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Cute Summer Dresses – What Works For Your Body Type?

One of the best things about summer is the freedom it offers, especially when it comes to wearing clothes. This is the time of year when you can shake up that nice dress you’ve been saving all this time. Summer dresses can be used for weddings, beach vacations, or even semi-formal events and parties. With shoes, you’ll enjoy the same freedom in the summer, so it’s easy to get the look you’ve always wanted with your nice summer dress. However, you should always make sure you choose a dress that suits your body type. Some tips will help you do this so you can look confident and stylish.

Apple-shaped summer dresses for women

If you are an apple, this means that your weight is more in the middle, and this means that you need to choose clothes that fit loosely, especially around the stomach. You can show your legs and arms, but let the dress flow to hide your center. Avoid spandex dresses that hug your figure, as they end up accentuating your belly, which you are trying to avoid.

Summer dresses for women in a rectangular shape

This body shape tends to be straight from top to bottom, which means that there really isn’t much difference between the width of the hips and the width of the chest and waist. With this shape, there is no obvious waist, and a dress with volume in the right places should be the way to go. Illusion dresses will work for this look because they create curves and make the shoulders thinner. Look for a dress with ruffles at the neckline and a dress with a background that is voluminous like an ice skater’s dress.

Hourglass-shaped summer dresses for women

If you fall into this category, then you’re lucky, because it means you can rock any kind of dress you want. This body shape has a well-defined waist, and all you have to do is accentuate your curves with a dress that highlights this fine lace. Belted summer dresses go surprisingly well with this shape; you can also choose dresses that emphasize the waist. If you want to turn your head and look irresistible, choose a dress that accentuates the curves.

Pear-shaped summer dresses for women

This body type tends to carry a little more weight on the thighs and hips, with a trimmed waist and well-formed shoulders. So you want a dress that attracts attention. Imperial dresses and A-line summer dresses are best suited for this body. As for the neckline, you can choose a dress, a halter neck or a boat neckline to look just as fabulous. You should stay away from hairdos, dresses, and full-body dresses, as they only draw attention to the lower part of your body. Sleeveless models can also work, and full skirts help hide bumps and dents that aren’t as familiar as a pear.

Hi babies, just wanted to give you guys a quick little video of some dresses I am trying on for any occasion that you have! We are all in an awkward weather change now that we are going from summer to fall so I thought this would be perfect!

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