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Style Ideas For Vests For Women

Vests are one of the most popular fashion accessories – you can literally change a suit from boring to amazing in the blink of an eye! These sleeveless garments were first worn by men under their coats around the 15th century. Today, men usually wear them over a shirt and tie under a coat. For men, not much has changed in this style. Fortunately, women are given more freedom and creativity in fashion. From lace, leather, and fur vests, this fun accessory can add a touch of dynamism to the outfit. However, it can be hard to style if you’ve never worn one before. Here are some style ideas for vests!

A nice idea for fall is to wear pants in a jewel tone. Add a long-sleeved white shirt, a thin belt, and white heels. Tie a printed silk scarf around your neck and wear a leather vest up to your hips for a funky look. Finish your outfit with a small leather bag or a casual handbag. Another fun fall suit idea is a pair of skinny jeans with brown leather boots. It has a black turtleneck with long sleeves and a flowing vest with a tribal pattern on top. You have the option of using a thin belt to tie everything up or leave it loose. Finish off this 70s inspired suit with some bowed earrings.

Jeans vests are a good idea for the transition from winter to spring. They are heavy enough to keep you warm, but look good for the change of seasons. Try a knee-length tulle skirt and a black long-sleeved top under a hip-length denim vest. Wear a pair of shoes with straps and a studded envelope clutch to add some edge. Or wear black jeans and a white shirt with buttons and sleeves rolled up. Wear a pastel vest over it and a leather bag for a more casual look during the day.

Lace vests are perfect for summer. They are lightweight and stylish without the risk of overheating. It’s the perfect garment to wear over a tank top and over jean shorts. You can also wear it with a sleeveless top and a wide jaw. Keep it casual with sandals and a straw bag, or wear it with heels and a shiny bag. Wear a short lace vest over a loose tank, tucked into a skirt, and a belt with braided leather. End up with several necklaces on top of each other or a pile of bracelets.

The vests are a classic and will remain so for future generations of fashion. They are an inexpensive way to add style without taking up too much space in the closet.

Hi Fam! Fall is literally my favorite season fashion-wise, and I wanted to style up all of my favorite fall outfit ideas into one big lookbook. I went with simple ideas that are timeless and classic, so they won’t fall out of style in the years to come. Hope you enjoy it! XO -Erica

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Blue jeans, moto jacket, bubble sweater (see above)


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