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Four Noble Knight Fancy Dress Ideas

The noble knight is a great figure in which you can become any costume party, very funny, because not only do you dress up in one of the best costumes and get to wield a sword. You can also represent the figure in all its nobility and medieval arrogance.

But knight costumes are not the easiest thing to make, because you really need a sword and a lot of armor for that. If you don’t have those things at home, it might be worth stopping by your local costume shop to see what’s available. Here are five great ideas for knight costumes that should give you some ideas about what to do next:

Medieval Knight

The medieval knight was one of the toughest of all. You can really outfit yourself with this guy. The key here is the more armor, the better. The shoulder and head part of the coat of mail is ideal, the arms and gloves of the coat of mail even better. And if you can get a pair of armored boots, you’ve really got it made. A sword is, of course, a must, and an aggressive stance, the medieval knights were not the most charming of the boys, but most of the reports And finally, a kind of tunic tied with a belt.

Noble Knight

We think of the King of the Knights, one of the Knights of the Round Table. A force for good in the world. A civilized but deadly warrior. A wide net covering the body, arms, and legs is a good start, and the image that defines the noble knight is actually a family crest or emblem embossed on his tunic. Something that looks majestic. With a large sword, preferably with an overly decorative handle.


Ah, the night of the Crusaders. A combination of a religious fanatic and killing machine. Think of Richard the Lionheart… a giant cross on his robe is very important. With Richard the Lion-Heart’s black lion on a red background to add drama. The mesh shirt and the huge sword are, of course, a must, as they all are.

Dark knight

The dark knight is the nemesis of the noble knight, he fights only for himself and for his power. Black is the key to this disguise: blackmailed metal mesh, coat, robe, tunic and a kind of terrifying looking family crest complete the picture. You don’t want anyone to doubt that you are an evil knight. You can’t be fooled with.

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