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BooHoo Summer 2018 Try On Haul | TaylorBee

Spring Dresses Compared to Fall and Winter Clothing

The characteristic features that make something a spring or summer dress are aspects such as the length, the weight of the material, and, to some extent, the color, and the pattern. Spring and summer dresses usually have similar characteristics, while autumn and winter dresses have similar features. Autumn and winter dresses tend to show darker and richer colors, while their counterpart, seasonal dresses, offer lighter and more vibrant colors.

As with all seasons, the look of each season tends to imitate the natural changes of nature. Although it is not the norm, people tend to adapt to their environment. In autumn, women tend to wear neutral colors, browns, dark garnets, and rustic oranges that imitate the changing colors of trees. Winter gives way to darker and more neutral colors such as black, grey, and soft, muted colors.

Spring dresses have the opposite effect. In spring and summer, light and striking colors are created. Pastels flood the fashion landscape. Vivid dresses take into account the climate and the characteristics of spring. Flowers in bloom on the ground inspired floral prints. Soft breezes inspire light and flowing fabrics that spread freely over the body.

In winter, many garments are adapted, tailored, and heavy for the heat. You’ll find checkered prints and tweed fabrics, also with the aim of creating warmth. In the spring and summer season, the opposite is true. Custom-made pieces or heavy curtain sweaters are replaced by relaxed T-shirts, tunics, sleeveless tops, and soft dresses, which invite the sun and warm weather.

Spring represents the appearance of new life, and the colors of spring dresses add a special touch to this celebration. Notice the colors that appear when new human life is brought into the world: baby blue, pink, pale yellow, and mint green. These pastel shades are synonymous with new life, whether for babies or for spring flowers. This color palette also inspires spring dresses.

In autumn and winter, when people cover themselves, the footprints fade into the background. In spring the footprints are everywhere! People no longer have to cover themselves or stay inside. They are outside, playing, and hiking. Their clothes have a carefree personality, a fountain. The clothes are also playful and fun; their patterns and colors match the mood of the season.

This video is about a BooHoo clothing Try on Haul for summer 2018! Enjoy!!

– Measurements for those interested:
32DD bra.

– Bandeau Split Front Ruffle Midi Dress:

– Off The Shoulder Wrap Midi Bodycon Dress:

– 90’s Neck Double Ruffle Maxi Dress:

– Tie Front Bodycon Dress:

– Tie Back Maxi Dress:

– Petite Plunge Ruched Maxi Dress:

– Double Layer Frill Bodysuit:

– High Wst Light Wash Distress Mom Jeans:

– Exaggerated Bow Back Skater Dress:

– Boutique Lace Panelled Detail Maxi Dress:

– Chiffon Pleated Plunge Maxi Dress:

– High Waist Distress Mom Jeans:

– Twist Detail Kimono Sleeve Midi Dress:

– Boutique Wrap Strap Leather Ghillie Sandals:

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