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How To Sew a Dress with Just 2 Seams and a Hem | Mennonite Dress Tutorial

The Perfect Outfit For Vacation Minded People

It’s the worst time of summer, and all you can think about is getting away. Some of you will be lucky enough to sail the high seas, go to the Bahamas, Mexico or even Greece. Then there are the others in the world who are stuck here and have to work without rest. When that happens, I like to pretend until I make it. For example, I like to dress like I’m on vacation. For example, the suit I’m wearing right now. Today I like to go to work and run errands in a bohemian, full skirt, and crown it with an authentic Mexican blouse. They say you have to dress for the role you want, not the one you have. My holiday suit says it’s for this summer and it’s also suitable for much more.

So let’s start by taking care of the lucky ones who travel far away to an exotic place. Those of you who will be surrounded by cool water and hot sun will need cool clothes to keep you cool while you go from a local souvenir shop to dive lessons – you’ll want to look good too! Wear a Mexican cotton blouse with a drawstring around the neck so you can loosen it up and clear the cleavage when it gets too hot. These blouses are also very thin, so you will definitely feel comfortable and airy on your luxury vacation. When it’s wet, a multi-story skirt will send a draft down your legs, making you feel like you’re in a bikini. Who cares about moisture when your style makes you feel as cool as a summer night breeze?

Now let’s go to those of us standing at the computer, in the cabin or all summer long. Well, just because we can’t go far doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. For example, I put on my Mexican embroidered top, my fancy worn-out skirt, and some tan, and I look like I just got off the plane from an adventure in Guadalajara, Mexico. And not only that, I’m getting tons of questions about my clothes. My colleagues want to know where I bought them, how I got my summer glow, what my vacation plans are for this year, and more. I’ll pretend until I make it, and I’m almost there!

What are the other benefits of dressing for the holidays at work and in the city? Well, if you live in a hot state right now (and I bet you do), Mexican blouses and full skirts are so light and airy. It’s almost as if you’re not wearing any clothes, and if you do, they give you a good break up and down. Today I can’t leave the house without a skirt, otherwise, I feel like my legs are melting and I need a bath right away.

I know, I was talking about this party suit being light, thin and airy, but don’t worry, these clothes are very durable. The artisans of Mexico are proud of their clothes and their goods. These clothes are designed to be embroidered and sewn elaborately, but they are still easy to wear. If you are worried that the fabric of these blouses and skirts is too thin to wear at work, you don’t have to worry, I also have a Mexican blouse and a Mexican skirt for the fall! Both are made of thicker, more durable cotton and are just as beautiful and exotic.

It’s back to school season. Time for some new clothing. Here’s how I sew a dress. It’s a super simple, basic, modest dress that can be jazzed up with just a little creativity or accessorizing. No judgment please from all you experienced sewers! I had so much fun making this video, but I know it is far from professional! It was just my intent to give an answer to the many many requests I’ve gotten lately. Enjoy!

The dress I’m wearing: I sewed it. Fabric is from Gaffney’s.

Where I get my Head Coverings: https://www.joycelongcoverings.com/

My Scissors: https://amzn.to/33nV0vd

My Sewing Machine:
(My mom bought mine for me as a graduation present, but this will get you started in your search.)

My pattern is not available online, but here are a few options that are the same concept:

Sack Dress Pattern: (adult)

A Free Option:

Play All Day Pattern: (girls)

Swing Dress Pattern: (this one has a set-in sleeve or sleeveless option)

Join their Facebook group for more info, discount codes, and other groups:

How To Sew a Neck Band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABaG-f47NQQ

My Fabric: this link will not be helpful unless you want to buy a large amount. I bought my fabric at a Mook Fabric store in my area:

Check out the beautiful fabric at these fabric stores: They ship!!

My Camera:

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