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First prize winning fruits and vegetables fancy dress ideas for kids

7 Easy Party Ideas For Kids

Some parents seem to get a little carried away these days when it comes to planning a special party for their child. However, sometimes the simplest thing is better, especially when it comes to saving a little money and a lot of precious time. Besides, most children are happy to be with their friends, enjoy the birthday cake and, of course, open the presents.

Several ideas can be easily implemented with little effort and little money. Consider these simple party ideas the next time you plan a birthday party for your child.

Jungle/safari party

A jungle party can easily be held in the backyard or at a nearby park and is ideal for children who love animals. Decorations can include your child’s favorite stuffed animals or even inflatable animals. Balloons of jungle colors – such as green, brown, and tan – and palm leaves or other vegetation are also excellent for decoration. Games might include “Paint the Tiger’s Tail” (elephant, giraffe, etc.), a safari/treasure hunt, and even the “Monkey Barrel” game. Arts and crafts projects might include making animal masks or a simple lesson on drawing a favorite jungle animal. Food can also be simple, such as animal crackers, trail mix, peanut butter sandwiches, and “jungle juice.

Circus Party

What kid doesn’t love the circus? A circus party is best held outdoors but is also suitable for a large common room or a prepared basement. A circus party is colorful, fun, and ideal for a girl or a boy. As with the safari, the décor is simple and can include balloons, streamers, animal or circus posters, stuffed animals, paper clown faces and hats, and other similar items. Games can include jumping rope, throwing rings, sticking your nose into the clown, and learning to juggle. And children can put on their own clown makeup or get help from a friend or adult! Serve circus or carnival food such as hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and soft drinks, all of which are inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Doll’s Tea Party

This is, of course, best suited to young girls. A doll’s tea party usually includes a formal lunch at the table with food suitable for children’s taste buds. Set up the dining room table or a smaller table in the dining room with original paper plates, fresh flowers, and plenty of space for the girls and their dolls (let the guests bring doll chairs or “naughty seats” if they have them). Serve small tea sandwiches such as white bread with peanut butter or strawberry jelly, cheese and crackers, fruit doughnuts, and small desserts. Some girls may like tea, but many do not. Serve apple or other fruit juice instead. Encourage guests to wear their best dresses and party hats. For activities, make paper dolls, decorate photo frames (with dresses to protect their clothes), or decorate cookies that can be enjoyed later for dessert.

Superhero Party

Kids (and some girls) love superheroes, and it doesn’t have to be too hard to throw a party around their favorites. Start by selecting the hero(s) and designing a color palette around them. For example, if Spider-Man is the chosen hero, make sure all the decorations, such as balloons and streamers, are blue and red. Batman? Use yellow and black. For other decorations, choose iconic objects that are peculiar to the character. For example, make skyscrapers with construction paper for Superman and yarn tracks for Spidey. It’s usually not too hard to find cheap superhero plates and cups. Foods could include “power juice”, “energy-bars” (not real ones!), “vitamins” for superpowers (cones or M&Ms), and large cupcakes or a superhero cake. Buy some cheap T-shirts at the craft store along with some fabric markers and make T-shirts with the hero’s badge on the front and also do some face painting (webbed feet, bats, etc.).

Spa Party

This is very popular with girls in late elementary and high school, and costs can be kept to a minimum if planned accordingly. It can be at night or just a few hours. Decorations do not have to be exaggerated and can be any color you want. Tea lights are provided and soft music should be played in the background. The invitation should ask guests to bring a comfortable bathrobe and slippers for the “spa”. It is best to organize this party at the stations so that no one waits too long for your spa service, and it would be helpful if you could get the help of some older girls or adults to attend each station. Seasonal ideas include facials/masks, manicures or pedicures, and the application of makeup. Party gifts could include a product from each pavilion, as well as other beauty products such as sponges or body lotion. Serve mostly healthy snacks like smoothies and cheese and cookies or vegetables and salsa, but also have junk food ready to pamper yourself a little. If you still have time, watch a movie with a kid-approved girl!

Casino Party

Casino parties aren’t just for adults – kids love them too! Set up your basement or other large room in different gaming “booths” where kids can spin the rounds, play cards (simple poker or blackjack), spin the roulette wheel (you can make one out of cardboard or buy a cheap one at a toy store) or participate in other simple games of chance. Decide on a predetermined number of chips for each win and let the kids spend their chips for prizes at the end of the party. Decorations can include cards, giant dice, balloons, streamers, and fancy casino signs. You can serve appetizers and “drinks” (perhaps Shirley Temples) at each gaming table or set up a buffet for the evening’s appetizer. When everyone has finished playing, dance a little and save time for cakes and gifts.

Beach party

Whether you live near the water or hundreds of miles from the coast, with a little imagination you can create a fun beach environment for your child’s party. This party is best done outdoors, of course, where kids can spread out on their towels on a pretend beach, play Frisbee or beach volleyball, and romp with their friends in a small pool or other water game like a water slide (the cheap kind you buy at the toy store). Decorate with the colors of the sea, blue and green, and add shells and other beach-related items as part of the decoration. Children can “fish” for prizes, make art in the sand, and paint their own surfboards (cardboard boards can be purchased online or at a party store). Serve fruit smoothies and light beach food such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Send your guests home with small sand buckets filled with beach or water-related items.

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