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Four Cute Cupid Fancy Dress Ideas

The cute god of love who flies with a bow and arrow and shoots anyone who thinks they need a little romance – this is a great character to turn into any costume party. And Cupid’s costumes aren’t just for the boys, the best costumes are for the ladies. All you need is a nice Cupid costume, wings and of course the bow and arrow of love, and you can walk around the party and spread the love wherever you want. And you look great! Here are some little ideas for Cupid’s costumes:

1. Cupid Pink

The most beautiful and cute cupid costume you can imagine is the pink cupid costume. All you need is a bunch of pinks. Pink high-heeled shoes, pink bra, and miniskirt, with as many decorations and emotions as possible. Pink wings, if possible in the shape of a heart. And a little pink bow and arrow to work your magic.

2. Cupid’s heart of love

The copper-hearted look of love is sexier, bolder, and redder. Try combining long red socks with red heels. And if you can’t make everything red, make sure there are lots of red hearts everywhere. A blood-red bow and arrow will end the look.

3. Nice cupid costume

The cute Cupid is more innocent and fun, white is the best color. The original Cupid was all white, so you can be too. The white wings and bow and arrow are the most important elements of a good Cupid costume, so don’t forget them!

4. Man’s Cupid Costume

Of course, Cupid was a child, so a funny costume for a man is a Cupid costume, with wings and a little baby gown to match. You want to dress up in the funniest or sexiest costume this Halloween because the competition is great every year and getting higher. Everyone loves the opportunity to dress up, and in the UK, as in the US, it’s getting crazier and crazier.

If you’re really committed, you can make your own costume, and that way you can get the best, and it’s a lot of fun to make costumes with your kids. Otherwise, you can buy a costume online or at your local costume shop, where you have a wide selection of Cupid costumes available in both cases.

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