leaves, we, the warm-blooded creatures, want to keep warm. The animals leave a supply of food to go into hibernation, but for us, who have to cope with the weather, we take off our winter clothes and pack our summer clothes for next year. But before you banish our summer clothes, you should ask yourself how you can put your summer dresses and summer blouses on top of each other to keep warm and still be stylish.

To successfully pile on your summer clothes and keep warm, you need these 5 must-have accessories for the winter.
1. pantyhose and tights
2. Scarves
3. Boots
4. Thermal underwear
5. ladies knitwear

You’ll need different types of lightweight knitwear for women, including V-neck sweaters, lightweight long-sleeved turtlenecks, long-sleeved V-neck shirts, round-necked sweaters, polo or turtleneck, and terrycloth jersey shirts, all in warm wool, cashmere and cotton combinations. Lightweight women’s knitwear looks less bulky under your summer dresses or aprons, and a varied neckline combination gives you the flexibility to mix and match your layers depending on the neckline. Also included are lightweight, long cardigans that can be worn over t-shirts and sleeveless summer dresses.

Once you have a varied assortment of these 5 must-have winter accessories, you can now wear this summer dress by slipping a lightweight long-sleeved sweater or a turtleneck under your summer dress to make it warmer and more elegant. Complete with tights or stockings to keep your legs warm and add knee-high boots. Wear large scarves around your neck to highlight your clothes and create warmth.

Wear your long-sleeved summer blouses under your V-neck sweaters to add style and glamour. Choose long-sleeved summer blouses with geometric patterns in a variety of colors to match plain sweaters. For example, a turquoise brown and white long-sleeved shirt collar summer top will look great under a yellow sweater. So feel free to wear your spring sweaters in the winter as well.

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