3 Must-Have Summer Sweaters

What do you wear to keep warm in air-conditioned buildings in the summer? Outside you want to dress lightly, with tank tops, shorts, T-shirts, and anything else that allows you to cool down from the blistering heat. When you walk into a restaurant or even your office, the air conditioning may be running at full speed, and when it’s pointed at you, you get goosebumps, shake and look like a plucked chicken. Then you realize that you need warm clothes all year round, even in the summer. When you return from the beach to your hotel during your summer vacation, it can be very cold with excessive air conditioning. And when you sleep, the temperature goes down, you could curl up under the blanket, but if you’re the kind of person like me who puts the blanket away when you sleep, you could catch a cold.

Even in the summer, you need a sweater (or three)

1. The cowboy jacket

You can live in jeans all year round, and this denim jacket might be suitable for cooler climates. Well, it’s not a sweater per se, but casual enough to be worn as a sweater. Wear it over a summer dress when you go to a restaurant. Take it with you on vacation to keep you warm on cold nights.

2. Kashmir Sweater

If the denim is too hot for you or if you prefer something more sophisticated, cashmere is the best choice. The fabric is soft and luxurious. The look, totally elegant. You can even wear it with your most sophisticated dresses.

3. Jersey sweater

Between denim and cashmere are the most affordable jersey shirts.

The sweater can be draped and is a very lightweight sweater if you are on a limited budget. They are super comfortable and extremely flattering. These sweaters can be worn during the colder months. They can be worn over your favorite dress or over jeans and T-shirts.

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