5 Barbie doll Valentine Day dress making ideas | Beautiful Barbie doll red dress Designs 2019!

Five Magical Princess Fancy Dress Ideas

We all want to be the princess of the party. It’s certainly the most fun way to dress up, whether it’s for any other costume event. And the best thing about princess costumes is that there are so many and the variety is so great that you can become one of many great and classic princess characters. Here are five of the best to give you some ideas:

1. Classical Princess at the Ball

The first and most important is, of course, the classic princess costume. If you can make or buy one of them, you’ll be the most beautiful girl at the ball. You want to find a dress that flows well, preferably in pink or light aquamarine blue.  As for accessories you need high-heeled shoes to match your dress and a beautiful tiara for the princess to wear on her head. And delicate and magnificent jewels. Nothing too flashy, it’s not the classic style of a princess.

2. Princess Charming

This is the princess of all the fantasy stories that have been told. A beautiful virgin who’s usually in trouble. The costume does not need to have so many flowing robes, because the frills and a small cape will make it even more beautiful. A beautiful jeweled tiara is also a necessity here.

3. Princess Leia

Now, a completely different kind of princess, Star Wars’ Princess Leia. The sexy, tough Leia needs a proper costume. You can find her classic white suit and dress in most costume shops. It should include a belt with a silver buckle. White knee-length boots and of course Leia’s famous hair locks. If you’re not a long-haired brunette, a wig will do. Use a laser gun for full effect.

4. Princess Fiona

Shrek has brought another popular princess into our lives. The sexy, naughty Princess Fiona. Her costume is a long green dress with a gold lining. And, of course, a long braided ponytail with a gold tiara. If you want to add a little more humor to the costume, you can add some Shrek ears.

5. Harem Princess

This costume is more daring and once again a completely different kind of princess. The sexy harem princess look is that of a seductive Arabian Nights girl in partially revealing black lace tunics and a black headrest. A very popular costume, in fact, and only for adults.

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Things required:
1. Red/ Pink old T-shirt
2. Old Jeans Pant
3. Decorative lace
4. Decorative stones
5. Ball Chain

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