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Latest Eid Dress Design Ideas and styling tips 2019

Eid Clothing – Perfect Dress for Celebration

The oath is a special occasion when the entire Islamic community gathers and embraces with vows of brotherhood, forgiveness, and charity. In fact, charity is one of the main characteristics of any oath ceremony. It is not only about being happy and content in one’s own life but also about making others happy and meeting the needs of those in need. Similar to the current structure of the Oath, thousands of disadvantaged families in the UAE receive money and new clothes so that they can celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr with the same enthusiasm and dedication as others. This initiative is part of the Red Crescent Authority’s mission to distribute 1.5 million dirhams of UAE Eid clothing, a program launched by Human Appeal International in the Gulf region.

The day of the Oath marks the end of Ramadan and heralds a boundless joy that spreads its happy scent everywhere. The Eid celebrations are simply spectacular. It is a time when food and gifts are exchanged and distributed to people both known and unknown, only to be matched by the festive melody of charity and good deeds. But what makes the oath shine is, of course, the magnificent oath dress. It is the time of year when all the clothing stores specializing in Eid products are flooded with customers. Even the Eid clothing websites are sold out if the clothes are not booked well in advance.

There are certain traditional clothing items that are common for Eid. However, when it comes to oath clothing, men’s fashion is comparatively bland; the selection and range are much wider for women and children. There is no archetypal proverb for oath clothing that says “go overboard”. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors with all sorts of bright trimmings adorning the garment.

The oath clothing for women includes special kameez, salwar, churidar, lehenga choli, long choli lehenga as well as decorated hijabs, burkas in satin or silk, and specially designed abayas with matching jewelry. The list is quite exhaustive, as it includes sterling silver, crystal, and gold jewelry to give women an elegant look.

Watch this video to know about the latest Eid Dress Design Ideas for girls and their styling tips 2019

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