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Bright Colours For Summer – The Alternative to the Little Black Dress

Originally popularized in the 1920s, the small black dress has been an integral part of most women’s wardrobe for decades. It has served generations of women over the years and is likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future, despite the introduction of other fashionable garments to replace it!

Its great success lies in its simplicity. By using different combinations of shoes, bags, and belts, the little black dress can become the basis for a large number of different looks suitable for a variety of occasions. Although fashion comes and goes, the little black dress is timeless and will remain an essential part of most women’s wardrobe for a long time to come.

This summer, however, there are many alternatives for those who leave the black dress on the rack and want to dress up in a colorful and mischievous way! Go out in a dazzling flash – the current trend is towards deep purple and plums or light and floral. Leopard print dresses will also be very popular this season. They are available in different lengths and suit a wide variety of occasions, from ultra-chic – such as weddings and other formal occasions – to casual wear, such as an evening out with the girls.

The good news is that all fashion retailers are offering a range of bright alternatives to the little black dress this summer. With so many social occasions to attend during the summer, introducing a little color will definitely help set the mood for the wearer.

Whether classified as an evening gown or a summer dress, a touch of color or the complete elimination of black is the way to go. For a more formal evening, dark purple and plum colors are a must, and for daywear, light and floral colors or light and bright colors with high heels are appropriate.

Even if colorful dresses are in fashion this summer, if you can’t avoid the idea of wearing a small black number on formal nights, add a touch of color to black, such as strong shades of green, red or blue.

For the brave, a clear trend this summer is the dress with a strap that shows a certain amount of shoulder and neckline. But remember the rule: if the flesh is exposed at the top, make sure the length is modest. This also applies to strapless dresses; mix the right amount of cleavage and leg for a truly classic look.

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