How to Make model of Earth for Earth day || fancy dress ideas for Earth day

this video is all about:-
1-What is the model of Earth called?
2-How do you make paper mache earth?
3-How did the Earth was made?
4-how to make a model of earth with paper
5-earth model school project
6-how to make a 3d model of the earth’s 7-layers with paper
8-earth model project ideas
9-how to make a rotating globe model
10-how to make earth model for fancy dress
11-how to make a globe stand
12-earth pollution fancy dress
13-save mother earth fancy dress competition
14-save earth fancy dress speech
15-fancy dress ideas on nature and environment
16-fancy dress ideas on save nature
17-earth fancy dress dialogue
18-global warming fancy dress
19-fancy dress competition ideas on global warming

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This channel is all about
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3-what is the best way to teach students
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8-what is a good teaching practice
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13-teacher banne ke tarike
14-teacher banne ke liye kya zaroori hai
15-government teacher banne ki yogyata
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