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1920s Ladies Summer Fashions – Dressing For the Great Gatsby Festival

The Tahoe Heritage Foundation’s annual Great Gatsby Festival is a fun event for anyone who loves history. It’s especially fun when you can dress up like a 1920’s fashionable lady and stroll through the beautiful grounds of Valhalla in style.

You’ll need a dress for the beginning. The 1920s were famous for their long, straight-cut dresses (hemline below the knee), which made women look “childish” with flat chests and no hips. Summer day dresses were made of light materials such as chiffon, georgette, or silk. Plain colors as well as geometric, Egyptian, and Asian patterns were in vogue. Many modern long summer dresses can be easily adapted to the look of the ’20s. A quick way to create a simple and straightforward Art Deco style dress is to tie a thin fabric belt or a loose sash a few inches below the hip bone. This creates the unnaturally low waistline that is so characteristic of the early to mid-’20s. Another possibility is to wear a long skirt and a white blouse. Skirts can be plain and straight or pleated and a little more padded. Avoid pointy “pencil” style skirts. These skirts are a symbol of the 1940s.

Once you have chosen your dress, you must add the glory of the fashionable woman: the hat. A sewer that is a low brimmed hat worn by all women in the 1920’s. It was often made of wool, felt or crocheted yarn, which was ideal for the winter, but too warm for the summer months. Instead, the women wore wide-brimmed straw hats, wrapped in a bow and accented on one side with a flower and feathers. Also common were symmetrical A shapes, with one side of the straw hat lit and decorated with a colorful flower. If you don’t do anything else to dress up for the Gatsby festival, you should at least wear a matching summer hat.

The next step is a walk with a pair of comfortable shoes. T-straps and Mary Jane’s with 1-3 inch heels were the ideal day and night shoes. If you don’t have a pair of these, try the local dance shop for a pair of black “character” shoes. Avoid ballet plates, pumps with thin heels, sandals, and socks. Women used to wear dark solid-colored tights or funky geometric patterns (for young women).

Finally, feel free to decorate your outfit with accessories such as medium-length lace gloves, a scarf, a beaded bag, and even an umbrella. For jewelry, choose geometric shapes inspired by the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

Fashionable hairstyles included short bobbins and finger-woven hair. If you have short hair, your cape or straw hat would do well to cover your hair properly. If you have long hair, you can tie it to fit under your hat, or place it in a flat bow on the back of your neck.

It’s not too difficult to create your clothes from items in your closet or from local vintage and second-hand stores. However, if you have a few hours and some sewing skills, I highly recommend that you sew your own 1920’s one-hour dress. It’s quite simple, beautiful, and authentic for the time.

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Bow slides: http://bit.ly/2OaeuQe
Bar necklace: http://bit.ly/32HKkXS
Coin necklace: http://bit.ly/32F5nu5 (comes in zodiac or state!)

White short sleeve top: (tts, 0) http://bit.ly/2O3JEsq
Denim Shorts: (tts, 25) http://bit.ly/2MO90K9
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Black tie shoulder dress: (tts, xs) http://bit.ly/32HLkeA
Pearl slides: (true to size) http://bit.ly/2lgqiCl
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Pink pleated dress: (tts, 0) http://bit.ly/2FPg7wj
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Jeans: (tts) http://bit.ly/2LAepD9
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Pearl headband: http://bit.ly/2O8X1rx
Grey satchel: http://bit.ly/32Fsjt5
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Duster: (tts, xs) http://bit.ly/32H2Orx
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