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What to Wear: Summer Dressing in a Business Environment

Choosing the right clothes for the business environment can be a challenge at best. It becomes more difficult when temperatures rise and we feel that it is uncomfortable and very hot to be completely covered. It becomes even more difficult when we leave our homes in the blistering heat and then move to an air-conditioned work environment. How do we dress? What should we wear? If you know how to dress for the summer heat and still feel comfortable and professional, you can improve your professional image and even climb a step or two.

The rules of summer dressing in a business environment

1. Focus on the professional: Resist the urge to wear clothes that show bare skin. Low-cut necklines, short skirts, sleeveless tops, see-through tops, bare legs are good for summer weather but are more suitable for barbecues and nightclubs than for a working day. When we choose our clothes, we also choose an image to project. If you intend to move up in the business world, you must keep your outfit professional.

2. Wear light clothes: you can still keep cool and not show your skin. Choose fabrics that are lightweight, such as cotton and linen. For example, wear a cotton jacket over a lightweight blouse or use a sweater set. If it is very hot, you can take off your jacket and still be covered underneath. If you work in an air-conditioned environment, you’ll appreciate the extra layer while you’re inside and the ability to remove it when you’re in the heat.

3. Choosing the right shoes: Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can wear sandals everywhere. Sandals are not suitable in a professional environment. Only wear closed shoes, such as high heels and slingbacks.

4. Stay away from clothes that spell “summer”: That means light-colored jewelry, cut-off pants or skorts. Summer clothing can be worn in a professional environment, but still, be subtle. Wear light-colored accessories and clothing, but nothing that draws attention. For example, choose a pastel-colored blouse or a lightweight professional bag.

5. Wear loose clothing: Choose lightweight fabric skirts and pants so that the fabric slides over your hips and stomach. White is ideal for summer but will show every bump and knot if worn too tightly.

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