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Summer Halter Dress – A Summer Must Have

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to think about your current summer wardrobe. After emptying the old trunk of your car full of tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits, you may find that your summer fashion is not quite up to date with the latest trends. If this is the case, there are a few staples that can turn an old-fashioned wardrobe into something new and improved! One of these centerpieces is especially the summer turtleneck dress. In this article we will talk about the different fashions of turtlenecks, including materials and patterns, to give you an idea of how versatile this summer dress is.

If you are not familiar with the turtleneck dress, it is a very simple and fun fashion. These dresses are usually of medium length, i.e. just above the knee, and offer great flowing style for maximum comfort. It is the neckline of this dress that makes it unique and a favorite for women of all ages. The neck style can be tied or tucked in the back of the neck, immediately creating the perfect v-neck or heart-shaped neckline. As far as style goes, you can imagine that this dress is available in almost every color possible, and that is definitely true! What you may not know about the summer turtleneck dress is that it can be found in finer styles as well as traditional casual wear.

Let’s say you are looking for the perfect summer dress that you can wear absolutely anywhere and that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. If so, you can choose from cotton, silk, and even spandex fabrics. In terms of color, your possibilities are endless. Plain colors are, of course, always a conservative and safe way, if you want to wear this dress regularly, you will never get tired of the color. If, on the other hand, you are interested in adding a little extra luster to your wardrobe, fun and risky patterns are the order of the day this spring and summer. Patterns ranging from flowers to stripes are everywhere these days, and we’re talking bright, shiny colors. Bright colors are crying out for summer, and there is no reason why a woman of any age can’t break out the black and brown tones into something bright like coral or pink!

Now let’s talk about halter dresses and women in large sizes. You may think right now that you can’t benefit from this summer fashion trend because of your size, but you’d be wrong! The doll style of the traditional turtleneck dress is actually perfect for plus size women because its flowing design hides your imperfections. The only shape of this dress is across your chest. A tip for large women would be to look for longer lengths; just below the knee. This longer length helps to avoid any build up of the dress, which can make you look bigger than you really are.

Now you are ready to go and buy your new summer dress with confidence! Be bold with colors, fabrics, and patterns and enjoy the creativity of summer fashion.

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