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Women Clothing: What To Take to Look Great On Your Summer Vacation

All women seem to be stressed out about how to pack for summer vacation. We all over-pack, under-pack, or forget about things we really need but haven’t thought about. On the way to a tropical paradise, there are the essentials you need and some things to pack just in case, without over-packing or leaving vital things behind.

You should pack as you need to for your activities. Of course, you will spend time at the beach, in the sea or in the pool. Of course, you’ll need a bikini or swimsuit to swim in the water. You will probably spend the same amount of time at the pool bar or the snack bar in the sea, and you will need a change of clothes to walk on the beach or in the pool, which you can easily put on and take off over the bikini or swimsuit. You’ll want something light that still covers your bikini when you go from the pool to the bar and back to make you comfortable.

You can’t spend all your time in the water, so you’ll want something for the afternoon when you eat at a restaurant or a table overlooking the ocean. For these dining experiences, you’ll want to dress up a bit and still look stunning in the tropical heat. You’ll want to pack several summer dresses or dinner skirts and tops that are light enough to withstand the heat of a tropical paradise, but formal enough to wear in a chic restaurant. Strapless or strapless summer dresses are perfect for this, along with stylish sandals or a pair of lightweight heels. You can change the look by combining a different lightweight t-shirt or blouse with the same skirt on two different afternoons to save space; then they look like two completely different suits and save space in your suitcase.

If you are planning a shopping trip, a city walks, or even a hike, you may want to bring one or two pairs of pants, which you can combine with T-shirts or tank tops, depending on the weather. This way you can go shopping and cover your legs a bit more in case you have to walk in a more crowded area or there are bushes in your hiking area. This will protect your legs from scratches.

Also, bring a sweater or coat for cooler evenings, and make sure you have something warm with you in case it rains when you get there. No one expects rain on a tropical vacation, but it does. It can chill the air quite a bit and you’ll need a jacket right now. You can wear a light jacket for the rain and a warm sweater for the cooler nights, and no one will notice if you wear the same jacket for a few nights. Let’s hope there aren’t too many cool nights!

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