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Get Your Prom Dress Before the New Year!

It’s barely autumn, and the winter holidays seem so far away. They return to school in a routine: homework, exams, friends, activities, and sports. With the possible exception of planning for college, next spring is probably the last thing on your mind. Why would you start thinking about a prom dress when prom is so far away?

Most celebrities don’t know that the best choice is made before the change of the year. Prom dress manufacturers deliver next season’s dresses to the stores in October. By the time the December dance magazines hit the newsstands, many people will have already ordered the most popular dresses. How do you get these new designs that are not yet in the magazines? People are starting to look on the Internet. As soon as pictures of the manufacturers are available, it is not surprising that many dress vendors on the Internet will offer new styles on their websites in early October.

You could say, “There are still months until the May dance! Isn’t March enough time to find a dress for the prom?” Unless you want something specific, the answer is yes. If you have your heart set on a certain style or color, you may be disappointed if you wait.

Why would they disappear like that? That’s because prom dresses are a very seasonal product. Manufacturers cut out a certain number of dresses for the following spring at the end of the summer and start shipping them to the stores in October. Based on the first sales, manufacturers will start making the most popular models from February or March. Until then, stores still have orders for these models. After that, the production of other ball gowns will be discontinued. No one wants unsold ball gowns to be in stores all summer! Some models may be suitable for coming home in the fall, but in most cases, they are not available until at least the summer.

Many schools hold winter parties in December, January, and February, so the most popular dresses may sell-out or are available to order. Since prom dresses are on the shelves early, many are purchased for these earlier events. Also remember that prom dress manufacturers sell all over the world, not just to American consumers. Many online prom dress retailers also sell worldwide. Competition for the most popular dresses is intense.

Another reason to buy now is the early start of the dance season in the calendar. In some parts of the country, gala balls can take place as early as February. Just because your prom is in April or May doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will have it that late – there are even some dances that already take place in mid-December! It’s amazing, every April we have to deal with disappointed customers who can’t find “their” dress because they don’t know that the promotional magazines they are carrying were published in December (five months ago).

If you wait until spring to buy a gown, you have to accept which style or color is still available. If you are demanding or prefer a more popular style, you should consider shopping in November and December. If you’re still not sure what to wear, start looking online and in magazines in early October to gather some good dress ideas. Once you’ve found the perfect style, don’t hesitate to grab it before your competition does!

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