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How to Dress with a Dress Code: School Outfit Ideas!

School Uniform Fancy Dress – 5 Tips to Make Your Sexy School Reunion Costume Stand Out at the Party

You knew the time would come. You’ve been dreading the day the invitation was sent through your door all year. The ten-year reunion is coming up, and worse, it’s gonna be a costume party. Most reunions have a costume theme, and the school uniform costume seems to be the most popular of all. It’s been ten years since you last saw many of your friends, and you’re determined to outshine every one of them. You’re determined that your school uniform will get everyone talking at the party. So what do you have to do to make sure that your school uniform costume looks better than the costumes all your old classmates wear, and to remind all the boys present who was the hottest girl of the year? In a word, you need props. Here are my top 5 accessories to make sure the school uniform costume gets the party:

Buy a sexy costume

If you’re lucky enough to still fit into the original uniform after ten years, that’s great. For most of you, this means looking for matching shirts and cardigans or taking the trouble to wear a sexy school uniform suit. Today there are a lot of different outfits online that cover all budgets and range from flirty to downright slutty. My advice would be to stick with the bold but nice look. You want to look sexy, but remember that you are ten years older and you have to think about your reputation. It’s definitely worth spending some money on a suit instead of putting together a costume yourself. After all, you want to play a fantasy role at the party and above all look good.

Wear your old school tie

Try to buy a costume for your school uniform that matches your old school tie. Wearing your original tie is great, and if you haven’t kept any of your original ties, you can of course buy one in the shops near your school.

Spend time with your hairstyle

Your hairstyle is always important, but you should take the time to play sexy schoolgirls and wear sexy braids to the party. If your hair isn’t long enough for the braids or if you want a total color change for the evening, you might want to consider buying a wig. It will certainly surprise boys when their favorite brunette comes to the party as a blonde.

Makeup is so important

You probably want to wear more makeup than you normally would. Remember that when you were young and wanted to grow up, you had the same attitude when you put on makeup, but don’t overdo it. A few freckles on your cheek or a Marilyn Monroe beauty spot can also be a good complement to your sexy schoolgirl outfit.

Socks and shoes

The latest accessories for the perfect sexy schoolgirl outfit are, of course, socks and shoes. Occasionally, these will be part of your schoolgirl costume, but if not, you should choose white knee socks and big black shoes with a thick heel.

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Outfit 1:
White t-shirt | Nordstrom: (similar) http://bit.ly/2NPZOR7
Jean skirt | Topshop: (similar) http://bit.ly/2LVN6Ql
Yellowjacket | Urban Outfitters: http://bit.ly/2LYCVdJ
White sneakers | Puma: http://bit.ly/2NQaRtD

Outfit 2:
NASA t-shirt | Nasty Gal: http://bit.ly/2LKoo8S
Paper bag shorts | Zara: https://go.zara/2K7CpIY
White sneakers | Puma: http://bit.ly/2NQaRtD

Outfit 3:
Jeans | Boohoo: http://bit.ly/2K2JSJ5
Calvin Klein shirt: https://amzn.to/2ArpD8D
Converse: http://bit.ly/2mOXui5

Outfit 4:
Dress | Urban Outfitters: http://bit.ly/2Ah4M7z
Sweater | Urban Outfitters: (similar) http://bit.ly/2mNuAyH
White sneakers | Puma: http://bit.ly/2NQaRtD

Outfit 5:
Sweatshirt | Asos: http://bit.ly/2OmdHaZ
Jeans | Topshop: http://bit.ly/2NTaIWD
Converse: http://bit.ly/2mOXui5

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