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Summer Dresses That Don’t Have To Be Just For Summer

With the first signs of spring hovering in the air, stores are filled with summer dresses ready for the onslaught of women in search of their perfect summer wardrobe. But what happens to these dresses when the colder months return? Will they be returned to their closet? It doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s the same story every year. You will find the perfect dress that keeps you cool and looking good in the summer, that is comfortable, casual but elegant, and in a print that oozes colors and summer qualities. You admire every moment you wear it, and if you could, you would wear it every day. But as the cold month’s approach, you realize you can’t wear it much longer. Your beautiful dress will have to be packed until next spring, and who can say that when that time of year comes your dress will still be in the same condition as you packed it? The winters may be long and your poor dress will be wasted.

But there is an answer. If you get creative with your style, your summer dress doesn’t have to be limited to the summer months. There are things you can do that will allow you to keep your dress all year round.

The most important ingredient to keep warm in the fall/winter months is layering. Whether it’s part of the seasonal trend or not, no one can deny that layering is a favorite practice, so add a luxurious cashmere cardigan to your summer dress and fight the cold. If your dress has a light or patterned design, choose a plain sweater to soften the summer pattern, and if it’s a bright color, choose a darker shade to harmonize with the duller seasons. And if a sweater alone isn’t enough, combine it with a pair of cashmere socks to add structure and interest to your look. A pair of leggings will also add a custom style.

Oversized coats will be a favorite this fall/winter, so you may want to opt for one as the last chic layer for your style. Combine it with gem-filled boots to combine elegance and simplicity with the confidence and practicality of fashion. And don’t forget the cashmere scarves, popular in winter, in a variety of designs and colors, and other cozy accessories like wristwarmers and hats.


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