Midi Dresses

Midi Summer Casual Dresses

Midi dresses have an antique and vintage glamour for any occasion. We can easily find that special skirt worn by pop stars on the catwalk or in fashion magazines. They are comfortable and versatile to wear, but also some wearers would look shorter in this type of dress. Maybe you need some tips to avoid this and find the most flattering midi dress!

Choose the right length:

Length is a very important factor in choice! Midi dresses fall between the knee and ankle. So you may have different options. If you are not tall, you should avoid these longer models, as it might look like you are wearing your mother’s dress. Try to find a midi just below the knee, as this length would be very flattering for girls. A lower midi would focus on your calf and make you look shorter.

Color and print:

Another important factor in your choice is pressure. If you are too aware of your bottom, darker colors such as gray, wine, blue and black would be a good choice and more wearable. And choose the top half in lighter colors to attract more attention. If you’re a small girl, try to avoid a large color print that’s a bit over-the-top and makes you look shorter. Keep the color and print clear and simple.

The shoes:

Wear the right shoes! Midi dresses would make your legs look shorter than normal. That’s why flat shoes are not a good choice. If you want your whole outfit to be perfect, you can choose a pair of bare or wedge heels, as this would give a longer visual impression. With these dark shoes, they would also draw attention to your calves.


Keep all your midi dress accessories simple, especially your dress has a print. A good choice of accessories is to choose the same color of your dress, because it would decorate your whole look better.


Keep your proportions in balance. If you choose a coat or a jacket, avoid taking too long. A jacket or blazer with a neckline would be a good choice since it emphasizes your waist and makes a midi look good to balance your body proportions.

Midi dresses are not only suitable for “certain” people. You just have to find the style that fits you. A flattering and fabulous look would be easy to create.

Although it is nice to have midi dresses, it is usually difficult to wear them. The good thing is that there are a number of tips you can use to make sure you look beautiful:

Choose the right length

The best and easiest way to compliment your appearance is to use the right length. For an ideal result, you should visit your tailor who will adjust the clothes to the ideal length.

If you change your dress, you must remember that the clothes must end in the middle of the calf bones. If you are small or have short legs, you should choose a dress that reaches just below the knee.

Wear the dress with heels

This rule is especially important if you’re a little lady or if you’re little. Heels play an important role in lengthening the legs and thus combating the “scruffy” look. Although it is recommended to wear heels, you should remember that the higher the hem of the clothes, the lower the heels.

If you are not used to wearing heels, you should opt for smaller heels. As a general rule, you should not wear flat heels as they do not look good with midi dresses.

Choose the right jacket

To match your dress, it is of utmost importance that you choose the right jacket. The big jackets are the ones that don’t go below the waist. It is also advisable to go with cut jackets. For a casual look, you should wear a denim jacket.

Minimize accessories

Midi dresses are usually elegant, especially when they have a pattern, so you should keep your accessories to a minimum.

For example, you should avoid wearing too many rings and bracelets when you wear the dress. If you wear a simple black dress, you can combine it with a light-colored accessory, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Go to the fitting

A matching dress is not only easy to style, but also gives you a sexy look. While it is recommended that you wear a matching dress, it does not mean that you cannot wear a fluid dress.

If you look good in the dress, you should wear it. All you have to do is make sure that the waist fits and that the dress fits your body shape.

Be confident

Self-confidence brings out the beauty in every woman more than makeup or clothes; therefore, you must stand tall and shine in your average look.


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