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Which Indian Designer Dresses Are The Right Ones For You?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the perfect dress. The color, the fit, the fabric, and whether it is for an evening or daytime event, everything should be considered before buying. Another very important question is if you want to buy a designer dress, which designer is perfect for you?

Nowadays, high-quality dresses are worth two gold pieces. There are so many exquisite designers to choose from.

If you want to buy high-quality designer dresses, with fascinating details and excellent craftsmanship that reminds you of a long cultural history, then Indian designers are the right ones for you.

The outstanding advantage of choosing Indian designer dresses is that the dresses are made of the best fabric, as India is known for its soft and elegant silk fabrics and impeccable embroidery. The unique styles created are sensational, both in the way they complement the different body shapes and in the way they dazzle with bright colors, sequins, and gems.

There are several Indian designers, all with different styles, that you should look at when deciding on the perfect dress from an Indian designer.

First of all, there is Anita Dongre, who has been at the forefront of Indian fashion for over 20 years. She is well respected for the passion and creativity she inspires in her dresses. Her Indian designer dresses are beautiful in their elegance, she uses a range of vibrant colors from blue, pink to white, creating an avant-garde feel while maintaining the traditional cut of Indian clothing. Anita Dongre will be presenting her latest collection at Lakme India Fashion Week in the coming days, so be sure to check out her collection.

Secondly, there is the Indian designer Manish Malhotra, who everyone is talking about. He has designed many elegant and stunning dresses for Bollywood actresses. He opened the Lakme India Fashion Week and presented stunning Indian designer dresses in the soft colors of beige, light pink, and navy blue; richly embroidered with white flowers and leaves. The cuts were elegant and flattering to all figures. If you want a beautiful summer dress, Manish Malhotra has the perfect outfits. Be sure to check out Lakme India Fashion Week for more examples of their beautiful designs.

And finally, there’s Narendra Kumar. This designer was also featured in Lakme India Fashion Week. His Indian designer dresses were opulent and gorgeous with bright shades of red and blue. Some of his dresses were sequined and others were heavily patterned. In many of her designs, she transforms traditional costumes using drapes to create dresses that are masterpieces. Her designs were incredibly popular at the Lakme India Fashion Week.

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