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back to school SHOPPING & HAUL! dress code outfit ideas

I LOVE these back to school outfits!!! You can get them all here: And while there check out all of their awesome back to school clothes. For more Justice videos visit their YouTube channel at I am preparing for all I WILL do this school year. One important way to get ready for school time is picking outfits that make me feel confident and, of course if you wear an outfit to school it needs to be matching the dress code or else you have to save that outfit for the weekend. Well I shopped at Justice, and found some amazing outfits that are both comfortable and super stylish. You have to see what I picked and wait for my lookbook too. I think you will agree with me.
And now what WILL you do this year? Go to the community section of my video or my Instagram @itsannierose and tell me. You will have to wait until September to hear about something special that I will do this year. But I have done lots of things this year so far – I spoke in public and wrote a book, I lead a fashion show for Justice and did many more things. But I am only getting started! Just you wait! And you can too! Check out Justice and be brave this school year!
#justice #Iwill #backtoschool This is an ad for Justice!

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