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Four Awesome Viking Fancy Dress Ideas

The Vikings were legendary and tough people, and there is nothing more fun than putting on a Viking costume and behaving like one at night. The Vikings’ way of life was to drink, fight, and plunder, take what they liked and live the hard life on the seas.

If you find or make a great Viking costume, you will stand out at any costume party, be it Halloween or any other occasion. And you’ll have the excuse to have as much fun as you want when you get into the Viking character. Here are some great Viking costume ideas to help you get started in the world of Viking costumes:

Viking warrior

The greatest of the Viking costumes is the Viking Warrior. Tough and ready for war. A good Viking warrior costume includes a large black or dark tunic with a leather belt and a large antique belt buckle. The leggings must be black – normal black trousers are sufficient. But the most important thing is a pair of big, hairy Viking boots, tied with strong leather straps. And the cuffs and forearms should also be covered with a similar skin tied with leather – the effect is excellent. Very Viking. Another important part of the costume is a big warm-looking coat and, of course, the “piece of resistance”, the Viking hat with two huge horns sticking out from the tip.

Viking woman

Of course, Viking women were tough too, so why not dress up as strong, sexy Vikings who are ready to fight. High, knee-high boots are a must, they should look hairy or at least be made of leather, with some kind of crew on top. A warm leather or fur skirt and a white fur-lined tunic are perfect for the main part. Of course, the Viking costume also needs a sword. And the helmet doesn’t have to have both horns, some golden wings that extend backward are just as big.

Viking king

The idea of the Viking king costume goes far beyond the Viking warrior. The Viking warrior must look robust and look good. But the Viking King is too tough and too much fun. You want to have skin everywhere, the waves of it stick out. Imagine you really want to cross the North Seas. And a huge beard that reaches down to your waist, braided if possible. And for the helmet… The horns should be as long and curved as possible. We’re talking about a king.

Viking queen’s costume

The Viking Queen is also more exaggerated than the Viking lady. The style is more elegant, with long, flowing dresses and a large corset. The queen’s headband should be made of silver. And all the effect should come from someone who is about to enter the operatic chant.

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