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Fancy Dress Ideas – Some Great Ideas For Your Annual Fancy Dress Bash

Looking for costume ideas for your annual carnival party at the office or school? On average we attend at least two carnival parties each year. The party can be a formal affair where a theme is announced and guests are expected to match the theme. For example, if it is an ’80s theme party, then all guests come in clothes that were fashionable in the ’80s. If it is a real theme party, then all guests dress up as real. It’s a little more formal.

Then there are costume contests, events that revolve around an event or a day. Guy Fawke Day, Halloween, Christmas are some examples that come to mind. People are expected to dress according to the theme or events of the day. Once the main theme has been chosen, the accompanying costume ideas are quite limited or unlimited, depending on your imagination and creativity. If you can stretch your mind a little, you will surely find some unique and great ideas to bring to the theme party.

If it’s not one of these ideas and it’s just a free party where you are expected to dress the way you want, then it’s great too. You can choose from a whole range of people, things, and items to dress up. Great people, leaders, movie stars, pop stars, animals, movie characters, movie animal characters, cartoon characters, comic book characters, action heroes, characters from your favorite TV show, your idol, hated villains are some of the ideas you can try when choosing costumes. You can dress up as different types of professionals: doctors, nurses, bus drivers, postmen, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, etc. are some examples. These can be easily and simply embodied by simple accessories and mannerisms.

It is not only people who can dress up as objects. Aquarium, vending machine, television, refrigerator, telephone, phone booth, bus, ATM, computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other electronic gadgets, the Rubik’s Cube is perfect for visiting parties. Creating these objects requires a little imagination. For most of the above objects, you will need a box with cutouts for your hands and head. You can glue or paint the device you want to display. For some objects, such as aquariums, you can hang plastic fish to display the fish in the aquarium. The vending machine may have small plastic bottles or cans to display the drinks. It’s up to you to decide what accessories you want to add to make your dress as realistic as possible.

Hey guys, haven’t done an outfit ideas video in a while so to go with the ~tReNdS~ I’ll be showing you 10 VSCO inspired outfits! Hope that this vid is helpful, let me know what other outfit inspiration videos you’d wanna see!

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