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How to Turn Any Dress Into a Summer Dress

Many dress designs can easily be transformed into a summer dress, with a small cut-out here, a small envelope there. A quick way to dress cooler is to cut off the sleeves. Use duct tape to tie your butt around the armhole openings. Or cut the sleeves short and then the bottom of the sleeves. You can also split the short sleeve and bottom on each side to make the sleeve look nice and flowing. Long skirts can be cut above the knee and closed to make the clothes cooler. Try a variety of hems to make each dress unique. The below-knee dress can be cut shorter on one side than the other. Start just above the hem on one side and cut at an angle to reach much higher on the opposite side of the patch. This type is particularly suitable for skirts with a waistline. Write a skirt so that it looks worn as if there is lace cut into the hem. Start with the side seams and cut at the top, then at the bottom, then again at the top, and then all the way around the bottom. The tattered look is fabulous throughout the skirt.

To cool the back of the dress, cut a large circle or oval shape out of the dress. If a dress has a zipper on the back, the project will not work. For dresses that do not have a zipper on the back, use the template tray in the closet or another shape that makes a good template. Draw around it and cut out a shape from the back of the dress. Draw around the figure and you will have a beautiful summer dress like no other.

A knitted dress is immediately cooler if you cut off your shoulders and arms. Although this design is not suitable for clothing, zippers, or buttons anywhere on or around the back, it is ideal for sweaters. Stretch the dress and cut just before the armpit seam to just below the opposite hem. Pour in a quarter-inch elastic to hold the dress in place. Decorate the top edge with tape, lace, or leave it flat. After sewing, you can add the term bra, such as buttons or small lights.

Take the Shaft skirt and turn it into a summer dress by adding a stretchy tubular bra. Measure the underarm area of your waist to determine the length of the top tube. Measure around the bust and add inches to the width of the top. Smooth the top edge of a piece of fabric, then pin it to the skirt, aligning the parts and front center/rear center. Slide the shirt up to the waist and skirt. Wear a wide belt or tie a scarf around your waist.

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