Spring Summer Dress Shopping Haul & Try-on | H&M, Zara, Very, Mango | Sally Fazeli

Today’s video is all about finding that perfect dress for Spring and Summer. I’ve shopped at H&M, Zara, Very and Mango for this one, oh and before I forget HAPPY EASTER!!!

I’ve kept five of these dresses to see me through but it was fun trying them on and seeing how they look on and even the one’s that didn’t look so great.

My next video is going to be focused on Conscious clothing so stay tuned for that and I’ll see you soon!

Have a fabulous Easter if you’re reading this before make sure you eat lots of chocolate :).

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Have a great week,
Love Sally x


You as a customer you do not pay more because I have used an affiliate link, it does not affect you in any way other than a small percentage of the sale may go to the person who generated the link. You pay no more, no less for buying, it’s just a couple of pounds goes to the person who influenced sale of the item.


Links to my picks & a couple of alternatives:
Look 1:
Shirt dress size 8 (different colour options) (AL) https://bit.ly/2UjTSCN
(very similar) (AL) https://bit.ly/2GrVzul
Snakeprint mules (similar) https://bit.ly/2DgM678 or https://bit.ly/2UEQ8RF
Fringed bag (AL) https://bit.ly/2Ip07DZ
Look 2:
Stripe dress size 8 https://bit.ly/2XoRMUr
Bag https://go.zara/2GsBGDA
Mules (AL) https://bit.ly/2DeMpiY
Look 3:
Shirt dress size 8 (AL) https://bit.ly/2UoeBFA
Bag (AL) https://bit.ly/2Uol5o2
Look 4:
Floral maxy dress size 8 https://bit.ly/2GlTmze
Straw hat (similar) (AL) https://bit.ly/2PbzYce or https://bit.ly/2UDkXWK or https://bit.ly/2ULJrNK
Look 5:
Stripe dress size 8 (AL) https://bit.ly/2UXXK0V
Heels (similar) (AL) https://bit.ly/2IGQQpY
Look 6:
Green dress size 8 https://bit.ly/2DfZ2tO
Hat (similar) (AL) https://bit.ly/2GibzxS or https://bit.ly/2V2jCbd
Look 7:
Snakeprint dress (size 8) (AL) https://bit.ly/2PdxWbG
Mules https://bit.ly/2PeDkLu
Look 8:
Red dress XS https://m.zara.com/uk/en/polka-dot-dress-p09006053.html?v1=9924118&v2=1180405 or this is lovely too
Look 9:
Boho dress size 8 (AL) https://bit.ly/2Iy1kbi
Look 10:
Green Gingham dress size 8 but big (AL) https://bit.ly/2GhgVJJ
Look 11:
Navy silky shirt dress size 8 (AL) https://bit.ly/2IBPs8e

Look 12:
White polka dot dress size 8 (AL) https://bit.ly/2Umlx63
Items at the very end which already sent back:
White beaded bag https://go.zara/2IGY65z
White dress https://go.zara/2VOPs8H
Seashell dress https://go.zara/2IBQu46
Floral print dress https://go.zara/2IpKtZ4
Yellow dress (AL) https://bit.ly/2KKw8Zj

Black waist belt https://bit.ly/2Uiav1L
Mango have lots of nice earring options here https://rstyle.me/+0OVgL0K73mxsUQevysWQGg
S necklace from a shop called ShopSoYou on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shopsoyou/


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